Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sex Type Thing by Jade Falconer

“You’ve been touring a lot?” Ian asked. He’d never seen Tony’s band, and now he wished he’d made the effort. He would bet Tony looked sexy onstage.

“Yeah. We’ve been on the go for most of the last year and a half.” He took another sip of his water. “I’ve been wanting to catch your band some time, too.”

“Feels like I’ve been touring forever,” Ian said. “But I like it, actually. Makes me feel like I’m doing something real, you know?” It was nice to talk to someone who understood.

“Oh, I love touring. Especially this tour we did this summer was a blast. It was kind of half-assed, and we weren’t really making any money, but it was the best,” he said enthusiastically.

“Reminds you of why you’re doing it, yeah,” Ian nodded, sipping at his water. He wanted to order a beer but figured that wouldn’t go over well. “When do you play again? I’ll be there.”

“We’re doing a small show in San Francisco in a couple weeks.” He folded his hands in his lap. “You might not like it, though. Maybe I should give you the CD before you commit.”

Ian smirked. “I like lots of different music. And I like to look at you. So I win either way.” He thought it was time to be frank.

Tony’s eyes widened. He raked his fingers through his hair. “Well, I’ll have to make sure to put on a good show for you, then,” he said quietly. He gazed back at Ian, unblinking.

“I’m sure you can,” Ian replied, gazing steadily back. His body was starting to react again. There was something about Tony; he wanted to know more about him. “I can’t wait to see you move.”

Tony was silent for a moment. “This isn’t just about turning you in, right?” he asked. “‘Cause you don’t have to turn on the charm. I already said I wouldn’t.”

Ian regarded Tony for a moment. At first it had been that, but now... “I think it’s gone beyond that,” he admitted softly. His heart rate increased.

“And where exactly do you think it’s gone?” Tony asked, arching an eyebrow.

Ian leaned forward and slid his foot so it touched Tony’s. “I think the important question is where it’s going to go,” he murmured. He felt on more familiar ground now. He could sense what Tony needed.

Tony regarded him for a moment. “Where did you want it to go?” he asked. He shifted in his seat, moving his foot a bit forward, rubbing along the side of Ian’s under the table.

Ian’s breath caught. “I’d like it to go someplace where we can be alone,” he said, voice almost a purr.

Sexhibition by Tigra-Luna LeMar

Lisa stood still in the private jet for a few seconds, then resumed pacing back and forth. The pilot had been in to see her three times, wanting to know if they were still leaving. Each time, she told him to wait just a few more minutes. Her palms were sweaty and she wiped them against her thighs before pacing back the other direction.

“The tower wants to know if we’re going,” the captain called from the cockpit again.

“Damn it! I said, give me five minutes!” Lisa snapped.

“I heard you,” the man uttered, irritation evident in his voice. “But that was ten minutes ago. Your plane isn’t the only one that uses this slot.” That shocked Lisa and she walked to the cockpit door so she could see his face. “What?” Lisa glanced at her watch. He was right, it had been ten minutes since he last came in and spoke with her and she felt the bottom of her heart fall to the ground. Biting down on her lower lip, she tried to fight back the tears that stung her eyes, but to no avail. She couldn’t wipe the tears away fast enough. They rolled down her face. Nodding frantically, she fought to dry them. “Yeah,” she sniffed, drying her tear-covered hands against her thighs. “Let’s go.”

“Giving up that easy?”

Lisa froze. She dared not hope as she slowly turned around. He was there, standing in the doorway, and she wanted to rush into his arms, “Matt... I thought...”

“I almost didn’t. But I want to be able to say I did all I could to save our marriage.” Mathew gave her a tight smile and stepped further inside so the ground crew could close the cabin door. “So, where do you want me?”

“,” Lisa motioned to one of the leather seats before taking her own across from him. The pilot closed the cockpit door and made the usual announcements. She tuned them out as she looked at her husband. It felt as though for the first time in years, she was really seeing him.

There was the cleft in his chin where she used to stick her tongue and listen to him growl beneath her, making him look even sexier. Her gaze roamed over the slopes of his face, his chiselled cheek-bones, the blue of his eyes. She took in the shape of his nose and the curve of his lips and a sigh left her.

“Are you alright?” Mathew’s voice broke into Lisa’s thoughts. She nodded a yes.

“You want us to start over, Lisa?”

Again she nodded.

“Then let’s start out on the right foot. Don’t lie to me.”

Shocked, Lisa swallowed a lump in her throat. “You’re right. I was thinking.”


Slowly, Lisa got up. “You want the truth, Mathew?”

It was his turn to nod. She swung her hips from side to side and watched his eyes. It had never even occurred to her that he could shut her out completely, utterly crushing her self-esteem. She needed to do something. If he didn’t want her hiding things from him, she figured starting from that moment on wasn’t such a bad idea. She had worn stilettos, not to seduce him, but because she always wore them. She loved the way they gave her some much-needed height. She was also dressed in a skirt short enough to show off her legs—if she was go through the pain of waxing them she would show them off. She would take advantage of it. She turned her back to him and bent over at the waist, stroking her legs all the way up, slowly.