Friday, December 4, 2009

Deep Obsessions by Jenna Byrnes

Bobby made good on his promise to make amends. They dined at one of Urbana's most elite restaurants, Legittimo, an Italian ristorante—the name meant 'perfect'. Jade was touched by his thoughtfulness, and felt better about things as they were led to their table. At a small booth in the corner a candle glowed, throwing shadows off their tall wine glasses. A strolling musician stopped to serenade them, adding to the romantic ambiance.

She ordered seafood and he chose veal. He splurged and ordered both red and white wine. They ate, drank, and rubbed knees under the table.

"How was your day?" he inquired, keeping the focus of the evening on her. She noticed he hadn't mentioned his work once. It was the nicest evening she could remember in a long time.

"I had a very nice day. A few cuts, one perm, and Professor Quigley's wife came in for a foil-weave highlight. She's so funny, she made me laugh all afternoon. And vain—the woman is almost eighty, and still wants her hair styled to perfection."

"Wow, I can't imagine a woman being like that," he teased, smiling over his wine glass.

Jade chuckled. "Me either. The funny thing is she's trying to talk the professor into coming to see me for a haircut. His barber gives him a horrible comb over, and she thinks I could do better."

"I know you could. But he hardly has any hair, what would you charge him?"

"Are you kidding? Fifty bucks minimum. Seventy-five if he stares at my tits the whole time."

Bobby glanced at her revealing neckline and shook his head lustfully. "Might as well charge him the seventy-five. If he's human, he won't be able to resist." He licked his lips, and she smiled.

When he ordered dessert, he spoke quietly to the waitress so Jade couldn't hear. The woman nodded and left, leaving Jade watching Bobby expectantly. He merely smiled.

"What are you up to?" she inquired.

"Wait and see." His hand caressed her knee and moved slowly up her thigh.

Jade squirmed and scooted closer to him in the circular booth. If his hand moved high enough he'd discover she wasn't wearing panties, and they'd both get a thrill.

His fingers kneaded the fleshy part of her thigh. "Before I get carried away, I've got a surprise for you."

"On top of all this?" She glanced around. "Tonight's been perfect, baby. I don't need anything else." Flashing a grin, she added, "Unless it's jewelry."

He laughed. "Nope, not jewelry. I think it's even better." He pulled his hand back and removed an envelope from his jacket. "I'm taking you away. I arranged to get a week's vacation, starting the first of the month. That gives you two weeks to shuffle appointments and clear your schedule. We're going on a cruise."

"A cruise?" Jade squealed, looking at the tickets. "Are you kidding me?"

"No kidding. I've been neglectful, sweetheart, and I'm going to make it up to you. We're going to spend a week in paradise. We'll fly to Florida and cruise to Nassau, the Bahamas, St. Thomas, St. Maarten…seven days of sun, shopping—whatever you want to do." He raised his eyebrows up and down. "Of course, we don't ever have to leave our stateroom. It'll be completely up to you."

"Oh my God!" She threw her arms around his neck and hugged him tight. "I can't believe you've done this! I'm so excited."

"It's going to be fantastic, I promise." His eyes twinkled and Jade hugged his neck again. She had no doubt he was right. They'd never done anything this extravagant, but the timing felt perfect. It was something they both needed, and she was very excited.

The waitress reappeared, setting a plate in front of them. Jade smiled. A pile of luscious red strawberries was surrounded by a moat of whipped cream. The whole thing was covered in streaks of rich, dark chocolate. "Wow," she murmured.

"Thank you," he told the waitress, and she left. He wrapped one arm around Jade and raised a strawberry from the plate. Dipping it in foamy white cream, he brought it to her lips teasingly.

Jade opened her mouth for a bite but he touched it to her lip first, getting a dab of whipped cream on her mouth. She chuckled and he gave her the bite, and then finished the berry himself. With his free hand he rubbed a thumb over the spot on her lip seductively, and then licked the cream from his thumb.

Jade whimpered a soft moan.

With a satisfied smile, he fed her another half berry, finishing it himself. Dipping his index finger in whipped cream, he slid his hand under the table. "If I'm not mistaken…" he trailed off, his hand fumbling under her dress until he reached her soft pubic hair. "Ah, yes. Just as I suspected, no panties. Thank you for making this easier for me."

His hand parted her folds and Jade felt the cool whipped cream smear across her labia. She gasped as he painted her nether lips with foam, and then drove the finger inside her moist channel.

"This is going to taste so good later on," he said in a voice thick with desire. "In fact, I might drop my fork so I have to crawl under the table right now."

"Oh, Jesus," she breathed, wiggling her hips to encourage his finger's exploration.

"What do you think?" He drove the finger deep inside her pussy and she groaned.

"I think you'd better stop, or we're going to have a When Harry Met Sally moment, only it won't be a fake orgasm."

He chuckled and withdrew his hand. Sucking the slick finger into his mouth, he smiled at her seductively. "Mmm…"

Jade groaned again and picked up another strawberry. "We need to finish dessert, fast."

He nodded and grinned.

They ate a few more berries until she knew she couldn't take anymore teasing.

He paid the check and they barely made it to their car before he'd hiked up her little black dress and exposed her glistening sex.

"I'm going to fuck you senseless." He shoved her, ass first, into the back seat.

"Bring it on." Unfastening his belt, she tugged his trousers down frantically. She yanked at his briefs and they followed, his cock rampant and jutting forth. "Oh, yeah. I want that. Give it to me."

"You got it." He knelt on the seat between her thighs, grabbed his stiff rod and positioned it to enter her.

"Ouch!" Jade's head banged against the hard plastic handrail on the side door.

"You okay?"

"Yes, just cramped is all."

"We can go home and finish this—"

"No way!" she reached for his cock and pulled it forward. "Fuck me now! I can't wait any longer."

He eased his shaft to the tip of her opening. "You might hit your head again. I can't promise to be gentle."

"Just do it!" she growled, thrusting up to meet his cock. "Yes…" Jade purred as he entered her. "That's it."

"Please don't let the cops drive by," he muttered, finding his rhythm.

"The windows are fogged up," she panted. "We'll be fine." Jade didn't care if someone saw them. Sex in a public place was one of her turn-ons, and Bobby knew it. They'd come close to getting caught by the cops a few times, which it that much more exciting.

The Volvo rocked with their movements, but all she could concentrate on was the orgasm building inside her. "I'm close," she told him.

"Oh yeah," he encouraged. "Come on, baby. Let me feel it."

Her quivering vibrations began deep within, and when she peaked and cried out, spilled over into him.

Bobby groaned and shuddered, emptying a load of hot seed into her pussy. He shoved her hair away, sucking his way around her neck before planting a hickey on the back of it.

"Fucking-A," she murmured, the waves of her last orgasm flowing through her. Jade sighed, sated and satisfied with his apology.

"Like that?" He ground his hips against her lower belly one last time.

"Love that."