Sunday, November 15, 2009

Touch Me, Tease Me, Whip Me by Eliza Gayle

The slap of leather against naked flesh echoed in Walker’s brain, tormenting his need, which was already at a feverish level. He stepped, mindless, from the club into the harsh, biting wind. A few die-hard smokers huddled close to the wall, the glowing embers of their addiction lighting the darkened patio. He wasn’t a smoker, but it was the only place outside to catch his breath and maybe relocate the section of his brain where his control was stored.

He’d spent the last hour at the flogging station with Dex, watching and waiting—for what, he wasn’t sure. There had been a steady stream of beautiful women in line waiting to get flogged by the most popular Dom in the club, but when the cadence of blows began to beat in rhythm with the pulse in his stiff dick he decided it was time to get some fresh air.

“Hey man, you gotta light?” One of the half naked, leather and black nail polish goth guys ambled over to him.

“No, don’t smoke.” And he wanted to be left alone.

Goth Boy gave him a confused look before he turned and wandered back to his group.

What am I doing here?

He’d moved to town six months ago after a long and difficult break up. By chance he’d overhead some clients talking about Purgatory and, his curiosity piqued, he’d come to check it out. It had been everything he’d expected, plus so much more. The club seemed to cater to a variety of clientele from the straight goth crowd to the extreme fetishists, and the place was definitely a playground for the voyeur. Drawn to the upstairs VIP area and its many play stations, he came here as often as he could get away.

Lately, though, simply observing wasn’t enough, and the few times Dex had handed him the flogger to take over when he needed a break had been very nice. What he craved, although, ran much deeper than flogging a stranger. There were willing and available submissives in the club he could play with, but he yearned for a connection and a level of submission he doubted most women here would understand. Besides, he hated the word play, and the first time it came out of a sub’s mouth he was usually gone.

Walker pulled his collar around his neck and shivered in the cold. He couldn’t stay out here much longer, so it was either go back inside or head on home. At least now his body was under a semblance of control. A glance at his watch showed ten-thirty, still early for a Saturday night.

Fine. He’d go in and watch a few of the stations, chat with Dex, then head on home.

Alone. Again.

Walker pulled the heavy door open and hustled inside, seeking the awaiting heat and excitement. Bonnie, the door supervisor, smiled at him, and he returned a warm greeting.

“Walker, Sir, I can’t believe you’re out there without a jacket.”

He’d chatted with her many times and found her as genuine as they came.

“I’d tell you again to just call me Walker, but you aren’t ever going to do it are you?” She’d lost her Dom last year to cancer, and while she seemed to be embracing life once again she’d firmly stood against finding another man.

She blushed and lowered her gaze. “No, Sir.”

He understood her grief and knew that one day someone worthy would come along and get her back on her knees where she so loved to be.

“No worries, Bonnie, I can see what a good girl you are and would certainly never hold that against you. No one should.” He touched her chin and tilted her head until their gazes met. “It is chilly outside, so be sure to bundle up before you go home tonight.” He liked the fact that he was getting to know everyone here and making friends. It never hurt to be around like-minded people who accepted him as is with no judgment.

A slow smile spread across her face and she nodded before turning her attention to the customer who’d come through the door behind him.

Glancing down on the main floor, he saw the rope swing in motion with Leo astride his latest victim as they swung from one end of the room to the other. The crowd went wild as the pretty blonde’s face bloomed in ecstasy at the attention.

The club was in full Saturday night swing as he moved slowly through the crowds around each play station. He couldn’t even get close enough to the extreme booth to see what they were currently offering up, so he turned and set off in the direction of the flogging stations.

By now his friend would be looking to take a break, but Walker wasn’t sure he was up to wielding anymore tonight. Already his groin ached enough to give him second thoughts to any offers he might receive. He could use a good dick sucking right about now.

Kat and Cindi were busy marking the hell out of a couple of subbie boys when he walked up. Their arms arched back and sprang forward with as much force as they could find. The whoosh of the air splitting for the dozens of knotted tails caught and held his attention as they connected with bare, red streaked skin.

Dex stood next to him, watching and enjoying the show those ladies loved to put on. Every male subbie in the room ate it up and no doubt wished it was them like it was nobody’s business.

“They’ve got some real pain sluts in the booth tonight,” Dex mumbled.

“That’s for sure. A little different from what you’ve got going on, huh?”

“Wait until you meet my next appointment, Cass. She’s—”

“She’s what?” A sultry sexy voice sounded behind them and both men jerked around to see.

“Why, she’s the most beautiful woman in the room, that’s what.”

“Nice save, Dex,” she murmured.

Walker stood speechless at the sight before him. Long, raven dark hair framed a narrow face, and dark eyes surrounded by thick inky lashes that watched him curiously. Her nose was ordinary but the red lips underneath drew him like a moth to flame. He lingered there watching them part slightly while her tongue darted to the edge. He felt his cock stir in his pants as his own curiosity piqued.

“Cass, here for another session, I see? Do you need to feel my flogger on your skin?” Dex teased her until she broke the look between them to turn to his friend.

“Need is overrated these days, Dex, you know that. But I can’t deny I do enjoy coming to see you on occasion. Even a girl like me enjoys a little fun now and then.”

Dex snorted and shook his head.

Walker closed his eyes and let her smoky voice float over him. There was more to what she said, he could sense it. The slight hitch in between sentences, the nervous way she moved her hands, all combined to make him curious to know who this Cass was and the story behind her.

“Well come on, sugar, you’re in luck. You’re next on my list.” He led her to his station and waited for her to get in place.

A sexy ass swayed in a tight, low-slung denim skirt when she moved. Her outfit was a far cry from the leather and PVC wear of many in the crowd, but somehow the simplicity of denim riding low on her hips and a crisp, white cotton half-shirt leaving her midriff bare did more for him than all the big tits with their nipples covered by tiny strips of electrical tape. No, he was an ass man through and through, and the more she twitched it the more he thought about fucking it.