Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Craft of the Wise 4: Healing Hearts

The impact of his kiss made her breath catch in her chest. She could scarcely breathe with his large hands pulling her tight against him. His arousal, large like the rest of him, pressed against her belly and sent her mind reeling again.


Like before, his thought echoed into hers as if they belonged together. Whatever this primal urging, he’d been driven to want her. To need her.

She shivered at the realization because, Goddess above, no matter how much she wanted to deny it, to tell herself jealousy of the other mated witches drove her response, her mind and heart would not be swayed. She needed him, too.

When she lifted her hands to his hair, she threaded her fingers through the unruly locks. Devin’s moan of satisfaction rippled into her mouth. She yielded to the force of his kiss and boiling heat cooled to a simmer. He kissed her with a tenderness she didn’t know could exist. His tongue touched hers, just long enough for her to learn the taste of him then yearn for more when they parted.


His voice whispered now, no longer the growling declaration of possession from a moment ago.

Her body awakened against his, an ache growing between her thighs. Sadly, she could count the number of previous lovers on a single hand, and now didn’t know how to ask him to touch her. To douse the growing heat threatening to overtake her bodily. All she could do was shift with embarrassing shyness against his erection.

When Devin pulled away, she opened her eyes to look into his. Even in the dark night, she saw the smoldering flames in them. “This is dangerous, Selena. No matter what I want—what I hope you want, too—this is dangerous.”

Her swollen, moist lips stung. A thrilling reminder of him. His hunger. His need.

“These are dangerous times, Devin.”

He shifted his gaze away. “I would never forgive myself if I hurt you.”

She cupped his face in her palm, angling him until they looked directly at each other. “Then don’t hurt me.”

He hesitated a moment, then lowered his head. “I won’t,” he whispered before his lips caressed hers.

Somehow, for some reason, she knew he wouldn’t.

He slid a hand beneath her shirt, his fingers grazing against her breast. Her nipple awakened beneath his touch, rousing from a long slumber. She fit neatly in his large palm, and he squeezed until she released a sigh against him.

His tongue teased into her mouth. Swept over her lips and toyed with her. In his kiss she found his tenderness. His ability to cherish and be cherished. It made her yearn for more.

Impatient, he pushed her shirt up and she broke away from him to maneuver out of the material. Her hair settled across her shoulders and she shivered. The cool night breeze touched her nakedness and she wanted to curl up against him again. To feel his warmth wrapped around her.

As if he sensed her thoughts, he stepped close to her again, but not before sliding his hands into the waist of her shorts. Cotton panties and shorts rolled down her thighs until gravity brought them to the ground. She stood before him naked, exposed for his scrutiny. She didn’t consider herself much to look at. Small breasts, barely a curve to her hips. But when he looked at her, she felt majestic enough to grace the cover of a magazine.

She held her head high when his gaze traced the length of her body. A flush started in her cheeks and crept down until her body blazed beneath his stare. He looked into her eyes again before branding her with a gentle kiss.

“Beautiful,” he murmured.

When he stepped back to kick off his shoes and remove his shirt, Selena’s mouth dried up. Muscles and bulk rippled in the night air. The few glimpses the gap in his shirt provided had been just an appetizer to the real deal. And, sweet Lady above, the real deal fueled her wildest fantasies. Even the red handprint branded on the side of his neck awed her. The imprint added a certain dramatic flair and sense of danger to him.

He glanced at her when he pushed his slacks over his hips. She should have been embarrassed, tempted to look away, but the slow unveiling of skin held her captive. He had to have known the effect he had on her based on the wicked grin splitting his face.

Then he was fully nude.