Saturday, September 5, 2009

Desire by Marie Rochelle

Tasha Kelly stood in line and waited while the person in front of her gave their order before walking away. She was taking a break from purchasing some items off the internet at her job. If she stayed positioned at the computer a moment longer, she was going to get cross-eyed. However, she loved that new supply-chain software that Dylan installed. Her job was so much faster now. Instead of taking about six hours to place orders, it got knocked down to a little over three.

“Ma’am, may I take your order?” the young girl asked her.

“Coffee with cream and two sugars.” Tasha gave her order, walked away, and found a booth to sit in. She usually didn’t drink coffee this late in the afternoon, but she needed the caffeine to keep her going. She had a long day ahead of her with a lot of orders to fill.

Digging the romance book out of her purse, Tasha removed the bookmarker and placed it on the table. She had only been reading for a few minutes when the sound of a man yelling made her stop and look towards the front of the coffee shop.

“I don’t have any cash on me. Why can’t I pay for it with my credit card? Damn it, I don’t have time for this,” the man snapped.

“Sir, our credit card machine is down. We can only take cash today,” the cashier informed him.

“Why didn’t you tell me this before I ordered my coffee? Is that anyway to run a business?”

Tasha watched at the girl struggled to think of an answer. The man’s temper wouldn’t be so bad if he wasn’t well over six feet tall and built like a god. The white t-shirt was clinging to the bulging muscles in his arms. Dark blue jeans cupped his tight ass and the black cowboy boots only added to his sexiness. The man’s presence was intimating and hot all at the same time. She noticed everyone was waiting to see what was going to happen next.

“Are you going to answer me?”

“Sir, you order comes to $8.75.”

“Haven’t I already told you that I don’t have any cash on me? How do you think I’m going to buy that coffee?”

Tasha knew this had to end. She grabbed her wallet out of her purse and went to the front counter. She almost fainted as she stood next to the man. He smelled so good, like he just stepped out of the shower and splashed on cologne to make a woman fall at his feet. Lord, she had a weakness for good-smelling men.

“I’ll pay for his coffee.” Taking a ten dollar bill out of her purse, she handed it to the nervous girl in front of her. “Don’t worry about the change,” she told the girl when she started to count out the change.

“I didn’t ask you to pay for my coffee,” the rude man growled at her.

Tilting her head back, Tasha’s hazel eyes clashed with a pair of indigo eyes. Shit, the man’s face was just beautiful. A strong nose, firm lips, a dimple in his chin made him too dangerous looking to ever been consider model material, but he would certainly have a center stage in her dreams tonight.

“Sir, I know you didn’t; however, I got tired of listening to you scream at her, so I paid for your coffee.” Tasha gave the man a long look, hoping he was getting her meaning.

“Black coffee with cream and two sugars,” a guy yelled out his order before she could continue her conversation. She spun away from the gorgeous yet angry man. She picked up her drink and returned to her seat trying her best not to look at the man watching her.

* * * *

Nick couldn’t believe that woman had enough nerve to pay for his coffee and then gave him a lecture about his attitude. Moving away from the counter, he took a seat at the booth across the room from her. He sat facing her, so he could watch her.

The black shirt she was wearing stopped mid-thigh over a pair of blue jeans. It hugged her curvy body showing off her perky breasts. The off-black heeled boots gave her some height to her smaller frame.

He watched as she took a sip of her coffee before sitting it back down and turning the page in her book. After giving her body a final appraisal, he let his gaze land on her face. Her skin reminded him of dark Dove chocolate, his favorite treat late at night He liked how her black hair stopped at the nape of her neck and a piece kept falling in front of her glasses. He had to admit she was one hot little number.

Richie would have a good laugh at his expense when he told him about this. He was always telling him not to let the small stuff bother him. He really had no right screaming at the girl trying to take his money. It wasn’t her fault that the machine was down.

“Sir, here’s your coffee.”

Nick glanced to his side and found the girl he yelled at earlier standing there next to him. “You didn’t have to bring this to me. I could have came and gotten it.”

“That’s okay. We aren’t that busy now. I think you scared most of our customers away with your tirade.”

“I want to apologize for my behavior towards you. I shouldn’t have lost my temper like that,” he apologized.

“Oh, that’s okay,” she said, waving off his apology. “I’m used to grumpy people who are craving their caffeine. Enjoy your drink.” The girl spun away from him and went back to work like she had already forgotten all about him.

Nick took a sip of his drink not flinching when the warm liquid hit his tongue. He had been through too much to let some coffee phase him. Now, he had already made one apology which meant that he only had one left. He looked back over at his coffee-paying woman and found she was gone.

How in the hell did she get past him without him noticing? Well, he wasn’t about to give up on apologizing to her. She would probably be back here tomorrow. He would just come back and do it then.