Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wanted Dead or Alive by Jenna Byrnes

The driver’s license photo came out so well Dan skipped the haircut. Once he figured out what type of a job he was after, he could decide how much hair needed to come off. Maybe he’d be a fucking garbage collector, in which case the hair looked just fine.

He drove around Camille’s neighborhood, the Montclair district of Oakland, California. It was a nice suburb with decent houses and plenty of shopping. Dan had never spent much time in Montclair, though it was only ten or fifteen minutes away from where he grew up in the suburb of Laurel. He intended to visit Laurel soon, once he felt ready. All part of the step nine thing.

He cruised the streets slowly, finally admitting he was looking for Trey’s motorcycle. If the man was true to his word, he might not be back to another AA meeting for a week. That’d suck. It would also mean Trey wasn’t as interested in him as he hoped.

When the afternoon sun was setting and Dan’s gas tank approached empty, he pulled into the parking lot of the community center. No motorcycles. He hadn’t really expected one but had to admit, he would have loved to see Trey again.

There was approximately the same number of people at the meeting as had been there the previous day. Dan saw a few new faces, but many were the same. He listened, perfunctorily, and spoke when it was expected, but his heart wasn’t in it.

The meeting was almost over when a voice from the row behind spoke quietly in his ear. “You heard enough? I’m ready to get out of here.”

Dan glanced over his shoulder and smiled at Trey. “I uh, have to get my attendance slip signed.”

“I’ll sign the fucking thing. Come on.” He headed out the back door.

With a surreptitious gaze to the front, Dan slipped out behind him. He walked to where Trey leaned against his motorcycle. “What are you doing here? I thought you only came to meetings once a week.”

“I do, when I’m coming for the meeting.” He stared into Dan’s eyes. “Been thinking about you. A lot.”

“Yeah, me, too.” Dan maintained eye contact. “About you, I mean.”

Trey chuckled. “You’re still nervous. I’d hoped you’d get over that.”

Dan shrugged. “Like I said last night, it’s been awhile. I might be rusty, but the equipment still works.”

Trey moved to within an inch of his face. “I have no doubt about that.” He glanced around quickly and Dan followed his gaze. There was nobody else in sight. Moving swiftly, Trey cupped Dan’s head and dragged him forward for a kiss.

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