Friday, July 17, 2009

Simon Says Ahh by Jaxx Steele

“Let me relieve some of your stress, Simon.” Benji released Simon’s lips and trailed his hot kisses all over Simon’s face and neck.

Simon’s head fell back against the couch. “Yes, Benji,” Simon hissed. “And hurry, I’m about to bust.”

Benji chuckled. “Don’t worry, my sexy Simon, when you bust it will be in my mouth and I will swallow every drop of it.”

A shudder shot up Simon’s body at Benji’s words. Anticipation made his cock even harder. Memories of Benji’s awesome blowjobs swept across his consciousness: every lick, every touch, every moan. Simon felt Benji’s hands moving on him, opening his pants. He reached down to help, but Benji slapped his hand away.

“I’m doing this.”

“Well, hurry up and do it,” Simon growled.

Benji looked up from his kisses. “I could go slower, Simon.”

Simon’s hands went up in protest and his body stiffened at the prospect. “No! No, I’m sorry. Please continue.”

Simon held his breath during the few torturous seconds before Benji’s hands returned to his pants and eased his pain. Benji leaned back for a better position and his hands dove to yank at his button. The faster Benji’s hands moved, the faster Simon’s chest rose and fell. Finally, Simon’s cock sprang free of its confines long, thick, and hard. Resting against his stomach, it begged to be touched.

“Oh, Simon, it’s been way to long,” Benji said lowering his body.

Simon licked his lips and tried to speak, but no words came. All he could manage was a nod.

Benji chuckled. “Don’t worry, baby, I won’t make you wait any longer.”

Benji licked the underside length of Simon’s steel rod and Simon let out a stuttered moan. Benji’s wet hot mouth singed the taut skin, sending exquisite pleasure straight to his head. Benji continued treating Simon’s cock like a lollipop. Simon moaned at every pass of Benji’s tongue against his nuts. With each teasing lick, Simon moved closer to the edge and his moans grew louder.

“Mmm, I always did like your moans, Simon. I bring up the memory often when I jack off.”

“Benji, stop licking me and suck my dick!”

His need made his words harsher than he intended, he would have to apologize for that when they were done, but he wanted to feel his cock inside his mouth now.

If Benji was offended, he showed no signs of it. As Simon demanded, Benji took the length of Simon’s cock into his mouth with a moan. Sucking vigorously, Benji played with his nuts at the same time. Simon’s groans filled the room. Benji gripped the base of Simon’s erection. Sliding his hand over Simon’s sensitive head, Benji lowered his own head down to lick at his drawn up balls. Back and forth, Benji’s hand moved as his teasing tongue flicked at Simon’s nuts.

Simon’s breathing was harsh and raspy as he spoke. “Ahh! Benji, oh God, yes!”
The leg that Simon rested on the floor for balance rose in the air stiffly. His stomach muscles tightened as his words became incoherent. Benji quickly moved up, taking Simon’s length back into his mouth. His lips gripped Simon’s cock head and sucked again and he erupted in Benji’s mouth with volcanic force.

Simon’s fingers laced through Benji’s hair, squeezing tight, holding his head in place. Benji continued sucking on Simon’s erupting tip until he was empty and exhausted. With a final kiss on his shrinking member, Benji moved back up Simon’s body and rested on his chest.

“Feel better, baby?”

“Oh, God, yes. Thank you so much,” Simon replied still breathing hard.