Saturday, July 25, 2009

Man to Man by G.A. Hauser

His lungs were aching. Josh Elliot leaned over, hands on knees, gasping for air.

Salt water ran down his skin and his body felt numb from the exertion.

“Well done.”

Barely acknowledging the pat on the back, Josh forced himself to stand straight and place one foot in front of the other on the wet sand. All that mattered was he’d done it. Finished in the top eighty so he could qualify. No, I finished in the top fucking five! Holy Christ.

“You all right?”

Another hand touched the small of his back. Josh looked up at one of the permanents, the lifeguards who held full-time positions. With his chest still expanding with the compelling need for air, Josh felt his breath catch in his throat.

Sky blue eyes reflecting the sunlight and seawater, over six foot in height with short cropped, dark brown hair, this man was a fucking god.

“Yeah. I’m all right.” Josh licked the salt water off his top lip.

“That was an amazing time. Impressive.”

“Was it?” Josh lit up as the man’s broad smile glowed, set off by his golden skin.

“Yes. You should be proud of yourself. What’s your name?”

“Josh. Josh Elliot.” He held out his hand.

“Nice to meet you, Josh. I’m Tanner Cameron. You’re through the toughest part. The next step is the classroom training. I wouldn’t worry. You’ll do fine.”

“Thanks.” Josh released Tanner’s hand slowly, allowing his gaze to wander down Tanner’s broad chest and six-pack abs. Tanner wore the “medal of honor” as far as Josh was concerned. Red swimming trunks. A genuine lifeguard.

“Are you going to be full time?”

“I want to. I’m taking some time off from my job and I’d like to not have to go back.”

“Your real job?” Tanner smiled knowingly.

“Yes.” Josh had fully recuperated from the thousand meter swim and felt his breathing ease.

Another man caught Tanner’s attention. He nodded in acknowledgment. “I have to go. Great job, Josh. I hope to meet up with you again very soon.”

“Me too.” Josh watched as he walked down the crowded beach, admiring his strut and tight ass. “Holy shit. I wouldn’t mind a piece of that.” Someone shouting, gathering them together for instructions on getting their certificates and beginning the academy shook him out of his dreams.

* * * *

Finally home, Josh dragged himself to the shower as the day’s events caught up to him. Dropping his paperwork on the kitchen table of his four-room apartment, he stripped off his shorts and bathing suit and stood outside the shower door, waiting for the temperature to heat up. Looking back at the mirror, he noticed his shoulders were slightly singed even though he had coated himself with sunscreen. His ass was pure white compared to his darkly tanned back and legs. Stepping into the spray, Josh moaned with relief at washing the saline off his body, and the sand that seemed to get everywhere, including his ass crack and balls. Shampooing his hair, scrubbing his skin with a loofa, Josh floated over the day’s events and the prospect of holding a lifeguard job over the summer. It was hard work. Not only was the physical training demanding but also the first aid American Red Cross certification, CPR, rescue techniques, the works.

He was ready. More than ready. After a four-year degree in business administration, he felt stuck in a lousy desk job.

He needed a change.

Josh shut off the taps, allowing the water to drip off his body, his head drooping with his weariness. He smoothed his hands down his chest and abs to swipe the water away. He brushed over his pubic hair and soft cock, considering jacking off. He couldn’t. He was exhausted.

Wiping his face with a towel, he stepped out and continued to dry off catching his green eyes in the mirror’s reflection.

“I don’t know why you won’t give me another chance.”

“Because you went out on me behind my back, Luis.”

“It didn’t mean anything.”

“It did to me.”

“Josh, don’t do this.”

“Forget it, Luis. Forget it.”

“But where will I find another man with eyes that green?”

Josh threw his towel over the shower door, leaned his palms on the sink, and stared at himself critically. Ending a six-month relationship sucked. No one was in his bed at the moment. Maybe it was another reason he had made the change in careers. He needed to get away from Luis. Seeing the man every day at work was killing him.
Josh heard his phone ringing and opened the bathroom door, hurrying to grab it.

Standing naked in his kitchen, glimpsing the window with its partial view of the San Gabriel Mountains beyond the buildings across the street, Josh covered his groin in modesty as if a peeping tom in the apartment house opposite would be using binoculars.



“What, Luis?”

“We need to talk.”

“We do not need to talk.” Josh was too tired to argue again.

“It was one time. One.”

“What do you want from me? I just got back from the tryouts and I’m wiped.” Josh
scratched his balls gently.

“Oh. How did that go?”

“Fine.” Josh wanted to hang up.

“I miss seeing you in the office.”

“Come on, Luis, why are we going over and over old ground? I just stepped out of the shower and I need to eat something.”

“Are you naked?”

Josh tugged on his soft cock and moved away from the window. “You need to stop calling me.”

“I can’t.”

“You can. Believe me, you can.” Josh opened the refrigerator for something to eat.

“Why won’t you forgive me?”

“It wasn’t working out anyway, Luis.” Josh removed a bottle of water from the shelf and used his teeth to open the top, swigging it down. “Which is probably why you went out on me in the first place.”

“That’s not true.”

“It is true.” Josh wiped his mouth with the back of his arm. “Let me go. I really have to eat and lay down.”

“I know once you become a lifeguard you’ll have so many hard bodies to choose from I’ll never cross your mind.”

“That’s the idea.” Josh pictured Tanner instantly.

“Oh, screw you.”

Smiling, Josh replied, “Now, that’s the Luis I know and used to love. Goodbye, Luis.” Josh disconnected the line, stuck the phone back in its cradle, and sucked down more water. Peering back at the window, he placed the water bottle on the counter and headed to his bedroom to put on a pair of shorts. Once he did, he sat on the bed in exhaustion and rubbed his face. Even though he was hungry, he dropped back on the spread, closed his eyes, and fell asleep.