Saturday, July 4, 2009

Born to Run by Jenna Byrnes

Steam clouded the bathroom mirror. Sam used his towel to wipe a swath across the middle. He leaned in, studying his appearance. Not bad, for forty years young. Drawing fingers through the top of his short hair was the only attention it required. The sides and back were razor cut, extremely easy to care for. His neatly shaven face was smooth; complexion clear.

People told him his eyes were one of his best features. Bright blue with long, thick lashes, they seemed to be chick magnets. He fought girls off in school, dating a select few before he realized his tastes ran to the masculine. He bided his time until he graduated, and then the game was on.

He thanked God for the diversity New York City provided. He never had trouble meeting guys. There was usually someone around for casual, no-strings fun. It wasn’t until he joined the police academy that Sam discovered deep, true feelings for another man.

Nick used to stare into his eyes. When Sam caught him looking, Nick would give a sheepish grin. They usually ended up in bed, fucking each other’s brains out until all hours of the morning.

In those days, cadets weren’t as closely supervised. Hell, it was probably him, Nick and Gil who caused them to tighten rules at the police academy. Same sex relationships were forbidden now, but in the New York Police Department, the policy was don’t ask, don’t tell. A few of his co-workers knew he was gay. They also knew he was a damned good cop, so it wasn’t an issue.

The memories caused Sam’s cock to stir. He and Nick had some great times. When they met Gil, and got comfortable with each other, the three of them had weekend orgies at a nearby hotel. They were three young studs, able to go at it repeatedly for hours. Those were the days. Smiling, he stroked his staff.

He’d considered whacking off in the shower, but twenty minutes ago the idea was half-hearted. Now it fully sprang to life, his erection waving. Sam carried his towel to the bed, tossing back the covers and laid down. Pulling the length of his shaft up and down made his stomach tingle, balls pleasantly churning.

It seemed pathetic, jerking off to memories of his best friends, even though they’d shared incredibly hot sex. When their time at the academy ended, they went their separate ways, latching on to the best possible jobs for each of them. The three men decided their friendship was more important than slaking their lust, and ended the sexual encounters. Over the years, they’d formed very strong bonds, and couldn’t have been closer.

Sam closed his eyes, picturing a different man kneeling in his bed. He purposely didn’t give the body a face. No strings attached sex, his specialty. He focused on the nicely shaped ass cheeks and muscular thighs. Spreading the man wide, he envisioned a sweet, crimson rosebud. He leaned forward, pressing his tongue to the puckering anus. The tight outer ring blocked his advance but he pushed through, sending his tongue deep into his fantasy lover’s ass.

Sam stroked the length of his cock languidly, picking up pace as his imagination soared. He was on his knees, slathering slick lubricant over his weeping prick. A few gentle nudges put him inside the man’s tight channel, flesh slapping against flesh.

Pre-cum oozed from the slit in his crown. Sam smoothed it over the shaft. His balls drew up, preparing to release their offering with his shuddering orgasm. A few more forceful thrusts and the image of Bobby Rodriguez kneeling in a pool of his own cum sent him over the edge, cock spurting wave after wave of creamy seed. Milking the rod until the last drop escaped, Sam sighed.

Where had the image of Rodriguez come from? He remembered his rock hard cock at the pub the night before. The man set him off, no doubt about that.

Using his towel to clean up, Sam tossed it aside and stretched out, staring at the ceiling. It had been awhile since he’d actually been with anyone. One of his longest relationships had ended a few months ago. The guy was a sexy stockbroker named Brian. Things were great until Brian dropped a bombshell. He’d hired a surrogate mother and fertilized her eggs with his sperm. He wanted a baby, and intended to get one.

Sam couldn’t get away fast enough. Children were okay, as long as they were somebody else’s. He couldn’t imagine Nick choosing to even work with kids. They were needy little creatures, who only got worse as they grew up. Little ones cried all the time. When they stopped crying, they started talking. Once they did that, they never shut up. The older ones were mouthy, and a pain in the ass. That was his take on them, anyway.

He smiled to himself. Good thing he was gay. He’d have made a horrible father.