Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Next Step by Mychael Black

Kale Daniels stretched out on the silky, cool sheets, then rubbed his eyes. The alarm went off, letting him know it was eight in the morning—time to work. He grumbled and rolled over, tempted to pull the blanket back over his head. Then the smell of bacon and biscuits and coffee drifted into the bedroom, and he grinned. He flung the blanket off and shuffled his feet across the carpet until they touched his robe where it lay folded near the bedside table. He slipped it on and tied it, then headed downstairs slowly. He was getting more used to Ian Vaughan’s house, so his cane remained in the office unless they went out.

“Good morning,” Ian said, slipping an arm around Kale’s waist. Kale’s Master drew him into the kitchen in-between kisses. “Hungry?”

“Very.” Kale didn’t want to let go, and when Ian guided him to a chair he held on, earning himself a harder kiss before Ian pulled back. Kale had the urge to pout.

“Later. Right now, breakfast.” Ian set things on the table and touched Kale’s hand to his glass. “Silverware is down and to your right. Plate in front, eggs at six o’clock, biscuits at twelve, and bacon in the middle. Salt is just above your plate.”

“Thank you.” Kale smiled and sipped his drink. Mmm…orange juice.

“You’re welcome. Coffee’s done. You want it now or wait?”

“Wait.” Kale found his fork and waited until he felt Ian’s foot rub his under the table before he started eating. “Oh, man, that’s good,” he said around a mouthful of eggs with melted mozzarella cheese.

Ian chuckled. “Thank you. How long do you think you’ll need for work today?”

“Hmm… Not too long. I just need to finish up a few pages and then I’ll be done.”

“Good. Think it can be done before dinner?”

Kale smiled slowly, knowing exactly where this conversation was going. “Yes…”

“Then finish breakfast, finish work, and take a shower. I have plans for you.”

Kale shivered and managed to bite back a moan as he continued eating. When his Master had ‘plans,’ Kale never quite knew what lay in store. He just knew it would be amazing.

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