Saturday, May 2, 2009

Dragon's Lust by Savannah Reardon

Kiana awoke the morning after her capture and rose from the bearskin rug to pad quietly down the stone corridor. As she walked down the massive hall, she noticed doors that had escaped her detection the night before when she staggered wearily to the room the dragon indicated. They looked too small for the dragon to pass through. Each door she tried was locked tight. She wondered what purpose they could possibly serve.

The dragon was nowhere in sight. She sat in front of the fire and ate heartily from a tin platter resting on heated rocks. After filling her stomach, she decided to explore the cave. Her wanderings found nothing exciting, only a few meandering passageways. Each passage held more of the locked doors, and Kiana wondered if the cave had previously been home to a human.

When the dragon still hadn’t appeared after her foray into the stone dwelling, Kiana peeked outside. A sickening feeling crept over her when she realized her horse was missing. It took a few deep breaths to keep her breakfast from coming up. Surely not? She wiped sudden tears from her cheek. Even he couldn’t be that cruel.

Listening carefully, Kiana stepped out of the cave. She heard only the sound of the small creatures living in the forest. This might be her only chance at escape. Disregarding her nakedness, she sprinted from the mouth of the cavern and took off down the path. It was a two-day ride back to her home. It would take twice that on foot. She didn’t care. She was going home.

Kiana felt no after effects of the warmth which had filled her sex the night before. Convinced the tale about his saliva was just that, she pushed any thought of consequence from her mind. Mostly, she kept to the path, veering into the dense blanket of trees only once when she heard the approaching sound of horse’s hooves. The rider flew by her, the colors of the King marking him as a courier. Kiana remained hidden until he passed. Her nakedness kept her from seeking out help.

When the sun shone high overhead, Kiana searched the area close to the path and found several bushes heavy with ripe red berries. Sitting upon the lush grass, she ate until she felt she would burst. Such a full stomach made her drowsy, so she lay down for a nap, confident the canopy of leaves would hide her from sight if the dragon flew overhead while she slept.

Images of the night before flooded her dreams. Pleasure-laden cries echoed through her mind as memories of his tongue sliding inside her ran like a river through her dream. As she reached climax, she woke suddenly. Her pussy felt swollen and hot. At first, she thought it only the effects of the dream. However, as she resumed walking, the warmth grew stronger.

“It’s not real. It’s just my imagination.” Despite her denial, heat flamed in her pussy, which throbbed with hungry need. The day dragged on, the sun beating down upon her bare skin. Kiana barely noticed the kiss of sunlight upon her body as the blazing inferno within her pussy burned hotter than any fire she’d ever known. Her nipples hardened and ached as the pulsing of her sex shot tendrils of heat through her body.

Her hands strayed to her breasts, fingers worrying her nipples, pinching and pulling them. She stumbled on a rock and fell, her body lurching to the side and landing upon the floor of the forest. Instead of getting up, she curled into a ball and whimpered as need coursed through her. On instinct, her hand moved between her trembling thighs and vigorously rubbed her pussy lips.

Desire made them swollen and wet as her fingers delved between them. She cried out when she brushed against the hard button. She stroked it, remembering how she felt when the dragon used his tongue there. Her body shook as pleasure coursed through her, the aroused state of her pussy sending her crashing over the edge almost immediately.

Tears of frustration flowed down her sun-kissed cheeks as the fire in her pussy raged, the orgasm doing nothing to stem the tide of heat. The need for relief ruled her, and she continued pleasuring herself. The heat would not abate. Her thoughts grew incoherent, and her body eventually gave out in exhaustion after multiple explosions. Even in sleep, her fingers rubbed against her pussy.

In the dark of the night, Kiana was vaguely aware of the sound of hoof beats and mumbled unintelligibly as strong arms plucked her from the ground and laid her over the smooth back of a horse. She returned to fitful dreams as the fluid movements of the animal lulled her back to sleep.

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