Friday, April 3, 2009

Tempting Turner by Marie Rochelle

Sitting on his newly remolded deck of his Florida beach house, Dave Turner stared out at the calmness of the ocean. The warm night air-dried the sweat from his body after his nightly run. He had been home close to four months now, and he still couldn’t get her out of his mind.

The last time he saw her was inside the hospital parking lot as she hurried past his black truck to her car. He had wanted so badly to jump out of his vehicle and stop her, but Charisma Miles wouldn’t have stood for that.

He didn’t understand why Charisma was putting up such a fight when it came to them. He knew that she felt the same intense attraction as him; however, she acted like he was a school boy with a crush. Hell, he left his boyhood in the past a long time ago. He was a grown man, and he wanted Charisma the only way a man craved a woman.

Sighing, Dave picked up his bottle of water and took a long satisfying drink. How in the hell was he going to fix this problem? He already had so many obstacles in his way. The timing was totally off. Plus, he didn’t have any extra time to chase a woman who was pretending she didn’t want him. His plate was full with raising his teenage sister and keeping her out of trouble. Did he want to add a partially snobby, yet drop dead gorgeous, woman to the mix?

Hell yes!

Dave knew that Charisma would fit quite nicely into his life, his bed, on top of table, and anywhere else he could get that sexy body of hers. But none of that would happen with him here in Florida and her hiding out in Los Angeles. He had picked up the phone numerous times to call her, only to hang it up after the second ring.

When he used to date the beach bunnies, he was usually the man with “the plan.” But Charisma was pure class, from the top of head to her sexy toes. The first time he visited her office, it made him very uncomfortable. The men there had looked at him like he didn’t belong. Sure, he still got the long lustful looks from the women, but he wanted more than that now.

Picking up his water, he took another lengthy drink while he thought about how tonight’s college class was going to turn out. He signed up for a double major with computers and business administration, but the classes were kicking his ass. The computer part wasn’t as hard because he got some early help from Jenisha Campbell. However, the business classes were way over his head, and most of the time he was too proud to raise his hand and ask questions since he was the oldest person in class.

The other students would stare at him like he was a big dumb muscular jock. He knew that he was intelligent and could accomplish any construction job that came his way, but Charisma needed more than that. She deserved a man who could pamper and spoil her. Shit, he wasn’t a quitter. No matter how long it took, he was going to stick with the classes and graduate. When the time came again, he was going to be the man that won the body, heart, and soul of Charisma Miles.

“Hey, Dave. Why are you sitting out here staring out into space?” his sister asked, falling down into a patio chair next to him. “I thought you had a class tonight. Do you need me to help you with your homework? Make sure you answer all the questions right?” she teased.

Dave took his half-full water bottle and poured it over Brittney’s head. He laughed as his sister jumped up out of the chair and brushed the water from her face. “Hey, you aren’t funny!” she screamed. “This shirt cost eighty bucks.”

“It better be your eighty bucks and not mine,” he growled. “I’ve told you to stop writing checks on my account. You know I’m saving that money up so I can buy some stock into Campbell Construction and Design.”

Brittney crossed her eyes at him before falling back down on the semi-damp patio chair. “You know that Hayward and Clinton like you enough to sell some stock to you at a lower price.”

“Brittney, I’m not telling you again,” he hissed. “Stop writing checks, or I might have to send you to that group home.” Dave knew that Brittney wasn’t in fear of him doing that to her.

“Yeah right, Like you would send me to the same place Mom and Dad pitched you at until you turned eighteen,” Brittney sighed, placing a piece of grape gum in her mouth. “What’s with you anyway? Ever since you came back home, you have been a bear to be around. Did you not get laid while you were in L.A.?”

Dave jumped out of his seat and glared down at his baby sister. “Why are you asking me something like that? Don’t you have some kind of homework that needs to be done?”

Mumbling under her breath, Brittney dragged her five-foot seven-inch frame off the patio lounge. “God, you’re really bad at changing the subject,” she complained, popping her gum in his face. “I still think you’re just pissed because you didn’t get any while you were away,” his sister hissed before she brushed past him.

“Don’t worry about my love life,” he snapped as Brittney closed the sliding glass door behind her. Massaging his shoulder, Dave walked down the steps at the side of his deck. The second the sand touched his feet, he felt all the stress leave his body.

This stretch of the beach was so peaceful this time of night. There weren’t any people on it, and the wind mingled with the ocean air perfectly. He was only missing one thing, and he was going to get her no matter how long it took. The sound of his cell phone ringing drew him away from his Charisma fantasy, but it didn’t matter. He could get back to it tonight in his bedroom. Taking the phone out of his shorts pocket, he answered it.

“Yeah, speak to me.”

“I need you to come over here,” the woman cried on the other end of the phone.

“Trish, stop crying. I’ll be there,” he said quickly, ending the phone call. Rushing over to his black Explorer parked in front of his house, Dave pulled out of the driveway, leaving a cloud of dust behind him.

Whatever was going on must be pretty bad for Trish to call him crying, he thought.

The last time Trish Mason called him for help was over two months ago. Back then, she wasn’t looking for a helping hand when she called in the dead of night. He didn’t even think that she still had his phone number after all this time. Trish was like no other woman he had ever met. She had an old soul about her that he admired and a way about her that drew attention.

Driving into the long spiral driveway of the three story red brick house, Dave got out of the car. Running up the steps, he only knocked on the door once, and it was jerked opened. A tall, slim brunette stood there tears pouring down her perfectly made face. “Thank you for coming. I need you so much,” Trish whispered before she yanked him into the house and closed the door behind them.

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