Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saddle Up 'N' Ride! by Remmy Duchene

Normally when visiting Rusty, Jack would plan his trip far in advance and never had to stop in Toronto for a transfer to another plane. Toronto wasn’t at all what he expected. When the plane landed at Pearson International Airport, they told him he should be back in the airport by first thing in the morning because his flight to Calgary left at nine. They were letting him go because of his badge. He didn’t think it would be any good there but apparently it was. In the hotel, he stared out the window at the highway longingly. He would have rather the plane had gone straight through to his final destination, but beggars couldn’t be choosers. He was desperate to get to Calgary and now that he was so close he felt cheated. He was close enough to taste it yet couldn’t. Folding an arm over his naked chest, he walked back to his bed and grabbed his shirt. Shoving his arms into the shirt, he wished he smoked. He needed something to calm his nerves.

Back home, he would have just gone to the gym and beat a bag into submission. He couldn’t do that because he didn’t know where anything was in Toronto. There was always a second option, sleep. He looked at his bed and that turned his stomach. Grabbing his wallet and his keys, Jack left his room. In the lobby he got a cab to carry him to downtown Toronto. The air was becoming a little nippy which told him that winter was just around the corner. He had loved visiting Rusty when he was younger during the winter. Everything was covered in white snow and though it was cold, he didn’t mind. From time to time lately, he could see himself on all fours before the giant fireplace in the ranch’s living room with Rusty taking him from behind. That thought caused him to stumble and he crashed into a lady. She smacked him with her purse and he apologised. He ducked into a movie theatre to see if he could catch something but nothing caught his attention. Eventually, he returned to his hotel and climbed into bed.

Closing his eyes, he stroked his chest. Then he pinched his nipples and growled. One hand remained to torment the tight buds while the other moved down between his legs. His cock was already hard, with the tip brushing against the sheets. Tossing the sheets from the bed, he pushed up to watch his cock dance slowly before falling stiffly against his flat stomach. Licking one palm, he grabbed hold of his cock and began stroking it.

He panted, groaned, tightened his fist and moved it in long, slow strokes. Visions of Rusty pushing out of the river after a long swim flashed though his head and Jack’s back arched from the bed. The fingers pinching his nipples tightened and he whispered Rusty’s name.

Rusty was bent over, ass in the air.

Jack’s eyes widened as he saw the image. His hips pumped upward into his tight fist. The head of his cock throbbed, for it was tender. Each time it brushed his hand his body jerked.

“Oh, damn,” Jack managed. His hand was moving faster and faster now. Different images of Rusty, in extremely sexual poses, flashed through Jack’s mind. His chest heaved and his breathing quickened even more. He licked his lips and pinched down on his nipples hard. This time it was too much for Jack to bear.

“Oh, yes!” He arched his back, slammed his hips upward just as his cock exploded. His body trembled uncontrollably as his fist continued working over his dick. Hot white liquid spewed upward against his chest and stomach but all he could do was yell his release at the top of his lungs and ride his orgasm out. When his body relaxed against the bed, his hand fell away from his cock, and he drifted off to an unconscious sleep.

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