Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hungry Heart by Jamie Hill

“Could I buy you a cup of coffee?” Knight didn’t seem to want to leave.

“I don’t think so. But really, thanks.” Gil wasn’t sure he could keep from swearing for that long.

The man raised his hands. “No hidden agenda. I promise you, I have no microphones or tape recorders. I just thought we could talk. We could stay here if you’d rather.”

Gil cocked his head sideways. “Why would you want to do that?”

Knight shrugged. “You seem like the kind of guy I could talk to. I don’t have that many friends. Most people are afraid I’ll turn something they say into the opener on the ten o’clock news.”

“Now there’s a sentiment I can relate to.” Gil nodded, feeling a smile creep over his face.

Knight smiled. “How about this? I’ll give you some dirt you could use on me to help convince you I’m being sincere.”

“I don’t want—”

“Nope, I insist. Here you go. I’m gay. In this day and age, I’d love to tell you that doesn’t matter in my line of work, but it still does. A person can be gay, they just can’t act gay, or talk about it at all. Isn’t that pathetic?”

Gil coughed. “Yeah, it sucks. This day and age.”

“Please, don’t think I’m coming on to you or anything. I just hoped we could talk, and I wanted you to feel secure in the knowledge that it’s off the record. Everything we say remains between us.”

“Okay, why not?” Gil shrugged. He didn’t intend to talk about his job, no matter what the man said. But, coffee would be nice. The fact that Knight was gay had nothing—scratch that—everything to do with his decision. He glanced at the tight fitting jeans the guy wore, before turning and walking into the house.

“Thanks for giving me a shot.” Knight followed him in.

Gil closed the doors behind them. “I’ll put on some coffee, Mr. Knight.”

“Call me Brian.” He glanced around the kitchen cautiously.

“Brian.” Gil smiled. “I’m Gil. I guess you knew that.”

“Yeah.” He returned the smile. “It sounds much nicer than ‘Captain’.”

Gil scooped coffee into the filter and added water. “I kind of like ‘Captain’.”

Brian laughed. “I’m sure I would too, if I’d earned such a prestigious rank.”

Gazing at him, Gil shook his head. “You sure are a smooth talker. Guess that’s a requirement in your line of work.”

“Somewhat.” He looked at Gil’s bicep. “About like muscles are in yours.”

“Shit.” Gil felt his face redden and busied himself retrieving mugs and watching the coffee brew. “Take anything in your coffee?”

“Black is fine.”

“Me too.” He stared at the dripping liquid, not sure what to say.

“Did I surprise you with my announcement? Some people insist they knew I was gay all along, but others had no clue.”

“I didn’t know.” Gil continued to face the counter. His cock had risen in his jeans and turning around now would be problematic.

“Not seeing anyone, either. Dating is tough when you have a high profile job. I guess I don’t have to tell you that. I read you’re not married. You seeing anyone?”

“Not at the moment.” Gil’s voice cracked slightly. The coffee had finally finished brewing and he poured two cups.

“Let me help you with that.” Brian had moved directly behind him. His breath blew across the back of Gil’s neck.

“Sure.” He held out a cup and once Brian accepted it, he moved away quickly. “We can sit in the other room.” Gil sat in his favorite chair and motioned to the other one, across from him.

“Thanks.” Brian sat and sipped his coffee, watching him.

Gil tried to think of something safe to talk about. His job was off limits and the gay thing was headed into dangerous territory. He wasn’t sure what else there was. Seen any good movies lately? sounded lame.

“You seem nervous.” Brian set his mug on the end table.

“I guess I am. I don’t hang around with TV people much.”

“I’m just a regular guy. I really don’t want anything from you besides conversation and maybe friendship. I didn’t have any ulterior motives when I came here.”

For some reason, Gil believed him. He was quite sure the revelation of Brian’s orientation wouldn’t sit well with the man’s employers. Brian had no reason to put his career on the line—or perhaps he did have one. The same one that stirred in Gil’s denims as he sat there, debating his next move. “I believe you, Brian. I might be making a mistake—I sure hope not—but sometimes in life you just gotta go for it.”

“That’s the way I’ve always felt.” Brian gazed at him.

Gil set his cup down and, with his heart beating like he’d run a mile, he asked, “How’d you know I was gay? I walk funny or something?”

“You are?” Brian exhaled. “I had no idea. I hoped—an unmarried guy at your age, you know.”

“Hey!” Gil frowned.

Brian laughed. “I saw your file, Captain. We’re the same age. So no, I’m not suggesting you’re old. I’m simply suggesting I was interested in you, and had to take a shot. I crossed my fingers and hoped I wasn’t making a mistake. You know the feeling.”

“Yes, I do. That’s not the main feeling I have right now.”

“Me either.” Brian stood. “Want to frisk me for microphones or something?”

“I want to frisk you, but I ain’t looking for microphones.” Gil rose and moved toward the hall. “Follow me.”

Brian did as requested, stopping only when he got to the doorway of Gil’s bedroom. “This is nice. I rent an apartment. It must feel good to own a place of your own.”

“Yeah.” Gil faced him. “Feels real good.” He pushed Brian up against the doorway frame and their lips met. His tongue traced the seam of the other man’s lips and he groaned when they opened willingly. Brian tasted like coffee and mint, and Gil couldn’t wait to taste more. Running his hands over Brian’s chest, he tugged the shirt from his waistline, trying to pull it off.

Brian raised his arms in cooperation and his shirt went flying. He caressed Gil’s pecs and shoulders, unbuttoned the shirt and kneaded flesh all at one time. “Oh, yeah.”

Gil nuzzled Brian’s neck as his hands continued to massage the lightly furred chest. Moving lower, he jerked the snap of Brian’s jeans open and reached a hand inside. The bulky erection he found there excited him, and he shoved the denims down, seeking more contact.

“That feels good.” Brian clutched Gil’s shoulders tightly as Gil fondled him.

“Gonna feel better, real soon.” Dropping to his knees, Gil dragged the man’s pants down to his ankles. He admired the thick, full cock and hanging balls before nuzzling them.

“Oh, yeah. Better. Much better.” Brian sighed.

Gil chuckled. “We’re just beginning. Hang on.” He sucked the stiff erection into his mouth and deep-throated it. The crown nudged the back of his throat and he swallowed, wanting to take it all.

“Oh, God. Oh my ever-loving God.” Brian clutched the wall with one hand and Gil’s hair with the other. “Take it. Take it all.”

Groaning, Gil ground his face into the nest of curly, brown pubic hair. He had no problem taking it all. In his academy days, he prided himself on sucking two cocks at one time. Now, one nice shaft was plenty—and this one was about as nice as they got. He sucked harder, taking the prick deeper down his throat.

“Shit!” Brian grabbed a handful of hair, urging Gil to stand up. “I’m close!”

His response was to grab the man’s ass cheeks and press deeper. That should let his lover know what he wanted. The full load, straight down my throat. It’d been too long. Gil moaned with pleasure and swallowed as the first stream hit his tongue. It tasted musky and slightly salty. Gil’s own cock throbbed as he ingested the warm cum.

Brian’s body jerked as his climax lingered for what seemed to Gil like an eternity. He leaned against the doorframe, groaning and gasping. “God, that was fantastic!”

Gil smiled to himself as he stuck with the shudders, sucking the last possible drop from the man’s gorgeous cock. When he was sure the orgasm was over, he sat back on his haunches, breathing heavily.

“You’ve got one talented mouth.” Brian ran a hand over Gil’s face. “I haven’t had a blowjob like that in—well, ever. That was incredible.”

Gil kissed the man’s palm and rose to his feet. “It’s easy when you have good material to work with.”

Brian chuckled and dragged Gil to him for a languorous kiss. When they separated, he kissed Gil’s face, tracing a warm trail to his earlobe and lower to his neck. “Tell me what you want,” he murmured. “I can give you head, or I can bend over and you can fuck my ass. It’s your call.”

Gil squirmed as Brian’s lips and tongue teased his flesh. “I’d like both, please. First things, first. Bending you over and fucking you senseless sounds good right about now.”

“Oh, yeah!” Brian leaned down, sucking a flat nipple into his mouth. “I’d love that.”

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