Sunday, April 26, 2009

History Lessons by Jennifer Mueller

The fire burned brightly in the fireplace when he found his room. A mist outside made it a dreary night. A perfect night for feeling sorry for oneself. Why couldn’t he just endure the night and make his family happy?

A voice came out of nowhere. “Not very gentlemanly to leave a lady at table alone in a sea of gossipers.”

“I am sorry, Miss Beaufort. I assure you it is no slight to you.”

A hand touched his neck softly where there should be none. A gentle thumb traced his cheek. “My name is Rose.”

Edward pulled his eyes from the fire as she bent down, eye to eye with him. She glowed; there was no other word to describe it. Golden skin, copper hair, emerald eyes. “You blushed earlier, and yet now act as if we are long engaged.”

“Have you thought that is perhaps why I am here? No one has made me blush before and many have tried. My heart pounds, my knees are weak, and thoughts are in my head no one has put there before, not even my dead husband.”

His knuckle traced the edge of her low-cut neckline and she gasped. “Miss Beaufort, is it?” He asked it as her eyes closed, when his hand dipped beneath the dark red muslin. Full breasts, with nipples that turned hard the moment he touched one.

“Lady MacGillivray brought me as companion when she received the invitation. I believe she imagines that your brother would find a Miss more desirable a wife than a widow. Biggest matchmaker in Edinburgh, so I hear. My husband fought in the peninsula. He came back different, not the man I knew. He wouldn’t even let me comfort him. Then Waterloo took him for good.”

Nothing stopped him as he pulled one breast from its confines. “Rose, you should stop me.”

“I came to comfort you, I suppose, the way I was never allowed with Graham. Please don’t send me away. I think it’s gotten turned around now.”

Edward pulled on her gently and she fell in his lap. “Send you away?” Her face was hidden in his neck, but it left the breast he had bared only a hair width from his mouth. The sigh that escaped when his tongue touched her was pure music. Rose turned, giving him access. “God, it’s been too long. Did you at least lock the door?”

Her smile was radiant when she pulled back. “Of course.”

Edward reached behind and undid the few buttons holding her dress tight. She seemed even more eager than he was as she pulled it over her head. The corset and chemise followed quickly. The brief glimpse he was given earlier was nothing compared to the full view.

“No indeed, Mrs. Beaufort, nothing ill about you at all.”

She sat there on his lap nude and smiling as she offered up her breasts once more. Suckling made her moan with pure abandon. “More,” she sighed breathlessly, and almost screamed when Edward broke off, moving her from his lap until she was straddling him.

“Please, Edward.”

Such wide green eyes pleaded for release. “How long had Graham not let you comfort him?”

The words never came, though, as he ran a finger through her folds stretched open across his lap. Wet for him like no one before, she cried out as he slipped three full fingers deep within her. As he slowly thrust them in and out, her eyes opened, and lids heavy.

“How are you when you have room to maneuver?”

His thumb swiped through her folds once more, this time laying claim to her mound, and she shattered. Even with the noise of the dancing in the other wing, she bit her lip to keep from crying out at full volume. Edward stood as her head rested on his shoulder and carried her to the bed. She looked like Aphrodite lying there on the bed, sated.

“It was 1812 the last time, and you know well when Waterloo was,” she murmured. There was no way any sane man could have ever denied her, looking at him with those eyes. Away in battle yes, but lying next to her and denying her had just been cruel.

“I want you, Edward, all of you.” Her hand ran up his thigh. With nothing under his kilt, there was nothing to stop her finding out how much he wished the same.

He let out a curse in Gaelic when her thumb ran over the top of his cock. She wasn’t making it easy to get his clothes off as she stroked him throughout his attempts. Rose licked her lips when the kilt finally fell to the floor. “Please,” she whispered, her breath coming short. But as much as she pleaded it didn’t hurry her as her fingers traced the scars that covered him. A knock on the door made them both freeze.

“Are you in there, Eudard? Your mother is worried.” Erskine called out.

“Never better.” He grinned wider as he climbed on the bed, hovering just at her opening. “I’ve been on the road a long time, I just need some rest. I’ll play the good Duke tomorrow.”

Rose ran her fingernails up his back. He knew she was trying to pull him inside, but he resisted for just a moment longer.

“And what are you tonight then, the naughty Duke?” she whispered in his ear, as Erskine said goodnight.

“The luckiest Duke in the world. Never a finer welcome home a man could have.”

Her lips curled up in a cat-like grin. Only then did he slowly push his way in, watching the grin fade as her mouth opened in a silent gasp. He lay there unmoving, inhaling the scent of her in deep gratitude--a woman to comfort him, when war was always in his mind. Lucky didn’t start to describe it.

Rose picked his head up from her shoulder. “Come with me this time.” Her kiss was soft, and with it, she set the pace as he started moving. When she moved faster so did he, harder so did he, and just as he felt the start of going over the edge, she rolled. She sat there on him unmoving, holding him captive, her breasts barely rubbing on his chest.


“Say it again. I like hearing you saying my name with that burr of yours.”

“Rose, don’t tease.”

With that, she sat up. “I never tease. A proper welcome isn’t over in five minutes.” She held his hands, kissing each fingertip before pulling one into her mouth. Edward swore he felt matching pulls on his cock.

“A proper welcome can happen over and over and over,” he corrected. With that, Edward started thrusting, while she rode him like a horse. He’d never look at a woman on horseback the same again. It didn’t take long before she was on all fours again, matching his strokes, forcing them harder and harder. This time, he took her cries away as he kissed her. It was his last thought before he found his end.

In the morning, Rose’s eyes were closed as he licked the nipple that tempted him so much. As he made sure the other wasn’t neglected, her eyes opened. “I’ll be woken here soon. You should get back to your room unless you are prepared to marry a stranger.”

Rose stretched like a cat. “For a moment there, I thought I was dreaming and I would wake in an empty bed as usual. I’m sick of empty beds.”

“As long as I’m around, you won’t have an empty anything.”

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