Saturday, March 14, 2009

Melting Point: Breaking the Mould by Nicole Gestalt

The wax ran in slow rivulets down Ruby’s stomach. She moaned, unable to restrain herself, the movement causing more of the wax to run down. Although her eyes were closed, she could sense Dalton. As he moved closer she waited, desperate to feel the hot wax poured on her again.

Her eyes opened to slits as the colourful wax splashed onto her belly. Droplets splattered her breasts, the wax cooling rapidly, pulling at the skin it covered. Another moan escaped Ruby’s lips. Dalton smiled at her.

“You like that, my love?”

Ruby nodded, but she didn’t need to. She knew he’d know the answer. They had been playing with wax together ever since he introduced it to her five years ago, and during that time she had enjoyed every single session. Each session was different, some times more intense than others. Tonight’s session was to practice for an upcoming demonstration.

Ruby found the demonstrations to be an exciting mix of nerves and arousal. Knowing people were looking at you whilst you got to the peak of orgasm was a very liberating feeling, although it wasn’t something she liked doing often. No matter how much Dalton told her she looked sexy, she still had body image issues. She knew she wasn’t a stick thin figure, she had lumps and bumps in places she’d have preferred not to, but that was who she was and, as Dalton kept telling her, she looked as she did the night he first met her.

Dalton’s smiling face came into view.

“I believe I will move further down with the wax now, my love, are you ready?” he asked, showing the same concern he always had. She nodded, looking forward to feeling the wax run down between her legs. He was using a slightly pigmented wax tonight, so it was warmer than the clear wax, but she was used to the increase in temperature. Ever since she met him, things had always followed the same mantra; Safe, sane and consensual. Nothing happened to her without her agreeing to it, and vice versa.

Laying, waiting for the new wax to be poured over her, she thought back to the first night they met.

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