Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sexual Healing: The Intervention by D. Musgrave

Marianne glanced at the timer for what seemed the thousandth time. Would the morning never end? The petite blonde woman, sitting on the sofa continued to drone on about her insecurities, about how she longed to achieve an orgasm, but didn’t want her husband to know she’d been faking it for years. Looking at the woman, Marianne wanted to grab Sophia by the hand, lead her to the large bed in the dungeon room, and give her the orgasm she was too shy to let happen.

Silence shook her back to the present and she noticed Sophia staring at her expectantly. Trying to cover for her inattention, Marianne asked, “What would be the worst thing about letting James know you’ve been faking your orgasms?”

Sophia looked down at the floor, but didn’t answer.

“If he loves you as much as you say he does, I suspect he’ll want to help you climax and forget about his own ego.”

She nodded, but didn’t look up.

Insecurity was the primary reason for the woman’s inability to orgasm. A battery of medical tests revealed no physical hindrances. Sophia’s problems were deeply rooted in her strict upbringing and the constant verbal pounding from her mother about how she wasn’t good enough.

“I’m going to give you an assignment for this coming week.” Marianne leaned forward and slid a package across the coffee table toward Sophia.

Sophia looked up at Marianne, then opened the package. Her eyes widened as she pulled out a booklet and a smaller box containing a four inch hard plastic vibrator. The woman’s gaze shot up to Marianne. Her mouth fell open and she looked as if she was near panic.

Sitting calmly back in her chair, Marianne said, “I want you to read the first chapter in the booklet and follow the instructions. Then I want you to journal how you felt, physically and emotionally. You can read the whole book, but only follow the lesson plan at the end of chapter one.”

The woman picked up the book and flipped it open. She blinked and shot her gaze back up to Marianne.

She knew the pictures were explicit. Sophia was seeing her therapist in a whole new light.

Answering the silent question, Marianne said, “Who better than the author to demonstrate the lesson plans?”