Sunday, February 15, 2009

Out of Time by Ericka Scott

The room swirled crazily but he was sunk deeply into a comfortable cocoon of pillows and blankets, and he couldn’t muster up a care. Life couldn’t get much better than this. The prostitute last weekend had charged him extra for anything kinky. But this woman gave it all to him, no complaints, and on the house. He even got a free steak dinner from the proprietor of the ranch. Hell, he should think about transferring out here. He lifted up to look down at the woman’s head bobbing up and down as she sucked his cock. As if she sensed his thoughts, she looked up at him.

“Is that good, baby?”

“Oh, yeah.” Good was an understatement. The woman was incredible. Preston laid his head back on the pillow. The alcohol here was top shelf, too. No watered down cocktails at the Blythe Skies Ranch. Was that what accounted for the spinning sensation? Or was it after effects of his flight earlier today? Hard to tell.

Just thinking about how he felt during flight made his balls tighten and with a rush, he came. He held the woman’s head still as he throbbed inside her mouth and gasped for breath.

Even his orgasms were different after he started the project. More intense and accompanied by colored ribbons of light behind his eyes.

“Like a rainbow,” he sighed.

The woman’s naked body slithered up next to his and he snuggled her tightly to him. Soft, she was so soft. “What’s like a rainbow, honey?”

“The colors behind my eyes. They’re exactly like the ribbons that come off the plane when…”

“Is that why they call it Project Rainbow?” Her voice was sultry, almost hypnotic. With an effort, he focused on the question.

“Maybe. I’m not sure why it’s called that. Sure as hell isn’t for the instrumentation. It’s certainly not colorful -- nothing but a nondescript black box.”

The woman walked her fingers up and down his torso, leaving a trail of goose pimples in their wake. He wished she’d creep her hand down a little lower. He was already building up an appetite for another round of sex.

“For such a project, you think they’d make it more mysterious. A black box doesn’t sound like much.”

“It’s only a prototype. Nikola died before he completed the working model.”

“He? Nikola? That sounds like a woman’s name.”

Preston laughed. The woman was a goddess in bed, but certainly not very bright. “Nikola Tesla definitely wasn’t a woman!”

“Oh, he’s that brilliant scientist who works with strings.”

Preston paused. Maybe the woman wasn’t as dumb as she appeared. Nikola had been working on a unified string theory, whatever the hell that was, before he died.

“I wonder if it will help make sweaters stronger,” the woman continued, her voice thoughtful.

“Sweaters?” How had they gotten on the subject of clothing?

“Yes, the strings he was inventing. I assume they are for knitting, right?”

Oh Lord, she really was dumb as a box of rocks.

“Don’t you worry your pretty head about sweaters. I don’t ever want you to cover these up.”

Preston rolled her onto her back and kneaded her breasts. They were just the way he liked them, large and full. He couldn’t wait to suck on them while he sank his cock into her sex cavern.

In response to his thoughts, his penis hardened and the head brushed against her nether lips. She was going to be so wet and tight, he could hardly wait. But if he didn’t, it would be over way too soon. Instead, he slipped one and then two fingers into her and thrust. Her hips answered his rhythm and he watched her moan and writhe. He’d never been with anyone so exciting and so dramatic. Every touch, every swirl of his thumb or his tongue against her clit was rewarded with sounds of delight and approval. The smell of her arousal filled the room and his cock throbbed and, if anything, grew even harder. Finally, he judged she was close enough as she threw her head from one side to the other and clutched at the bed sheets. With a groan, he rose up and thrust into her, almost sobbing as he climaxed.. She wrapped her legs around him and he could feel her pussy milking his cock. Finally, after the spasms passed, he extricated himself from her and collapsed beside her on the bed, breathing heavily.

She curled up against him, running her fingers down his chest and around and around his nipples. “I’ll bet it’s easier to get into my black box,” she quipped.

He chuckled at her joke.“Yes, indeed. The other one is locked up. I think the guy in charge of it even sleeps with it in his room.”

“So, it is never alone. Lucky box.”

Her voice came from a distance. He could hear his voice replying as if it were under someone else’s control. But hell, the woman probably didn’t even understand what he was talking about.

“Nope, never alone. Even on the plane, either I or the other pilot has to be present.”

“The other pilot?”

“Yeah, Jake Sands.”

“He is very young and, well, inexperienced, nein?”

The woman’s voice had changed and something odd caught his attention. Preston peered at her, and was rewarded with an adoring glance.

“Too inexperienced, in...”

Preston’s voice dropped to a whisper.