Saturday, January 3, 2009

Taboo by Scarlett Sanderson

Taking a slow sip of red wine, Cameron looked over the rim of the glass with hooded eyes.

She looked at him.

Vince stood in a dimmed corner, talking and laughing with some slut. Occasionally, he would glance at Cameron, smirk and turn back to the woman. He would touch her. His hand rubbed her arm; his fingertips stroked her cheek.

Every caress sent ribbons of jealousy surging through Cam’s system. Deep down, she knew it was all a game meant to drive her insane, to add spice to their relationship. He played it well and often. Her usual response was to leave, throw some jealous fit and end up starting a heated argument. The make-up sex would be violent and wild. Just the way they both liked it.

Tonight was different. Cameron had a plan of her own.

Shifting her gaze across the room, she stared at Noah. He was talking to Rachal. She and Rae were best friends. She found it highly ironic they’d also ended up dating best friends.

Leaning down, Noah put his ear to Rae’s lips, moving closer to hear her above the music. Cameron watched color rise in her friend’s cheeks at his closeness.

Smirking, Cam turned her attention back to Vince. Oh, yes, she definitely had a plan.

Setting her glass down, she stood and padded over to her lover. The trashy slut scowled at her as she lightly caressed Vince’s arm. He looked down at Cam, his midnight blue eyes sparkling with amusement. His lips curved upwards into a smile.

“Can I get you something, babe?” The coy grin widened to a smirk.

Reaching up, Cam curled her fingers around his bicep. The muscles flexed beneath her hand, and she smiled to herself. Standing on tiptoes, she rimmed the shell of his ear with her tongue. The scent of musk, alcohol and pure man assaulted her senses. His taste lingered on her tongue, tantalizing her taste buds.

“Actually, I’ve got something for you.” She jerked her head in the direction of Rachal and Noah. Noah had entwined his fingers with Rachal’s and was leading her towards the stairs.

Cam was never usually this bold. Truthfully, the nerves danced somersaults in her stomach, but she’d already talked to Rachal. They’d set some ground rules about how the evening would proceed. Group sex was complex, but it was something they wanted to experiment with. Something they wanted to share as friends. Bringing up the idea hadn’t been an easy one, and thinking about that conversation made Cameron chuckle. How do you tell your best friend you want to have sex with her and her man?