Saturday, January 10, 2009

Bedtime Fantasies by Marty Rayne

Cyn watched silently as a massive male form crossed the room to the wardrobe and jerked at his clothing. It was clear he was upset about something. She heard words about his mother, some curses, marriage, and then more curses. He was so involved with his thoughts he’d not seen her lying on his bed.

The man shifted closer to the fire and the light illuminated his body. His shirt was the first to go, and Cyn had to clamp her lips together, concealing her gasp. With the mood the man was in, she wasn’t sure he’d welcome her unexpected presence. The muscles in his back and arms rippled as he bent to remove his boots. His position gave her the perfect view of his backside with his pants hugging the curves of it tightly. Once he slipped out of his pants and was completely nude, he turned to crawl into bed, but froze.

Cyn’s lips parted in surprise as this magnificent creature stood naked before her. Never had she seen a man completely without clothing, so to see this stranger, his thick dick hanging between his legs, sent a shudder through her body. Her heartbeat quickened and she felt a little lightheaded.

“Who are you?” he asked gruffly, crossing his arms over his chest, not at all trying to conceal his nakedness. In fact, as his gaze narrowed on her, she was sure he didn’t have an ounce of modesty or shame over his body.

Cyn’s mouth opened to speak, but the words died in her throat. His masculine beauty had rendered her speechless. She tried again, seeing the impatience in his eyes. She didn’t want him to throw her out before she could say a word.

“I’m Cynderella,” she answered, using her real name, hoping her voice didn’t sound too squeaky.

“And why is it that you lay upon my bed?” His voice was cold even as his gaze wandered her exposed body.

“I’m here to pleasure you, m’lord.” Cyn sat up and gave what she hoped was a gentle, yet sexy smile. Though she had her doubts she could actually go through with this, she was not about to give up her one chance to fulfill a fantasy. No, she wouldn’t give up too quickly, no matter the distrust that gleamed in his eyes.

Trevor stepped closer, his arms lowering to his sides. “What makes you think I need pleasure on this night?” His voice had softened at her smile.

“All men crave pleasure, m’lord. But from the way you made your entrance, I feel you are in great need of release.” Cyn’s voice was as smooth as silk as she slipped into the role of a seductress. She practically purred at him and was surprised at how natural this suddenly felt. Could this really be her saying these things?

* * * *

The corner of Trevor’s mouth twitched as he studied this woman. Actually, it was more than his mouth that she made twitch. Her radiance vibrated in the air, and though she moved gracefully and surely, he sensed she was more innocent than she looked.

“Who was it that sent you my way, kitten?”

Cynderella moved so that she was on her hands and knees, facing Trevor. A perfect view of her breasts, plump and tempting. “No one, m’lord. I came of my own free will.”

Trevor found himself at the foot of his bed, not remembering taking the steps to get there. He felt drawn to her, his body reacting to her mere presence. The urge to touch her, smell her, taste her overpowered. His mind screamed of a bewitching, but his body refused to listen. What was it about this strange woman that held him so captivated? He hesitated only a moment at the thought of trickery. Was this something his mother set up? A way to trick him into marriage? Looking down at the beauty, his thoughts fled as primal lust invaded his body.

Trevor kneeled on the bed in front of her. She lifted and kneeled also. He brushed his hand through her long, thick locks and sighed at the softness. He watched as her lips parted slightly and looked into her darkening eyes. The reflecting fire made it look as if the flames consumed them, making her mysterious and desirable.

“You have beautiful hair. Where are you from?” He’d not seen hair this pleasing in a long time. He’d spent the last five years traveling foreign lands. He’d gone to nations of great wealth and realms that held the lowest of scum. Women threw themselves at him when they realized he was a crowned prince, but he brushed them aside. Every single one. He was not interested in being trapped into marriage. There had been women of all sorts, but none that could ever compare to the woman kneeling before him. None who allowed their hair to flow loosely over their shoulders and backs. No, it was only proper to bind their tresses tightly from their face, then yell if anyone should mess so much as a strand of hair.

“M’lord, I shant tell my secrets tonight. This night is to be for you and your pleasure.” She tried to distract him from asking any more questions of her.

Trevor smiled at her words.

“Well then, kitten, if that is true, you may drop the m’lord and call me Trevor.”