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The Gilded Cage by Tilly Greene

London, England

"Who is that?" Max Stephenson nodded toward a busty blonde who was practically nude standing a short distance away. She wore a half mask that covered her eyes and nose and a pair of black tight to mid-thigh, ridiculously high stiletto boots. His gaze raced over her curvy form pausing briefly on her big breasts and bare mound. An enchanting package to say the least.

"Ahhh, that's Cassandra."


"No, she's been a member for maybe two years, but she only comes two, maybe three times a year."

"I see she's not wearing a collar, is she free?"

"Oh yeah, very free. There's a note on her key that says no attachments wanted."

"You're kidding me, sounds like a dream come true. Someone sexy and gorgeous to play with without worrying they want to take it further." This woman sounded like he needed an introduction, and if his dick was anything to go by, it had better be quick. It had been a long time since he was turned on by someone's looks alone. He wanted a woman who was intelligent, with a body made for pleasure, and had a life of her own. As far as he found, this was an endangered species.

"You don't know the half of it. I've had her for a couple of sessions. She's a real live wire who's into some seriously good kink. Trust me, she's here strictly for the sex."

Tonight he and Alex Shaw, friend and partner, were sitting at a corner table, watching the crowd, as they caught up on club business. He wouldn't mind if she diverted his attention for a couple of hours. When she looked their way, Max took the opportunity to crook his finger and bid her to come to them.

"There's nothing prettier than an eager and horny woman," he said, never looking away from her as she made her way over to them.

"Especially one who gave me one of the best blowjobs I've ever experienced."

"Really?" He couldn't get that idea out of his head as she stopped beside his chair. For the past couple of years, work made him an infrequent visitor to Succulent. As a silent partner, he knew the rules and, if she was willing, he wanted to indulge himself with her.

"Hello, are you with anyone this evening?"

"No, Sir. I'm free to play." She lifted her hand so that the key dangling from her wrist was presented for him to peruse to see if they were sexually compatible. He didn't immediately take it in hand because he was caught up in the pull of her dark eyes. The lighting was dim, but he could still see they were pools of black ink, intriguing. After a moment, he blinked and looked down, carefully reading what sex acts she'd listed on the basic white card he held. There was no stopping his smile when he read the final notation. May come back for seconds, but no outside relationships. This statement left no doubt where she was coming from. Fine with him, his hard-on supported the physical attraction between them and, from her key, it appeared they were of the same mind when it came to sex.

"Does Room Five sound appealing?"

Max was surprised when she didn't answer him, one way or the other. They were on the same level until she accepted his proposal so her actions confused him. If she hadn't been drawn to him, why did she come over and readily flash her key? As he was thinking about withdrawing his offer, Alex stepped in.

"May I interrupt a moment?"

He nodded to his friend before shifting his gaze back to the blonde, who watched him carefully from her position at his side. Under her watchful stare, he made a point of her seeing him take in all her finer points. There was no bombshell exploding around him when he became further turned on by what he found but he half expected one to.

This close her skin looked like silk, soft with a luminous glow. He wanted to reach out and touch her all over, especially her upper thighs. The boots were made of some sort of black skin, or a great imitation, and an inspired choice to wear. They were simple, seductive, and yet still rather classical in shape and fit. It looked as if her legs were endless in length. They didn't detract or distract from his careful scrutiny of her body, they did encourage him to look further upward to her bald mound. Her pretty pussy looked plump and soft, while the cleft appeared ready to be split and breached by something big and solid.

He felt an intense growing desire to get his cock inside the lady's tender grip soon, although it seemed to be futile.

Returning to his examination, he found himself starting at her breasts. The large mounds were topped with nice big pink nipples in the center. Her tits moved with each breath she took, teasing him to lean over, take one tip, and suck until she was panting. Despite her lush erotic body, it was her mouth he couldn't look away from. Wide, with full pink lips slightly parted, he thought would look stunning stretching around his cock. Under his steady gaze, her lips lifted at the corners and the top teeth bit into the lower fold.

He hadn't been paying attention to what was being said, but with the change on face, he brought his gaze back to his friend for details.

"I've just explained everything to Cassandra. You hadn't come here tonight looking for a playmate, so you don't have your key in hand, but I can vouch for you as able to amuse yourself without overstepping any of her particular boundaries."

Nodding, he looked back to speak with her and, instead of looking at her taut belly, he found while his head had been turned, she'd slipped to her knees. With her head bowed and hands resting palm up on her thighs, his dick leaped in his pants. Nice, a sexy submissive was exactly what he needed tonight. Without any further delay, Max stood up and stroked a finger over her bare cheek until her gaze lifted to meet his.

"Shall we go to the common room instead? That way we won't be alone or unobserved. No gags or blindfolds, either." Again, his cock bounced in his pants when she leaned further into his hand and nodded her head. Oh man, this Cassandra was his dream come true. Looking over at Alex, he saw his friend smiling like a loon.

"Don't worry, we'll meet up later."


Holding out a hand he held her steady as she rose gracefully until she stood beside him. Cassandra was a tiny little thing. Even in her heels she only reached his shoulder. The hungry male in him demanded time to control and pleasure her. Without another word, he lifted her up and over his shoulder, holding her steady with a hand on her ass, and walked to the stainless steel door that led into the restricted area. Except for attendants or those with special permission, only couples were allowed beyond this point.


"Henry." The guard opened the door and nodded as Max passed. Keeping to a steady pace, he walked down the hallway with numbered doors on either side until they reached the end. Stepping into a large open area with mirrored walls and ceiling, he paused to look around at the action before turning to speak with one of the room's attendants standing off to the side.

"Hey, is the vault horse in use?"

"No, Sir."

"Great, will you help me set it up?"

"My pleasure."

They walked over to the black leather and steel apparatus, passing a woman working a whip over the back of another strapped to a metal cross. There were other scenarios playing out around the room, the sounds of sex bouncing off against the walls, but he was focused on his bundle. Once he stood beside the toy he'd requested, Max carefully took her off his shoulder and set her down in front of the vault. Nodding to the attendant, the other man went about lowering the height of the cushioned top to accommodate his little lust bunny.

"Do you want to keep your boots on? The ankle straps are padded but they still might leave a mark or an impression. You may speak."

"That's all right, Sir. I've had cuffs around them before and they hold up very well."

"Fine." He kneeled down, putting his head directly in front of her pussy. Max could smell her passion building. There was a struggle not to close the distance and dip his tongue between the tempting slit, but he held back because he had other plans for this temptress. With renewed focus and strength of will to ignore his throbbing dick, he wrapped the thick band around her ankle, then tightened and secured it. The process was repeated on the other leg.

"Let me know if they're too tight."

"They don't hurt, Sir."

Nodding, he helped her move her feet until they were both on the frame, spread out wide, and then hooked the chains attached to the vault to the cuffs to keep her in place. He was pleased, whether she realized it or not, she'd just given him the inside track he needed to play this game.

"Cassandra, before we go any further, you need to give me your words so I can confirm they are the same ones I saw noted on your key. You may speak."

"Thank you, Sir. Carrot is my stop word and train is the one to pause."

"Okay, thank you." He stood back up and helped her bend and stretch over the vault. Standing on her tiptoes, she leaned forward until her stomach was centered on the padded top and her arms fell over the other side to dangle freely. Walking around her seductively posed form, he secured her wrists the same way he had her feet. "Everything all right?"

"Yes, Sir. I have some movement, but not much."

"Hmmm." Rising up, he went and stood behind her. Standing there, he took the time to really look at her, both in front of him and in the mirrors all around them. She was even more beautiful bound for his pleasure than she had been standing comfortably in her bare body out front. All her lush blonde curls were flipped over, and almost touched the floor. To have the silky strands wrap around his hands as he held her head while she sucked on his cock would be divine. And her ass was spectacular, just like a peach. Her key noted she was into anal play, maybe they could explore that channel later.

Damn, he needed to stop daydreaming about everything he wanted to do with her and get busy. With her head down he had a time limit to pleasure her. He wouldn't want her to pass out before she climaxed.

"You've been a very bad girl, Cassandra."

"What?" She sounded surprised. Good, he was pleased about that.

"That's three times you've spoken without my permission. When you knelt at my side, you gave me the right to punish you."

"Oh, yes, but--"

"Are you arguing with me?"

She was quiet for a moment then answered on a quivering voice. "No, Sir."

"Good." Raising the crop, he dragged the folded leather tip across her ass, and heard her indrawn breath. "Count them off for me sweetheart."

"Yes, Sir."

He didn't give her a moment to think about what was coming. Instead he started right in with the first stroke. With a loud snap, the leather tip landed in the middle of her right cheek.


When she called out the first, he quickly gave another for her to count off, and then another. Each sharp tap landed in a different area than the others. Without pausing, he peppered red marks all around her white ass. The last one landed low, near her thigh on the underside of her cheek and within an inch of her pussy lips. Her backside gave a delicious jiggle before it settled down and she called out on a shaking voice, "Ten!"

He put the crop back down and picked up a condom wrapper. Stepping up onto the metal base of the vault, he scrapped the foil edge over her tender backside so she'd know he was putting one on, as her key had required.

"Yes, yes, yes!" She sounded anxious to be taken.

Max unzipped and unbuckled his pants, then tore open the package. Taking his cock in hand, he pinched the tip of the condom and carefully rolled the sheath down over the four metal balls of his magic cross piercing. Once it was on, he pressed the Latex covered hard-on against her thigh with one hand while the other slid in to test her readiness. Dipping a finger between her pink folds, he had little doubt she was primed, ready for him.

"Shit, sweetheart, your cunt is a pool of honey."

"Fuck me, please!" The beauty was pleading and it made him even harder. He wished he could take her further along the road of begging for his cock. Unfortunately time was of the essence. Later, he'd have her on her knees, imploring him for more.

Using two fingers, he held her slit open and nudged the crown inside her moist cunt. Once he had a steady stance, hands rested on the vault beside her hips, he thrust in to her. With a sure and solid stroke, he didn't pause until he nudged her womb. Grunting over the energy he expelled, he pushed for a little bit more space. His balls pressed against the leather-covered device.

Cassandra moaned. The rubber dulled the metal balls decorating his dick, although he was sure she'd still be able feel them glide along her walls. Giving her a moment to adjust to his size, he reached around her hip to make sure her clit was uncovered and pushed up against the vault.

When this was done, he put his hands on her hips and held her so she didn't move even the slightest bit and she had to take what he gave her. Max pulled free of her vice-like grip and pushed in again through the clenching muscles. He repeatedly plowed through her hot, clenching pussy, driving them both closer to the peak. She was close to coming, he could feel it in her shaking legs. Her groans were becoming higher pitched, and her slit gripped him firmly, as if afraid she'd never feel a cock again.

She would and did, again and again.

"Here you go, is this what you want?" He fucked her slowly, so they could both experience the pleasure to the fullest. Although he found it difficult, she was so tight and lush, he wanted to come and then go another round with her.


"Yes?" It was difficult to keep his head on straight while fucking her. She'd already broken the rules and he'd punished her, but he would be more than happy to discipline her some more. However, in the back of his mind was the desire to keep pushing his dick inside her until they both came.

"Sir! Oh yes, yes!"

Because he couldn't help himself any longer, he started fucking faster, adding more power to his strokes, until he was hammering in and out of her tight hold. Their bodies slapped against each other, sticking together with the sweat their passion created. His grip tightened on her hips and he felt her orgasm break around him. The tight vortex threatened to pull him into her body. He struggled, but managed to pull his cock out a bit before he slammed back in, thrusting through the clenching rings of her cunt.

Three, maybe it was the fourth stroke, was all he managed before blasting his cum into the rubber. With one last resounding grunt of pleasure, he rested his forehead on her back and tried to catch his breath. His dick kept throbbing from within her unrelenting hold. His heavy breathing sounded like he'd run a marathon, and he felt like it as well, although he was pleased when he noticed he could feel her panting beneath him.

He didn't want to leave her cunt, ever. Max could still feel the dull pulsating zings of her release run along his length. For the first time in his life, he resented the presence of something separating him from feeling every inch of her pussy. To experience her climax, feel each muscle as it squeezed and pulsed around him would be very gratifying. But, to then shoot his seed deep inside her, well, that would surely be an unimaginable pleasure.

Where had his mind gone! He needed to get her up. She would be light headed with all the blood rushing to her head.

Pulling his dick free of her lush grip, he smiled, pleased when he heard her give what sounded like a half-hearted mewl of disappointment. Ripping the condom off, he tied it off and tossed it into a basket before working to get her off the vault. When they finally stepped back and away from the steel frame, she slipped to her knees.

Terrified to think she'd fainted, he wasn't prepared for her to take his cock in her mouth and suck as if her life depended on it. Her tongue explored the four metal balls decorating the crown and prodded the hole, probably searching for more cum.

With his suit coat still on and his pants barely hanging on, he looked down and wasn't surprised to see his dick coming back to full strength under her ministrations. In a minute, he was hard and ready to fuck some more. She only had the first few inches in her mouth, but it was seeing those lips spread wide around his dick, banding it with pink, that had him spreading his legs a bit wider. As he'd imagined earlier, he plowed his fingers through her hair and held onto her head while she suckled on him, moaning and waiting to be fed.

It wasn't long in coming, not when she looked up at him with her heavy-lidded black eyes, the only bit visible beneath her half-mask.

She moved her hands up, took his cock in her hand, and held it still while she licked and sucked like she was starved. The wet oral loving and watching her enjoy ravishing him was intoxicating. Being fully dressed made him feel even more the dominant who controlled this woman and her passion. It was a wicked moment, and all he could handle before he toppled down into his orgasm.

"Shit!" was the only warning he had time to offer before he started blasting seed into her mouth. She swallowed every last drop of cum. As if looking for approval for what she'd done, Cassandra opened her mouth to show him none remained. Stroking a hand over her head, he gave her the appreciation she'd sought and deserved.

"Such a good girl, you give a perfect blowjob and are a prime fuck as well." After he helped her stand up again, she stunned him further by wrapping her arms around him and holding on. Max liked this spontaneous show of affection from her. He hadn't expected it, and now didn't want it to end. "Shall we go to Room Five, or do you need to leave? You may speak."

"I'd very much like to continue this evening with you." As she spoke, she redressed him. Tucking in his shirt, she stroked her hand over his semi-hard dick before tucking it in, zipping his pants and started doing the belt when he covered her hands with his. She looked up at him.

"Then there's no need to get dressed, is there?"

"No, I guess there isn't."

"Oh dear, you didn't learn your lesson, did you?"

The beauty had the audacity to smile at him as she rubbed her sore ass. Apparently she'd learned and ignored it.

He wanted desperately to lean down and lay his mouth against hers, absorb the essence of her wanton beauty through the full lips. To feel them open beneath his, surrendering to his desires, but he couldn't. In black and white, noted on her key before the infamous no relationships line, she had only one other condition. No kissing on the mouth.

To hell with her rules, he wanted more.

Seduction's Fiery Touch by Penelope Russell

Andi pulled the soft fibers of an Egyptian cotton towel across her glistening back and took a deep breath. It had been an exceptional workout, a cleansing experience to wipe away the day's frustrations. Her job as a massage therapist demanded her own physique to be in top shape in order to lift, bend and strain on a routine basis. Every day when she left the clinic where she worked, she went straight to the gym, putting the equipment to the test.

As a certified massage therapist, she also had to give massages to many patients with stiff muscles from accidents. Her client list was lengthy, with many repeat customers who loved her hands. Andi stretched her arms overhead and wished for a massage herself. She let her arms fall back down to her side, inhaling deeply.

With no one else in the locker room, Andi contemplated her naked form in the full-length mirror. Long, platinum hair, now wet from the shower, dripped over her full but perky breasts; nipples stood erect with the cool air conditioning of the room. Her waist cascaded straight to trim hips. Smooth thighs slender and muscled with many workouts framed her downy-blonde triangle of hair between her legs. Moist flesh was swollen with the heat of a furious workout.

Andi fingered her clit momentarily, reveling in the delicious sensations emanating from that tiny button, her labia pulsing with desire and crying out for relief. Needing release, Andi straddled a bench in the vacant room and rocked, imagining a healthily endowed man, a beach with crashing waves and her legs spread wide as he rammed his girth into her over and again. It didn't take long for Andi to climax, leaving a moist puddle on the bench as a tale-tale sign. She wiped it up with her towel and smiled.

"I need a real man," she murmured minutes later as she climbed into her car. It had been six months since she had broken up with her last boyfriend. Six long months since she had felt the pleasure of a man slid deep inside her wet slit. But Andi was not the type for casual sex; she needed a healthy relationship and trust to let a man into her inner sanctuary.

At home, she nibbled on a salad and checked her e-mail.

"Opportunity to serve those that serve our community." She read the title out loud, giggling when a piece of lettuce fell from her fork onto her keyboard. Picking the leaf up, she continued to read.

Our firefighters are in short supply and working long hours due to recent wildfires. If you have services you can provide for these hardworking members of our community, such as free lunches, movie tickets, please call the number listed.

Andi shrugged and clicked over to the contents of her inbox, deleted the spam and answered a couple of letters from old friends. Mailbox emptied, she donned a tee shirt to sleep in and settled into bed to read. Every now and then, her eyes wandered to her portable massage table now folded in a corner of her room. Since taking a job in a clinic, she didn't do in-home massages any more and the table seemed to stand forlorn.

She tried to concentrate on her book, but her mind was whirring. Picking up her phone, she dialed Marissa, one of her colleagues and dearest friend.

"Hello?" Marissa's voice cracked as she answered.

"Oh! Sorry, I didn't think you would be sleeping this early," Andi chirped.

"I was dozing, watching a boring movie," Marissa responded. "What's up?"

"I got an e-mail for a community service project and I was thinking that the clinic could participate in giving massages to worn-out firefighters."

"I don't get it." Marissa yawned loudly.

"Meaning we ask if the group can do a community service massage project for the fire station."

"Deann will never go for that." Marissa grumbled, referring to the boss.

"Oh, phooey, all we can do is try."

"You can ask her tomorrow. I'll be surprised if she says yes."

"What if she doesn't? Maybe you and I could do it on our own."

Marissa was silent for a moment. "What, are you that horny, girl?"

"What ever are you talking about?"

"Isn't that just a little cliché? Two women giving a fire station full of men a 'massage'?"

"I have no inclinations of any kind to have sex with a perfect stranger, much less a room full of them. Besides, I have contracts from when I was in business for myself. They will have to sign them before we start and that piece of paper states explicitly that the client is in no way, shape or form to touch the masseuse. We have that same contract at work."

"Let me think about it," Marissa stated.

"Okay, see you at work tomorrow, we'll discuss it some more."

Mind still trying to work out the logistics, Andi poured a glass of red wine. She knew nothing about different types of wine, but occasionally she enjoyed a glass of either the red or white. Sipping the dark liquid, she opened her file cabinet and located the contracts she had mentioned to Marissa. Finding a handful of her old business cards, she stacked them on her desk.

"If Deann won't let the company participate, then I can do it, it's the very least I can do for my community," she vowed.

* * * *

"Absolutely not! I will not have my company participating in what could be misconstrued as something different than the services we render here. If those men need a massage, they can come to the clinic." Deann slammed the drawer to her desk shut, causing a pencil to roll off its edge.

"Can we give them a free massage here?"

"We can offer a discount of ten percent." Deann walked to the door of her office, curtly dismissing Andi.

"What did she say?" Marissa whispered, catching Andi as she stormed down the hall to her assigned room.

"As you thought, she won't do it."

"Are you going to go ahead on your own?"

"Yes I am. Don't you want to join me?"

Marissa seemed to ponder it, pursing her full lips and tossing her curly brunette hair over her shoulder. "I think I could."

Andi hugged her, yelping with excitement. "Let me call that number from the paper first, I'm not sure if they will let us participate."

A phone call later, Andi, crestfallen, met back with Marissa. "The answer is 'no'."

Marissa finished rubbing fragrant lotion into her hands before speaking. "There is no reason why we can't drop by the station and offer a massage on the side. No one has to know, it could be that you are trying to start up your own business again."

Andi brightened with the creative suggestion. "You are so smart! That's exactly what we will do. When do you want to start? I was thinking about my apartment, or do you want to use yours?" Andi prattled on with plans.

"Whoa, slow down!" Marissa laughed. "You are making me dizzy with the questions."

"I'm just excited, that's all. I think I'll drop off some business cards tomorrow at the station, see what I can drum up."

"This makes me nervous," Marissa admitted.

"Don't be, I used to do this all the time and I was alone. We won't have anything to worry about if we do this together."

"I can't believe I said I'd do this," Marissa muttered before entering her room to greet the next client.

* * * *

Andi checked the status of her lipstick and dabbed a little more powder on her nose before shutting off her car. Armed with her business cards, she headed towards the large, red brick building with three large bay doors that concealed fire trucks behind them. As she reached the main entrance, she nervously smoothed her a-line skirt and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

No one was at the small desk of the front office. Stepping tentatively into a narrow hallway, Andi felt alone and isolated. Biting her lip, she followed the sound of television and laughter ahead. Peeking around a doorway, she discovered a lounge. On a large, battered couch two men were absorbed in a baseball game on a small television perched precariously on an old crate. Beyond the couch two men contemplated a game in progress on a pool table.

Just as one of the men was about to lower his pool stick, he did a double take in her direction.

"Hey, we've got company," he commented. Taking long strides across the room, he met Andi at the door. "Are you looking for someone?"

"I, uh, no," Andi stammered, cursing herself. She found her eyes locked with his deep brown ones, unable to look away.

"Travis Henders," he offered, holding out a large hand, enveloping hers when she shook it. His blonde waves bounced with the movement. The combination of dark eyes, blonde hair and deep tan aroused her; Andi felt her nipples harden.

"Andi Winters," she responded, warming to his touch. "I am actually here to offer a community service. I know you men have been working overtime and have been under stress with the latest wild fires. Since you all have been working so hard to save our community, I would like to offer my service in return."

Travis' eyes traveled over her full breasts, down to her hips and back up to meet her eyes. "What service would you be offering?" he asked, to be met with hoots from the other men.

Andi bristled, feeling her face flame. "I'm not that kind of person." Releasing his hand, she pulled out her business cards and handed one to him along with a flyer describing massage techniques and the offer of a free massage. "Despite what you think about massage, I can offer a deep, therapeutic massage to release tension and toxins in the body. That is ALL." She spun to leave.

"Wait, Andi!" Travis called.

"My number is on the card. Don't call it for any other reason than to schedule therapy."

Slamming the door to her car, she shook her head. "Stupid me, thinking that this would be for their benefit!" Andi spied Travis waving from the door as she pulled out of the parking lot, but pretended she hadn't seen him as she pulled her sunglasses down to veil her eyes.

The gym's parking lot was full, so Andi continued on to her apartment, deciding she would take a swim at the complex's pool later when nobody else was around. She just wasn't in the mood for company.

She had no sooner opened the door to her apartment when the phone rang. Hissing between her teeth as she read the caller ID, she snatched up the phone.

"Hello," she snapped.

"Andi, it's me Travis Henders, you just met me at the fire station."

"Yes, I'm well aware." She tapped her toe as her agitation rose.

"Look, you have every right to be mad. But honestly, I'd like to take you up on that massage and so would a couple of my buddies here. How do we go about scheduling?"

"I swear there had better not be any monkey business," she warned.

"Cross my heart!" he vowed. "My friend, Rick says he gets massages all the time and said I should try it."

Andi consulted her blank calendar. "When do you want to schedule?"

"Is tonight too soon? I come off my shift at eight."

Andi hesitated. Marissa wasn't available until tomorrow. "Can you come by tomorrow morning?"

"What good does that do for me tonight? I was going to get a massage before I hit the bar for drinks with friends. Come on, I promise I don't bite."

Andi relented. He had a point. "Is anyone else coming?" She heard him cover the receiver, presumably to ask the others there.

"No takers tonight, but Mike wants to know if you have time tomorrow night."

"Sure, tell him no later than six. The session is one hour." Andi penciled "Mike" on Saturday evening. Marissa would kill her, but hey, the girl could give up an hour of her party night for a good cause.

"I'll see you about eight-thirty then?" Travis asked.

"Yes, that's fine." Andi gave him directions to her apartment. Hands shaking as she hung up the phone, she had no idea why she felt so nervous. The thought of his presence in her home gave her a little thrill. Those deep chocolate eyes, sandy blonde hair, broad shoulders ... damn it, moments ago she was mad at him! She had to admit, that during the brief encounter with him, she had noticed an energy passing between them and became even more irritated with herself as she wondered how it would feel to run her fingers over his abdomen and down...

"Stop daydreaming, you have work to do!" she scolded.

She set about transforming her tiny living room into a therapeutic environment. Dimmed lights, fragrant candles, and soft music permeated the room. Setting the massage table in the middle of the room, she covered it with a clean sheet and spritzed the linen with lavender scent.

"Oh my God, I'm so nervous," she twittered to the empty room. Chiding herself, she downed a generous glass of wine to calm her frayed nerves. She carried the bottle to the bedroom with her while she dressed. Donning a halter top and khaki shirt, she left her feet bare. It was less strain on her back that way, owing to the height of the massage table.

She paced the living room, alternating between checking the window and the clock. Shortly before eight-thirty, he knocked. Swinging the door open wide, Andi greeted him with a smile and handshake. He appeared to be nervous, shifting from foot to foot as he looked around the room.

"I need you to sign this contract. Please read it thoroughly. When you are done, you can get ready in there." She pointed to her spare bedroom. "Sheets are on the bed. Use them for cover when you undress. You can hang your clothes in the closet."

"I need to remove everything?" he balked.

Andi smiled. "It is up to you, you may leave you underwear on if it makes you uncomfortable to undress fully, but I do work head to toe for the best therapeutic results. Of course, you may state what your limits are. If you prefer, I can work on your neck and shoulders only."

His look was dubious, giving no answer.

"You can tell me when you are ready, I'll step in here and you can knock." Andi entered her room and closed the door, pressing a hand to her chest to still her frantically beating heart.

"Damn, he's so sexy, and I have to control my hands for an hour!" she whined under her breath. Standing in front of her mirror, she realized her halter did nothing to hide how disturbed she was by him. Nipples strained at the soft fabric. Closing her eyes, she imagined his full lips closing over them, tongue...

"No!" she exclaimed. "Don't get carried away, you aren't that kind of girl." She wound her hair into a loose twist and held it in place with a clip. Spying the wine bottle, she poured another glass and sipped on it while she waited. What was taking him so long?

At last, he knocked on her bedroom door. Feeling confident and in control, Andi stepped into the dim light of the living room, gulping slightly as she took in his muscular, bronzed chest.

"You can lie on the table, face down," she encouraged. As he turned, Andi got a generous view of his sheet-wrapped profile, and what seemed to be a generous, bulging package.

"I, uh, don't have on underwear," he stammered.

She poured pre-warmed massage oil into her hand and applied it to his shoulders. "Good, you will love the entire body massage," she murmured.

His skin was smooth, with muscles toned and firm. She ran her hands over his back with pleasure. Working, kneading, and pressing. Fragrance wafted into the air from the oil. Soft, spicy, and sensual. She worked efficiently, expertly across the small of his back, moving to his feet.

"Mmmm," he growled. "My feet have been hurting."

"This should help," she commented, massaging the pressure points. Slowly, she worked her way up his muscled calves, the back of thighs, up to his rounded, tight butt. Her hands trembled as she smoothed them over his flesh. Fascinated by his entire body, she wanted to keep touching, feeling...

"Can I have another hour?" he moaned, shifting a little. Andi smiled, knowing the movement was because of the discomfort of lying on his erection. Damn, she wanted to be that kind of girl tonight.

"Yes, I think we can arrange that. I'll step into the other room for a moment while you turn; I'll work on your face, arms and chest next."

Andi polished off her glass of wine in her room. Could he see the desire in her eyes? She certainly could see his. Wanting to be naughty, she removed her panties. She could at least fantasize about him later when he was gone. What would he think if he knew she didn't have anything on under her skirt while giving him a massage? She would be entertaining erotic thoughts of him, that was certain, the wine had her feeling warm and sensuous.

Returning to the living room, the dim light or thin sheet could not hide the fact that he had a full blown hard on. Between her legs, her own flesh swelled, aching and wet. Sauntering to the head of the table, she changed the mood of the music with a flick of her remote to something with a background beat. A sultry tune throbbed from the hidden speakers.

Leaning purposefully over his face, she worked on his shoulders and upper arms. Letting her breasts swing inches from his mouth, she worked in tempo with the music, watching his erection grow until the sheets stood like a wigwam over his groin.

"I can't touch you," he groaned as she slid her oiled hands sensually over his nipples.

"No," she whispered, letting her breast brush the side of his jaw.

"But there isn't a provision saying you can't touch me?" he observed.

"You read the contract well," she stated, hands teasing his nipples, but wanting to explore under the sheets.

"I want you to touch me," he encouraged, pulling the sheet aside. His erection stood tall, begging for attention. Andi applied more oil to her hands, after loosening her halter slightly, and worked her way down his abdomen as far as she could reach, her top fell open, breast bouncing on his shoulder.

"Damn!" he cried, reaching to graze a nipple with his finger.

She gasped with the pleasure, but pushed his hand back down. "The client is not to touch the masseuse."

Moving to the side of the table, Andi leaned over to flick her tongue over his nipple, hearing him suck in his breath. Trailing her tongue in a slow, trail over his body, she stopped to circle his naval, nipping and sucking at the skin just below his naval. Biting at the cut on his hipline, she felt him thrusting towards her.

"Oh shit!" he groaned as she continued to tease, never touching his pulsing member, but sucking and kissing the tender, sensitive skin all around. When her lips made contact with the base of his cock, his breathing became ragged. "Yesss," he hissed.

Pressing her tongue flat at the base, she ran her tongue up the entire length of him, taking her sweet time, feeling him buck under her ministrations. She was hot, so hot. She wanted to feel that huge cock in her wet pussy. At the tip, she quickly devoured the length of him, surprising him with the swift movement.

"Andi!" he called out, thrusting deep into her throat. "Yes, suck my cock!"

Leisurely, she moved on him, taking him to the hilt, then back up again until she could flick her tongue over the sensitive point at the frenulum. He was nearly shaking and she loved the power she had over him.

Putting a knee on the table and turning so that when she leaned over him, she gave him full view of her glistening pussy as she swallowed the length of him. His fingers touched her swollen clit, she felt as if a bomb exploded in her.

With a sharp intake of breath, she put her knee down and turned to face him. "No touching," she reminded. With deliberate leisure, she unbuttoned her skirt and slid it off her hips.

His eyes glittered with desire as she climbed on the table and straddled him. Leaning over to kiss him, she unclipped her hair and let it fall, brushing his face and chest. He thrust up, his shaft, pressing toward her enflamed flesh. As their lips met, Andi speared herself on him, crying out as she was rewarded with intense waves of pleasure.

Balancing on her toes, hands on her knees, she bounced with vigor, giving him full view of his cock entering her slit as she did. He was so damn hard, so hot, and sexy as he kept his arms behind his head, enjoying the show.

"You are so fucking hot," he grinned. "I like this massage therapy. Does cumming in your pussy count as me touching you?"

She was on the brink and his statement pushed her on over. "Oh, fuck!" she cried out as she came, ejecting hot cum over his cock and abdomen.

Legs giving out, she stretched out on top of him, moving slowly up and down on his rigid member, enjoying the floating sensations it created.

"Can I touch you yet?" he whispered. With barely enough strength, she nodded her head slowly.

"Good! Because, I need to hammer your pussy until I cum."

Setting her on the edge of the table, he stood in front of her. She grabbed the edge of the table for balance as he pulled her knees up to her chest. Without mercy, he spread her legs wide and drilled his rock hard cock as far as he could.

"Yes, I'm fucking a hot slut pussy!" he panted. She felt his girth grow by the moment, loved watching his glistening cock disappear into her swollen slit. Unable to resist, she grabbed the base of his shaft, holding his rigid member as he slowed his assault to a soft, erotic tempo to match the music that pulsed from her stereo.

"Mmmmm, hot," she moaned, delighting in the sensations he created deep within her.

Lips meshed, his tongue probing the soft flesh of her mouth with the same tempo as his hips. She was going to cum again; she felt the burning, mind twisting need for the fire to be put out. Unbending her knees, she slid her feet up and criss-crossed them on one of his shoulders, tightening her slick entrance around him. She felt him so deep, every slight movement taking her closer to the edge. She couldn't hold back a moment longer.

"I'm cumming!" she cried, grabbing at the table for purchase as he pounded her.

She didn't realize she had screamed until his mouth clamped on hers to quiet her, but then he cried out with his explosive release.

"Oh, FUCK!" he grunted with each spasm. She felt his cum, molten heat, releasing deep within.

Andi was perspiring; breathing heavy and her extremities felt like lead as she slowly lowered her legs to rest them on the table.

"Hold on to me," he commanded, grabbing her buttocks and pulling her close. She wrapped her legs around him and let him carry her to the couch and sat down with her straddling his lap.

He was getting softer, yet remained inside her as they exchange soft kisses. Her heartbeat slowed at last, breathing regulated. She heard and felt him catch his breath as she placed her head on his shoulder. His hand caressed her back, trailing softly to cup her bottom and then back up again. She purred with contentment.

"That was fabulous," she said, her words carried on a sigh.

"Hot, very hot," he agreed. "I hope I can get another massage like that before I go."

Andi sat up slightly to look into his eyes. "I thought you were meeting friends for drinks."

"I am, I was," he laughed. "I don't care, this is much more relaxing."

Whether the wine wore off or she suddenly remembered she owned morals, Andi buried her face in her hands, feeling ashamed.

"What is it?" he asked, genuine concern in his voice.

"I'm not like this!" she cried, tears welling in her eyes.

"What do you mean? You were great!"

"That's what I mean! I'm not a common street slut! I have values and morals!"

"Who's questioning that?"

"I believe you would! I mean, you come in here for a massage and next thing I know I'm seducing you like I do this for a living!"

His face showed bewilderment and he seemed at a loss for words.

"I mean, damn it!" she thumped her thigh in frustration. "It's been a freaking long time since I've had sex and you come in here looking so delicious and hot. All of the sudden I'm all over you!"

A wide grin spread over his face. "How long?" he thrust his hips up, letting her know that his cock was burgeoning inside her.

Andi melted as he leaned over to flick his hot tongue over a pebble-hard nipple. "Long what?" she moaned.

"How long since you've had sex?" He guided her hips into a rhythmic, rocking motion.

"Who?" she was delirious as his tongue continued laving both nipples, taking time to pay them equal attention.

"That's right; my cock is all you need to remember. Fuck me."

"I love your big cock," she gasped, riding him with all her might. This felt too good to stop anytime soon, morals all but forgotten with the overwhelming need to get off again.

"Turn around; I want to look at your ass while you fuck me."

Intentionally slow, she rose up, pulsing the rock hard head between her pussy lips, listening to the sucking sound it made as she did. His moans drove her wild, making her need to cum again. In position as he requested, she straddled his legs and held onto his knees.

Impaled to the hilt on his thick, purple shaft, Andi felt his hands snake around to stroke her nipples. Her slick, velvet tunnel grasped his cock tightly, spasms of pleasure wracking her entire body.

"That's so fucking hot," he commented as she leaned forward, sliding with deliberate slowness down, kegeling as she did, griping him tightly. "I love watching my dick disappear into your pussy."

"It's so hot watching you fuck me," she agreed, moving faster. The pulse of the music increased. Andi closed her eyes; beads of perspiration broke out on her forehead and chest as she danced to the erotic beat of the music. Swaying, pulsing, grinding, the music grew louder, faster. Soon reaching a crescendo, she plunged while he thrust. With vigorous determination to reach the climax, Andi fingered her clit, and was rewarded with a glorious, volatile orgasm.

"Travis! Yes!" she called out.

"Yes, shit!" he exclaimed, ready to cum. Sliding off his distended shaft, she turned and opened her mouth to accept his hot load. Ejecting quickly with force, his hot juice shot over her lips and tongue. She licked and sucked every last drop with voracity.

"You are one hot woman," he stated later as they dressed. "Can I schedule another massage very soon?"

"Well..." she hesitated. "I have a partner. She is supposed to be sharing this community service with me." Andi saw his eyes light up and she laughed.

"No! Not like that! She and I are supposed to be giving massages."

"Yes, like I said, I like your massages. How about tomorrow night?"

"You mean for a real massage, not a sex session." Andi checked the calendar. "Someone else is scheduled for tomorrow. Try again."

"Maybe Monday night?" he asked, hope in his voice.

"I think that would be possible." Andi penciled "Travis" on her calendar. "What time?"

"All the time!"

"Oh, you are so frustrating!" she giggled. "This time only a massage."

He stepped closer, sliding a hand under her skirt and finding her clit. "Say yes," he teased in more ways than one.

"No," she moaned, grabbing his hand only to guide him.

"Yes, you want me to 'cum' over Monday for more than a massage," he whispered in her ear, fingers sliding between her warm folds.

"Mmmm, you are so bad," she smiled as he removed his hand.

"What time?"

"I get off work at four. How about six?" Suddenly Andi panicked. "Oh, my God! You won't tell anyone you work with about us, will you?"

"Why would I? I'd like to keep your secret." He turned to leave then stopped when his hand hit the door handle. "I'll have to admit, I'll have fantasies all night of watching you get fucked by the whole station right there on the pool table."

Andi gasped and threw the sheet she had been folding up at him as he ducked through the door. "How crude!" she yelled at the closed door. "How dare he!" she fumed as she folded the massage table and blew out candles.

But lying in bed that night with her flesh swollen from the delicious evening romp, Andi had her first thoughts of sex outside the traditional one man, one woman scene. What would it be like to have several hot shafts ready and waiting? Sucking on one while another ravaged her pussy...

"Damn him!" she complained, tenderly stroking her sweet triangle of hair between her legs. Sleep would be elusive this night.

* * * *

"He said what?" Marissa asked, mouth gaping. "And you just met him?"

"Yes, I guess he felt at liberty since he just got through sacking me." Andi added. The two agreed to meet for brunch that morning to map out their strategy.

"I don't think he sacked you, sounds like you sacked him." Marissa popped an orange slice in her mouth. Her expression was unreadable, although there was a hint of a smile tugging at the corner of her lips.

"So we have one client tonight? Think I can get in on the act?"

"Stop! This isn't an escort service! And I'm not that kind of girl!"

"Don't tell me you haven't ever had a group sex session before."

"Marissa!" Andi batted at her playfully. "That went out with the seventies."

Marissa raised an eyebrow and shrugged as if to dismiss the subject. "What time do you want me to be there?"

"Be there by five-thirty. Don't be late!"