Saturday, December 6, 2008

No Ordinary Holiday by Marty Rayne

Cam lifted his gaze from Jacob to Devyn. She stood in the entryway, tray in hand, and eyes narrowed as if studying them. It made him uncomfortable. More disturbing was that he was actually attracted to her. And Jacob appeared to be very much interested in her, too.

His best friend was a single bisexual man. Why should it bother him who aroused Jacob’s attention? Ignoring the heavy sense of dismay lining his stomach, Cam smiled warmly at her.

Devyn jerked into action and walked into the room. She set the tray on the coffee table between the couch where Cam and Jacob sat and the two chairs opposite them, one of which she sat in.

“Thanks.” Cam reached for the carafe and poured coffee in all three of the cups. Without thought, he handed Jacob his, black, just the way he liked it, before adding sugar and a lot of cream to his. All the while aware of Devyn’s gaze on him. Did he have some leftover donut powder on his face? Surely Jacob would have told him, right?

“Todd said that you were coming to talk to me about purchasing some of my work, but he didn’t give me any details.” She took a sip of her own coffee. Two teaspoons of sugar and a touch of creamer, Cam took notice. “It’s two days before Christmas. What couldn’t wait until later in the week?”

Cam hadn’t seen the hurry, either, but he wasn’t about to argue about spending some alone time, a.k.a. vacation time—even if was spent working—with Jacob.

“I guess one would call this a working vacation. Cam and I are independent contractors who specialize in decorating several large hotel chains across the country. However, we’ve recently ventured into being partial owners to a group of vacation cabins that are nearly complete in the area. Of course, we’re decorating them, but we wanted to make sure we keep our initial opening date in March.” Jacob paused and sipped his coffee. He was in his businessman mode and Cam couldn’t help but be turned on.

“Ah, yes. The Parkers’ land. That sale really caused quite a stir up here. The community was apprehensive about the company who purchased it.”

“We can understand that.” Cam sat back and cradled his cup in his palms. “But really, the vacation cabins will help the community rather than hurt it. The tourists will bring more revenue.”

Devyn nodded.

“We’ve preserved most of the land, building only six cabins and one caretaker home. They are all state of the art and up to date on all the safety regulations. We’ve minimized the effect this will have on the environment as much as possible.” Jacob scooted forward until he sat on the edge of the couch. Any further and Cam was sure he slide right off onto his ass.

“Cam and I have designed a more rustic d├ęcor for the cabins, however each one will be different. We’re very interested in purchasing any of your paintings that would fit the feel of what we have in mind, along with hiring you to create the rest to suit our needs. If you’re interested, of course.” He flashed a downright sexy smile for her.

Cam’s fingers tightened on his cup. Damn. Could the man be any sexier?

“I’m flattered, Jacob. I really am. But how do you even know that you’ll like my work?”

Cam caught the way her gaze flickered from Jacob to him, then back to Jacob. He swore that her eyes wandered down both their bodies in a quick assessment. Was she checking them out? Oh, hell. Surely she wouldn’t be…but then again, why not? They were both single good-looking men in their early thirties. But would she still be interested if she knew they were both bisexual?