Friday, September 5, 2008

Taken By Tarot by Eliza Gayle

Faith ran her fingers along the ancient black cloth. The silky texture slid across her palm, invoking memories of past readings that resulted in memorable sensual encounters of being bound and helpless. Hmmm. The cards guided her to find men to oversee and train her in her darkest fantasies, but none had touched her as deeply as she craved. Alone for the past six months, she was determined to make a fresh start this year.

She fanned the cards face down across the top of the cloth, fingers itching to begin the ritual. Her hand hovered, seeking the right card to represent her present position. After a few moments of searching, her hand warmed over a specific card and she plucked it from the array. She slowly turned the card over to reveal the Three of Swords. Rain and clouds swirled on the background with three swords piercing a heart.

No doubt about it, unlucky in love as always.

She plucked the next card from the array to present the Nine of Swords. A woman sitting up in bed, seemingly distressed with nine swords looming above her. No matter how many times Faith read the cards she was amazed by the accurate details. Her dreams had been troubled lately. As if she sensed danger coming.

Doesn't have to mean that, though. I could just be overreacting.

Forcing her focus back on the cards, she chose the third card, The Wheel of Fortune, representing the unexpected. Drawing on her training and intuition, Faith saw that this card depicted a whole new world beneath the surface, waiting to be explored. A strange creature, half man and half jackal, supported the wheel and four creatures of the Zodiac appeared as well as a snake and a sphinx.

Hmmm. I actually did expect to see something new was coming, but having fallen on the unexpected it must be bigger than I could hope.

The next one would fill the immediate future, and her hand trembled as she reached for it. Card in hand, she placed it onto the black cloth, leaving it face down. Already feeling threatened by the unusual placement of The Wheel of Fortune, she was oddly nervous about what would come next.

She flipped the card. The Devil.

An audible sigh escaped her lips at the image of the horned creature atop his perch pointing a torch down to a couple bound together by chains.

Why me? Why must I constantly struggle with my light and darkness? I don't trust the dark.

Without hesitation she drew the fifth and final card, turning it up as she placed it at the end of the line. Her long term future was represented by The Lovers.

Oh, Goddess.

The lovers typically represented a love affair that would have to overcome a trial of sorts. To find the true love and acceptance she sought, she would have to endure another tribulation. For women like her it fell this way. If you're not tall, skinny and beautiful, you have to work twice as hard for everything you get.

No problem. I did. She looked around her shop, filled to brimming with every book imaginable. Against every naysayer's words she had started her little bookstore from nothing and carefully chosen every book on the shelf herself. Her magically decorated store carried all types of fiction and non-fiction, but it was known for specializing in the unusual. Here you were free to explore your dark side as well as the light. She carried lots of erotic literature to tease the senses as well as non-fiction titles that focused on the exploration of spirituality.

She herself became a member of the Faery Wicca many moons ago, during her own exploration, and she strived to live her life as naturally as possible.

So why then, for once, couldn't she find a man who would accept her as she was? Pretty and full-bodied, smart and sensual.

Placing her hands on the table, she pushed herself off the stool to wander her shop, knocking The Devil card askew across the top of The Wheel of Fortune.

She picked up a piece of quartz from her alter and decided on a quick spell to ease her transition through her battle.

"I call on the Goddess to guide me in love to bring me my soulmate like hand in a glove

Bound to him I'll be

By grace from above

Until true love sets me free."

The air around her body swirled and clung to her skin as some of the cards fluttered to the ground. Faith's arms prickled from a sudden chill. As the air settled back down she bent to her feet and picked up the two cards settled there. The Lovers and The Wheel of Fortune. An odd sense of foreboding enveloped her as she stared into the world of possibilities.