Friday, September 5, 2008

Pentacles of Magick: The Healing by Eliza Gayle

Raven's back bowed up and away from the bed as she fought desperately against her restraints. Her cries of anguish tore from her mouth as Denn watched her helplessly. Night after night she'd suffered nightmares to the point he had to restrain her for fear she might hurt herself. She should have awakened by now. Physically her body was ready, but something--some mental anguish, he would guess--kept her asleep.

"She's at it again, huh?" Jake's smooth voice at his ear startled him from his thoughts.

"Yes, and I don't know what more I can do for her. It's frustrating as hell."

"You've done a lot already, as much as you can. I assume even a witch as powerful as you has some limits that only nature can resolve."

Denn smiled at Jake's words. The man had a way of knowing exactly what he was thinking. "There's something about her."

"I can see that. You've been walking around here for days trying to hide the hard-on in your pants every time you come from this room."

"Don't be crass, Jake. She's been ill, and I'm doing all I can to heal her. Besides, it's not as if I'm going to forget she almost killed my brother."

"Yeah that's true, but you're just lying to yourself now. She fucking turns you on and you know it." The hard edge to his words surprised Denn.

"Not jealous, are you?"

"Fuck you."


"Look whose being crass now. Not to mention defensive. How attracted to her are you?"

Denn sighed, letting his shoulders relax. He didn't want to think about Jake's words and what they meant. His concern for the witch stemmed from the fact that her condition hadn't improved by much. She fluctuated day to day. Most days when he looked in on her, her color would be improved and her body shifting around as if she was trying to wake up, but then by the time he got through with a physical exam she would be still and look worse off than before. He didn't get it. All good reasons to explain the amount of time he spent with her everyday.

"I'm just concerned about her, Jake. She should be awake by now. The fact that she stirs my blood a little when I touch her is not a big deal. I mean, she is a beautiful woman and I'm not completely immune to that fact."

"Uh huh. Not a big deal. Gotcha."

Denn gave the witch on the bed one last glance before turning to look at Jake. They were about the same height, but the similarities between them stopped there. Where he was dark haired with a fair complexion, Jake had sun lightened brown hair and tanned skin. They both worked out in the gym together nearly everyday, but Jake was a runner and would always leave the house each morning for a long run alone. It was his time for solace, which Denn could understand.

"You really do sound jealous, Jake." Denn stepped closer as he watched the spark of anger in Jake's eyes. His lover didn't like being called on his emotions, and Denn couldn't resist pushing his buttons whenever he could.

"Stop doing that, Denn, you know it pisses me off."

"Stop doing what?" He took another step closer, bringing their bodies just inches away from each other. Sexual energy radiated off of Jake, making his own dick even harder, if that was possible. Jake was right about one thing, touching the witch gave him a raging hard-on that he desperately needed to ease.

"You are such a bastard, Denn."

"Yeah, and you love every minute of it, don't you?" He reached down and cupped Jake's hard cock through the flimsy material of his jogging shorts. "It's not like you could hide anything in these pants if you wanted to."

Jake groaned as he leaned his head back against the doorframe. Goddess, how he loved watching Jake's reactions every time he touched him. It had taken them a long time to get to this point. Prior to meeting, neither had taken a man as a lover, and they'd fought the natural attraction between them as long as they could until one night, alone here in his house after a night of partying on Bourbon Street, they'd devoured each other in the wildest night of sex Denn had ever experienced. Amazingly they had both woke the next day with no regrets and had shared the same bed every night since. A fact he hadn't yet shared with his brothers, who thought he lived alone. Even Cash hadn't slowed down long enough to realize how close he and Jake were, and now with Raven here fucking with his body he didn't know what to think.

He still needed Jake, and his body was screaming for him now, but something about the damn witch drew him as well, and Jake knew it. He needed to forget her right now and concentrate on Jake.

His dick pulsed and jerked against his hand as Denn stripped him of his shorts. With his clothing gone, Jake looked like a golden warrior with his thick length jutting out proudly, and damned if he didn't want a taste.

Denn slipped to his knees while his hands roamed Jake's hips and buttocks, before cupping his ball sac with a tight squeeze. The groan from Jake rumbled through his chest and spurred him to further action. Denn let his fingers slip between Jake's ass until he found the tight, sensitive hole and tapped lightly against it, knowing he would drive the other man crazy.

"Denn, please," he pleaded. At the tone of Jake's plea, he smiled, a deep and dark satisfaction running through him. He might know that Raven attracted him, but he also knew the connection between him and Jake couldn't be broken. With his ability to sense exactly what Jake needed, the two of them couldn't be more right for each other.

Grasping the base of Jake's cock, he guided it to his open and eager mouth, anticipating the smooth skin and masculine flavor specific to him. He sucked the tip into his mouth, swiping his tongue to gather the pre-come already leaking. Jake's taste exploded on his tongue, causing his own cock to tighten and expand to an almost painful pressure. He needed Jake's hand or mouth or ... hell, he just needed to bend the man over and fuck him. Jake was a little jealous of the witch and Denn felt the overwhelming urge to show him what was what in his house. His long dormant Dominant side roared to life as he sucked at Jake's shaft aggressively, taking him to the back of his throat and swallowing until he thought Jake might burst or collapse. Nothing pleased him more than watching Jake come apart, giving up all of his control.