Friday, September 5, 2008

Paths Chosen by Kally Jo Surbeck

At the best of times, in her boots, the top of her head barely brushed the underside of his chin. Barefoot, she stood even shorter. Tonight her beautiful, full curls tickled his jaw. She tilted her head up and raised herself on tiptoe. To keep her from losing her balance, he moved his hands, framing her slender ribcage. His thumbs brushed the underside of her breasts. So soft ... So full...

Happiness he knew only when in her presence engulfed Health. Warmth and heat, compassion and desire mingled in his mind and heart. He wanted her. To touch her, caress her, hold her skin to his, but he loved her so deeply he dare not damage her social standing in the village. Few would be forgiving.

Her lithe body trembled in his hands. Gentle and supple but strong, firm, comforting. Hot breath preceded the sure bliss of her soft lips right above his Adam's apple. He fought the urge to moan and swallow, resisting so nothing interrupted the hesitant pattern of moist kisses trailing across his neck. With each flick of her tongue and hitch of her breath, she grew bolder, passionately pressing her body against his. She tore at his shirt, eagerly stripping it from his chest. The material peeled away. Her nails raked his skin, the force no more than a newborn kitten pawing at its mother. Gooseflesh raised his skin. Simone rocked against him, moving them back until his bare back scratched on the splintery surface of the barn door.

The rich soil, and stacked hay filled the barn with the aroma of nature, but it was the scent of her body that drove everything else from his mind. She smelled of fresh ale, wild flowers, and desire. The heady combination spun him into an orange haze of passion.

Coarse cotton slipped off the smooth curves of her shoulders, tangling around his wrists, binding him. He didn't fight the restriction. Instead, he grasped the material, felt the weave, stroked the careful stitching; let it anchor him wholly in the moment. In her arms was where he desired to be above all else. By his life, he loved her.

"Relax. No one will come here now." She coaxed the knot at his waist loose. "Chores are completed. Noon meal is done. All are busy about their days."

Suddenly his throat was very dry. It was mid-afternoon on a workday. No one should come looking for him, but then again ... He did swallow--a difficult task. "Simone--"

She silenced his protest with a soft whisper of a command, "Shh."

Her kisses shifted in direction and intensity. Slowly, methodically, and with skill he would not suspect she'd possess they trailed down his neck, lingered lovingly over the pulse at the base of his throat. Her tongue ran in a wavy path over and back of the frantic beat. Her hands wandered in intoxicating patterns over the flat of his stomach, dipping and swirling until he felt surely she had more than two hands.

"If you're so nervous ... watch."