Friday, September 5, 2008

Naughty Rendezvous by Victoria Blisse

I am nervous. No, scratch that. I am more nervous than I have ever been before. More nervous than when I went into labour or when I brought my newborn daughter home for the first time. More nervous than when I had my first fumbling fuck, even. If it weren't for the underlying excitement of anticipation, I'd be so scared I wouldn't be here.

You see, today I am meeting Joe. It won't be the first time we've met. We catch up from time to time in this little café off the beaten track because it's quiet and friendly and cozy. I've met him at the café a few times but always I've had little Lucy in tow. Lucy is my daughter. She's now six months old and she is my life. Also in this instance, she is my safety barrier, the barrier that means meeting up for coffee is just that. Not that Joe is a raving sexual beast, but we did meet online and I know exactly what you know about meeting people online in real life. You've got to be bloody careful.

We met on a, well ... an adult site. Yes, I have needs, wants, and not all of them are sexual. This community provided me with so much more than just masturbation material. Joe was so much more than a sexual fantasy. Heck, he still is.

You know how it is. You cross paths with a person on various message boards and posts and you get to chatting and hijacking threads with little asides. Then you take the plunge into Private Messages and find hundreds of PM's flying back and forth between your boxes. So you go on to an instant messenger, photos, web cams and maybe even more.

We'd done it all but take it into real life. We cammed with our clothes on--okay, so I was wearing a particularly brief top over my large breasts that night, but still I was clothed. It was all very civil and sweet and oh so damned erotic.

He is just that kind of guy. He is sensual sexuality but he doesn't have to push it, force it or make it crude. Everything he says and does is sexy, and my body reacts to him fiercely every time we met, in life or in the computer realm.

Anyway I am waffling on, boring you no doubt. I told you I was nervous. My mind is flicking back and forward, left and right, thinking on memories and fantasies and pondering the possibilities.