Monday, August 4, 2008

The Contract by Zena Wynn

Billy scrutinized his brother as they took the transport down to Sector Seven, seething inwardly, though he had no one to blame but himself. Cecily tried to warn him, but he’d been so sure, so confident that Nardo would never do anything like this that he’d pushed her into signing the contract, sealing both their fates. He was such a fool. Given the opportunity, who wouldn’t want, Cecily?

His fists clenched as he remembered the look of raw lust on Cecily’s face, a look she’d never had with him. Though he knew she found pleasure in their lovemaking, he’d never pushed her sexually, beyond what he felt she could handle. He was always careful to keep his own lust in check, taking the time to build her arousal slowly so as not to upset her delicate sensibilities. In the back of his mind, he was always mindful of her innocence. His Cecily wasn’t used to the coarse ways of men.

The only thing keeping his sanity intact, his only saving grace, was the hope the she had pretended Nardo was him. It was possible. They were similar enough in looks to be twins: both possessed dark brown hair, though Billy wore his a bit longer. They each had brown eyes with flecks of gold in them, and high cheekbones. In fact, the differences between the two were slight. Nardo’s lips were fuller, and he stood a few inches taller. Nardo’s body was also leaner and harder, but only because he’d been working in the mines longer.

He wished Andrica were still alive. The woman had been a major bitch, but as long as she was alive, Cecily belonged to him alone. His whole world changed the night she died. The brother he thought he knew so well turned out to be a stranger, and his wife was no longer exclusively his own.

This job was perfect, for him and his brothers. The money they made mining ore for The Company was good, paying better than anything they’d earned on Earth. They couldn’t afford to mess this up. He shouldn’t allow a little thing like having to share his wife come between him and his brother. Only, it wasn’t a little thing. It was a major thing. Cecily was his. He was her first lover and he’d intended on being her only. When he’d walked in and saw his wife with Nardo, his first instinct had been to rip him off her. Knowing he had to share Cecily’s body and actually seeing it were two different things. The next few months were going to be hell as they all adjusted to the changing dynamics in their relationship.

* * * *

Renardo could feel his brother staring at him. Feel the anger in him. Billy didn’t want him touching Cecily and Nardo couldn’t blame him. She was one of a kind. God forgive him, but he’d wanted her since he first laid eyes on her as she stepped off the transport. It hadn’t mattered that he’d had a wife of his own waiting for him back at the unit.

Andrica had been beautiful to look at, with her long, lean body and waist-length, blonde hair. Only, she was cold as ice, in and out of bed. They’d put on a show of marital harmony for the all-seeing eyes of The Company but it was a sham. What they had was a business arrangement. She’d come with him for the money she could earn. Newcomers were teamed with experienced miners, they’d rarely seen each other, coming together only when the need for sex got too strong, which was fine by him.

When he’d gotten his first glimpse of Cecily, the blood rushed to his cock. He’d been embarrassed and hoped his brother hadn’t noticed. She was as short as Andrica was tall and cute with her curly, red hair, round face full of freckles, and her sweetly curved body. All he could think of was holding those curves in his arms while he pounded into her.

It didn’t help that Cecily was as sweet as she looked. She willingly stepped up to the plate and took care of things in the unit, spoiling them all with her care. She’d decorated and turned their sterile environment into a home. She laughingly said she wasn’t contributing anything to the family’s income, so the least she could do was make life as comfortable as possible for those who did.

Although the unit was computerized for convenience, there was a lot it couldn’t do. For instance: it couldn’t clean. While it could replicate any food item you requested, it couldn’t turn that food into an appetizing meal. It could give you meat and bread, but couldn’t make a sandwich. Therefore, the cooking and cleaning—Cecily did it so they didn’t have to. They worked in twelve-hour shifts, and much of their off time spent sleeping. The Company only allowed them one day off per work cycle in order to keep up with the rigid production schedule. With the arrival of Cecily, that day could now be spent resting and relaxing, instead of cleaning and taking care of household chores.

It was wrong of him to want his brother’s wife as much as he did, and he knew it. No matter how much trouble it caused between them, when he’d seen his opportunity to have her for himself, he’d seized it and damned the consequences. He’d worked his way into her body, now he would worm his way into her heart. He wouldn’t settle for anything less. She’d won his heart in the short time that she had been there. It was only fair that he gained hers in return.

* * * *

When Billy walked into the family unit, ten hours later, he headed straight to Cecily and pulled her off the couch. “Come with me.”

“What about dinner?”


He pulled her into the bathing compartment behind him and shut them in. Stripping both of them swiftly, he pulled her into the particle shower and crowded her against the wall.

Placing his hand over her heart, he kissed her breathless. “This belongs to me. Nardo may have access to this,” he moved his hand from her heart and cupped her between her legs, “but your love belongs to me.”

He kissed his way down her body until his mouth was between her legs. Knowing he was rushing her and probably scaring her with his intensity, he continued. He had to remove the image of her sex cradling Nardo from his mind before he went crazy. He licked and suckled her until she was tugging on him and begging him to fill her. Then, he rose to his feet and took her against the wall in a frenzy.

He fucked her until she screamed out his name, then he fucked her some more. He wanted there to be no doubt as to whose cock was filling her pussy. There was a small voice screaming in his head, “You’re being too rough,” but he couldn’t stop. He drove into her until the strength gave out in his legs, and he sank to his knees, pulling her with him and locking their hips together as he pumped out his seed.

Cecily kissed him and stroked his head as he collapsed against her. She was awed. He’d been wild, almost out of control. Something he’d never done before. Billy was a wonderful lover, but he treated her like a fragile substance easily bruised. He always held back, being careful with her right up until the very end when he couldn’t help but let loose. Seeing her with Nardo made him change. She was sure of it. She’d known this was going to be hard on him, on all of them.

She felt his breath as Billy sighed deeply against her neck, before slowly raising his head. He looked more uncertain than she’d ever seen him look before. “Are you okay? I didn’t mean to be so rough. God, if I hurt you…”

“Shhh! I’m fine. You didn’t hurt me. You could never hurt me. What just happened…” she blushed and forced herself to continue, “I thought it was wonderful.”

He cupped her check and searched her eyes. “So, you don’t think I’m a brute?”

“No.” She murmured soft words of love and reassurance to him while they held each other, reaffirming their love for one another. When he indicated that he was ready, she stood and gave him room to get to his feet. Reaching around him, she turned on the shower and stood still for the few seconds that it took it to sanitize them.

When they exited the shower, she went to the reproduction unit in the wall.

“Computer, give me a pair of loose drawstring pants and a camisole top with spaghetti straps.”


“Black pants, white top.”


When she was dressed, she told Billy, “I’ll go put dinner on the table.”

“Thanks. I’ll be out as soon as I’m done.” She exited the bathing compartment while Billy was dressing and headed for the kitchen, humming a happy tune.

When she saw Nardo sitting in the living room waiting, she hesitated then blushed. This was the first time she’d seen him since that morning. “Dinner will be ready shortly.”

He looked at her hungrily before averting his eyes. “Take your time.”

She scuttled into the kitchen while thinking, my brother-in-law saw me naked; touched me intimately. No, he wasn’t her brother-in-law, not any longer. Now he was her husband. He had the right to see her and touch her as he pleased. She had to remember that.

She fixed their plates and set the table. One of the rules she’d established upon her arrival here was that whenever possible, they ate together as a family. It was something she learned at home while growing up. This was the first time she’d ever wished that they hadn’t given into her demands.

They ate in silence. Cecily was extremely uncomfortable, especially when she remembered what Nardo had done to her on this very table. From the expression on Billy’s face, she wasn’t the only one remembering, and he wasn’t happy about it. She glanced at Nardo and found him watching her with heat in his eyes. He was remembering too, and from the looks of things, he was ready for a repeat performance.

Billy lingered at the table until he was just picking at his food, obviously determined not to leave her alone with Nardo. Her man was jealous and she didn’t know what to do about it. They couldn’t continue like this. They had to come to terms with each other.

She got up from the table and placed her dishes in the cleaning unit. Going back to the table, she took Billy’s plate from him, her eyes daring him to voice the complaint she could see forming on his lips. He settled back with a sigh and let her have the rest of his things. When she’d finished with Billy’s, she turned to Nardo. “You done here?”

He lifted his hands out of the way, settling back in his seat with his drink in his hands. “Excellent meal, as always. You take good care of us, Cissy.”

His praise was nothing new. Nardo always voiced his appreciation for the things she did around the house. Before, she’d brushed it aside as nothing, though inwardly, she’d preened at the recognition he gave for her the small contribution to their household. Now, it made her uncomfortable, and for the first time, she wondered if there was more to Nardo’s decision than simple convenience. He was always accusing her of spoiling him and many times, had commented that he wished he’d have found her first. Maybe he hadn’t been joking as she’d always believed. Uncomfortable with the direction of her thoughts, she longed for the simple days when Billy was her only husband and Nardo was her new, loving, older brother.

“Thanks,” she responded awkwardly, aware that she’d been silent too long.

After clearing the table, she turned to her husbands, determinedly. “Let’s watch a holovid. The Company just released two new ones this week that sounded interesting. It‘s a little too early to turn in.” The men had eleven hours before they returned to work.

The brothers got up from the table and went into the common area, each one taking a love seat. She lingered behind to fix a tray with snacks and drinks before following them. Placing the tray on the center console, there was moment of confusion as each man patted the empty seat next to him and motioned for her to come over. No matter which choice she made, someone was going to be upset. Looking around, she chose the least offensive option and seated herself on one of the two empty love seats remaining.

She reached for the remote, flipping channels until she reached the one for holovids. “What are you in the mood for, a comedy or action-adventure?”

When neither one of the men answered, she decided. “Action-adventure it is.”

She made her selection, and a three dimensional holograph came up from the table and displayed the selected feature in the center of the room. Although it was touch and go for a while, the action eventually pulled them men into the movie, and she was finally able to relax.

When the holovid was over, she collected the dishes and put them in the kitchen for cleaning. When she returned to the common room, Billy held his hand out to her, and she joined him to retire to their quarters.

“We need to discuss sleeping arrangements.” Nardo’s words dropped like bombs, exploding in the quiet of the room.

Cecily and Billy froze. This was something neither one of them had considered or expected. They slowly turned around. Nardo was still seated, one leg thrown casually across the arm of the chair, while one arm rested along the back of the seat. The position placed his straining erection on prominent display.

“I’m not going to be relegated to the side. I want equal rights and equal time. She’s my wife, too.”

Cecily placed a warning hand on Billy’s chest. The tension in his body was telling. “What did you have in mind?”

“I want every other night.”

“No,” Billy said.

“Billy, please.” Cecily tried to head off a fight.

“It’s only fair,” Nardo said reasonably.

“No,” Billy repeated.

“It’s not your decision to make. Cecily?” Nardo turned to her expectantly. She could feel Billy watching her, silently urging her to side with him. She desperately wanted to, but in good conscious, couldn’t. Nardo was right; it was only fair.

Looking at Billy apologetically, she announced, “Nardo, you can have Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Billy you take Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Sundays I keep for myself.”

“Excellent planning. Today is Friday. That means you sleep with me tonight.” Nardo stood and held out his hand. Cecily reluctantly left Billy’s side and took it. She whispered a solemn goodnight to Billy and mouthed ‘I love you’ as Nardo led her from the room.