Monday, August 4, 2008

Blood Slave by Michelle Houston

Brandon was used to interviews, and knew how to calm his racing thoughts. This interview, however, was beyond his experience. Being naked while his interviewer was fully dressed was unnerving, to say the least.

Then there was the fact that all his dreams rested on the outcome. Despite his case of nerves, he worked to control his breathing and stay calm. He had made it this far and now after months of tests and a string of interviews, he was at the last stage. One more to go, just one more.

“Brandon, you’ve passed all of the physical requirements. No diseases, that’s good. You’re physically healthy, young, and strong. As for the mental tests, you’ve passed them all as well. You’re stable, sane, and capable, while demonstrating an ability to remain calm under pressure. You also show a strong submissive streak, which fits our profile perfectly. Now, you just have to pass one final test and then you can meet your new master.”

Brandon nodded that he understood and shifted slightly in his chair. The leather was slick with his sweat, and his bare skin caused him to slide forward with every few breaths. It didn’t help matters any that Nicholas, his interviewer, was a distinguished, older man, going slightly gray at the temples. He had always had a thing for middle-aged men, even as a college student. If anything, the fact that Nicholas was his ideal wet dream caused him to sweat more as Brandon tried to keep his racing libido in check.

“While you’re out with your master, you’d be expected to wear a harness similar to this one.” Nicholas held up the dark leather contraption. It formed an X in the front where it would cross his chest, with loops for his arms and a ‘T’ in back where a silver ring was anchored. A simple leash could be attached, as could any number of other devices. Brandon couldn’t stop a slight shiver at the images that flooded his mind.

While it was perfectly crafted to function as a crude and obvious leash, it could also be used in private. He had some experience with the public aspects, having seen some vampire masters and their ‘eyes’ out in public before. Many walked, but a few would move on all fours, their legs covered in special pads to protect them. But no one talked about what went on behind closed doors; the whippings, the blood drinking, the intense sexual pleasure.

“In public, you will be clothed, but most of the time in private, you will be naked.” Brandon trembled at the idea. He often walked around his home without clothing, but that was by his own choice. Few of his masters had had the money required to allow him to be nude all the time.

“Your master will expect complete and total obedience. Your eyes would be his, your body, his.” He swallowed heavily as a whisper of a fantasy pushed at his consciousness. A tall, muscular man holding him pinned down, while he shoved his cock into his ass. He would repeat only one word as he furiously fucked him; Mine.

“Everything you are, everything you are capable of, would be his to control, his to command.”

Brandon opened his mouth as a question formed, but remembering his place, he closed it again.

“You’d be well cared for, your cravings for total submission indulged. As such, you’d be expected to submit to a daily feeding of your blood and service your master.” Nicholas paused as if to let the rules sink into Brandon’s mind.

For a moment, Brandon wondered if he was to respond that he understood and complied, but he didn’t want to risk over-stepping his boundaries.

Nicholas continued, “Even when gagged, your mental link with your master will allow you to convey any unease you feel. He will probably know better than you your limits. So there is no fear he will push you past them. He stands to lose a lot more if he does, since the organization that screens possible blood slaves also monitors their situation.” He paused for a moment, looking down at the papers in his hands, then continued. “You must understand that despite this assurance, this is not a commitment to be taken lightly. The virus that causes the vampire condition can be caught by slaves after prolonged exposure to a vampire’s saliva.”

Leaning back in his chair, his interviewer cocked an eyebrow. “Is there anything you want to ask, Brandon? This is the time for questions. Once your interview with your potential master begins, you won’t be allowed to speak unless requested.”

Brandon shifted again, crossing his legs in a feeble attempt to hide his cock’s rising. Sitting in a room, naked, with a fully clothed, attractive man was arousing enough, but having a vague idea of what the rest of the day held in store for him was intoxicating. He wanted to hurry and get to it, but he needed to know a few things first. “Why are all the vampires blind?”

Nicholas laughed softly, his eyes without any real mirth. “That is a very long and complicated story.”

Although he suspected that all the possible blood slaves asked that question, Brandon persisted. He had to hear it for himself. “I remember stories as a child of the powerful blood drinkers, how they could mind blend and enjoyed sadistic sexual perversions. Never once was it mentioned that they were all blind.” Brandon looked away from Nicholas and said, “I’ve seen them about town, with their eyes on leashes, but I never knew why. I thought it was part of their craving for total dominance, but I came to know later that they weren’t just dominating their submissives, they were using them to see.”

Nicholas smiled and nodded. “Dominance does play a role, but as you now know, it goes much deeper than that."

Brandon waited patiently while the older man seemed to collect his words, before he started to speak. “A thousand years ago, vampires were considered myths. Several hundred years afterwards, they were discovered to be a reality and people ran scared. Most viewed them as the undead, when in reality they’re infected with a virus, which requires them to ingest human blood to survive. Other than their heightened senses and some mental abilities through a blood bond, they are as normal as you and I, except for living much longer lives. They are not invulnerable.”

Nicholas looked away, but before he did, Brandon watched his eyes cloud over with a haze of sadness. “Some felt threatened by what they didn’t understand and took it upon themselves to destroy every vampire. After years of trial and error, some scientist discovered a mutated disease that could infect vampires. That is, if a “victim” was infected and carried the disease which did them no harm, the vampires themselves would become infected as well, although obviously, the virus would affect them much differently.”

Trying to process the information flooding him, he almost missed what Nicholas said next. “Unfortunately, with their mental abilities, the victims couldn’t know they were transmitting a disease, so they were told they were being given a new flu vaccination. It was the easiest way to spread the virus to a large group of the population in a short period of time. The vampires had no chance.”

Brandon felt a cold shiver race down his back. He’d never heard that story before and felt a tug of sorrow, for the victims as well as the vampires. His pulse raced at the implications; something like that would have taken the cooperation of many different organizations, including some of the world health agencies. There had been several outbreaks in recent history that would have allowed for mass vaccinations. It astonished him that countries at war with one another, organizations that stood for opposite ideals, would have worked together to accomplish what was required to blind the vampires.

“Just as planned, the new disease decimated the infected vampire within days, but only to the extent that it took their sight. Vampires were systematically hunted and infected. This allowed many to be found and slaughtered. Now all vampires, those that survived and new alike, are blind.” Looking up at Nicholas, Brandon saw a longing in his eyes that wasn’t there before as he stared out the window.

“The virus that turns a mortal into a vampire has been mutated, and the damage cannot be undone.”

Turning to face Brandon, Nicholas said, “When the protection order was created, vampires became a protected race, and laws were put into place to give back what had been taken away. That’s how this organization came to be. By then their numbers had dwindled, but they hadn’t completely died out as had been hoped. They are even beginning to slowly increase their population again.”

Nicholas smiled without any real humor. There was instead a sadness there that Brandon couldn’t figure out. “Now, my young possible, are you ready for the next step?”