Sunday, August 24, 2008

Binding Ben by Violet Summers

Stacey Stanton smiled demurely, her blue eyes scanning the guests filling the elegantly appointed club. She sipped her white wine quietly, tapping her long red nails against the crystal glass. There were more people here than usual for a Sunday night get together. Not that she minded. She was hoping to meet some new faces.

She adjusted her silver sequined mask; it fell to just below her nose, covering most of her face. She enjoyed these parties. They enabled her to indulge in her dominant nature, but at the end of the evening, she could go home alone.

A low murmur swept the room, and Stacey’s eyes darted toward the foyer where Alex Johnson was standing. He’d just arrived, and now many party-goers rushed to greet the well-known Dom. Stacey suppressed another small smile and the urge to join the crowd. Knowing Alex, he’d seek her out soon enough, and she wouldn’t have to compete for his attention. Alex had been her instructor ten years ago, training her how to be an effective, powerful Domme. Though their teacher-student relationship had ended, their friendship had not. When her relationship with Ben self-destructed three years ago, it was Alex she ran to.

The older man comforted her through many tears, lectured her sternly on the perils of hiding who she really was, and eventually introduced her back into the lifestyle she had given up the moment she met Ben Reynolds.

She leaned back against the wall, patiently watching Alex maneuver through the crowd in her direction. A man followed closely behind him.

Stacey was unable to make out anything about Alex’s companion, other than his height, in the dim lighting. She wondered if this was Alex’s new pet. Though he claimed he was a raving heterosexual, Alex would occasionally train a male submissive. Stacey knew that in this world sexuality was fluid, not so much black and white.

“Mistress S. So good to see you made it.” Alex’s smile lit his face. He kissed her on each cheek.

“It’s good to see you as well, Master A.” During these parties, they rarely used first names. It fostered trust as well as the anonymity that so many preferred.

Unless you had a relationship with your sub, it was best to keep things neutral.

“I want you to meet a new friend of mine.” Alex waved his hand over his shoulder and the man who had been standing a few paces behind him, approached.

His head lowered and he kept his eyes to the floor. Stacey licked her lips as her gaze traveled up his rather large, muscular frame. His black leather pants lovingly cupped his thick thighs, and the matching leather vest hung open, displaying a gorgeous, ripped torso and a delightful pair of golden nipple rings.

The standard, black leather collar he wore buckled in the back and had a plain silver ring on the front. Like him, it was new.

“You may look up and address Mistress S.” Stacey waited with baited breath as the man slowly raised his eyes to her face.

Her wine glass fell sharply from her suddenly trembling hand. A thousand thoughts raced through her mind, piercing her with well-remembered pain. She covered her shock by looking at the floor where the crystal lay shattered.

“Oh, sorry. I am clumsy tonight.” She bent to retrieve the broken stem, fumbling as she stepped away from the wall. She felt the strong hand of the sub grasp her wrist and Alex spoke softly.

“Allow my pet to take care of that, love. I don’t want you to cut yourself.”

Her paralysis broke, and Stacey snatched her arm from the man’s grip. Her wrist burned. It couldn’t be, not here, not now... She wanted to flee, run away from the house, the party, and the memories.

Ben, her Ben, was kneeling before her, cleaning up her mess—as a sub!

“May I have a private word?” Stacey couldn’t speak past the lump in her throat, she thought it might be her heart. She managed a half nod and allowed Alex to lead her away from the mess.

“Slave, you are to stay here. I will send along someone to take care of the mess.” Ben’s beautiful, whiskey-brown eyes lifted to Alex’s face. “Eyes cast down,” the Dom rapped out sharply.