Saturday, July 12, 2008

Frosted Hearts by Angelia Sparrow and Naomi Brooks

The December days passed relatively quietly, sliding toward Christmas. Josh worked hard, getting the gallery rearranged and came home exhausted every night. The trees moved as fast as Anthony could make them. As often as not, Josh would bring home take-out or frozen food rather than cook. And somehow the phrase "happy ass" crept into Anthony's vocabulary more and more, a verbal tic he couldn't seem to rid himself of.

One evening, as they were polishing off the last of the ice cream, Josh licked his spoon suggestively. "Speaking of your ass...can I make it happy?"

Anthony blushed to be caught using the phrase again. "How could I turn down an offer like that?" He fed Josh the last bite of his ice cream and followed it with a kiss that left the ice cream melting to peppermint sludge in both their mouths.

Josh took the dishes to the sink. "So, December. Ice, snow, ugly trees, presents, stockings."

"Family gatherings?" Anthony shuddered. "Eggnog. Much better."

"Winter Carnival at Dartmouth. Ice Sculptures." Josh burst into the chorus of the Dartmouth Winter Song: "For the wolf wind is whining in the doorways, And the snow drifts deep along the road, And the ice-gnomes are marching from their Norways, and the great white cold walks abroad."

"Oh... I see where you're going."

Josh caught him around the waist. "Boo! Pass the bowl!" he finished. "It's not until February, though."

* * * *

Anthony laughed. "You want to see your lover, who has a hard time working a screwdriver, hefting a chain saw and assaulting a block of packed snow."

"Since neither of us is enrolled, and they don't let alumni lovers participate, we're out of luck."

"Ah well... We'll just have to visit, then. I do like ice sculptures."

"You need me to pose for anything tonight?" Josh stretched. Unable to resist the stripe of belly, Anthony tickled him. "Whoa, hey, no!" Anthony hadn't seen that particular scowl in almost a year.

"Couldn't resist. Forgive me?" Anthony did his best to sound apologetic.

Josh pounced, rolling him onto his back. "Mmm, maybe." He licked Anthony's neck. "Or maybe you need to prove how contrite you are?" He nipped Anthony's earlobe.

"So sorry.... so very sorry." Anthony dropped his voice to a whisper. "Master."

Josh purred a little and then gently stripped him. "Sweet treasure." He laughed when Anthony's fingers left glitter in his hair. The stuff got everywhere. Anthony arched into his mouth when Josh licked his nipples. "Ever think of getting these done for me?"

"What would you like to see? I'd do it." Anthony wasn't sure if they were in scene or not.

"Just a pretty ring." Josh nibbled at the left one, making Anthony squirm. "Titanium. I'd pay for it."

"You're on." Anthony sucked in his breath sharply when Josh nipped him too hard to be playful.

"Respect or I'll spank you," Josh snapped, his voice cold.

"Yes, Master. Alter me the way you like, Master," Anthony said, more contrite now.

Josh kissed him sweetly. "You'll be beautiful for me." He ran his finger over the floor and sifted the glitter into Anthony's chest hair. "Just like you are now." He sat up and looked at Anthony.

Anthony felt his own eyes get wide and his breathing speed up, just watching Josh. When Josh touched him, it was a very gentle stroke along his side, but it left him panting.

"Roll over," came the soft command. Anthony rolled over and felt Josh's lips on the back of his neck. "Going to make you very happy, my treasure."

Anthony couldn't do anything but moan. When Josh stripped his pants away, he lifted his bared rear up toward him. Josh swatted it.

"Patience." Josh kissed his way down Anthony's back, licking at his shoulder blades. Anthony moaned some more, squirming a little as Josh took his time. When Josh took his first lick, rimming him, Anthony swore softly, unable to help himself. Josh chuckled and slipped a couple of lubricated fingers into him.

"My sweet boy."

Anthony whined when Josh pulled his fingers away and went to turn out the lamp. In the eerie black-light glow of the tree, Josh returned, and Anthony was ready for him. This style of play always relaxed him. Josh made love to him, very slowly, very carefully, and Anthony stored up the weird bluish colors and the way they looked for later painting.

They lay together for a while afterward. Once he could talk again, Anthony ventured, "Happy ass, indeed."

Josh kissed his neck, which was still bare. "Knew I could." He cuddled Anthony, pulling him up onto the sofa and wrapping them both in an enormous blanket Ma Bellini had given Anthony years before.

"So when do I get the needle?"

"Mmm, my Christmas present. Maybe this weekend? Or should we save it for the sixth, after the opening?" Josh suggested. Anthony's eyes went big and he swallowed comically then nodded. Josh kissed him. "Yeah, our last present of the season. I'll go along. Want me to join you?" Anthony nodded. "What do you want done?"

Anthony looked him over critically. "Don't think nips will suit you."

Josh grinned. "Nope. But I warn you, cock piercing take a while."

"No. Those really don't suit you either." Anthony kissed one of Josh's ears. "But these would."

"Only one. Two ears is a girl."

Anthony laughed. "That went out with the eighties. You can have anything you want now."