Thursday, April 10, 2008

Stage Fright by Jude Mason

All day Jared struggled to concentrate on his job and not the potential of the events ahead. He was lucky he hadn't electrocuted himself, or burned down one of the new homes he was wiring for the construction company who hired him. Being an electrician wasn't the most glamorous job, but it paid well and he liked it well enough. It was also a job he knew he had to be careful doing.

Today, he'd been distracted. He chuckled. Distracted was hardly the right word, more like obsessed. He'd been thinking constantly about Megan. More precisely, he replayed the words he'd finally found the courage to say to her. For months, they'd played their games, usually on weekends when they both had lots of time, but things had become a little boring so he'd upped the ante. It had taken him weeks to finally do something about it though. It had taken him years to actually break the news about his fetish to her in the first place, and he was initially afraid she'd balk at something new. He had to do it in just the right way.

His mind kept going back to how worried he'd been, how afraid she'd think he was some kind of pervert or freak. They'd bantered back and forth, their usual sexual build up, that Saturday night nearly four years ago, when he suddenly felt the time was right. Megan had unwittingly set up the scenario with something like, "You'd better get the dishes put in the dishwasher before we get naked."

He'd snapped back, "Why should I? Nothing'll happen if I don't."

She looked at him, her mouth tight, eyes gleaming. He wasn't sure if she was angry, or simply surprised. She cooked; he did dishes; that's the way they did things--but not that evening.

"What do you mean, nothing will happen if you don't?" She rose from her easy chair and strode over to where he sat in his. Glaring down at him, she asked, "What did you want to happen?"

There it was. His opportunity--and with his pulse thumping in his throat, he took it. "I mean what'll you do if I refuse to do my part of the chores?"

Megan cocked her head to one side and, for a moment, didn't say anything. She just looked blankly at him. Then, as if she read his mind, she said in a clear, strong voice, "Maybe I'll spank you."