Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sensual Energy by Jessie Verino

With only half a mile left in the race, Jake felt lighter on his feet than he had when he started--until the pain hit him like a sledgehammer to the chest. It stopped him dead, dead being the operative word, sending him hard to the pavement and forcing the last bit of air out of his lungs with a whoosh.

Weightless and without substance, he looked down upon his lifeless body, now bathed in a bluish white light like Hollywood used for ghost scenes. Who would have guessed that Hollywood could get something right?

He watched with interest as the paramedics worked on him, especially the sexy brunette who straddled him. She performed CPR while the other one grabbed the defibrillator. Damn, the woman had one nice, tight ass, and even in his ghostly state he could feel his cock harden when she ripped his tank top to expose his chest.

Yeah, right. His heart couldn't survive a 5K race; no way could it handle what he fantasized doing with her.

Trying to erase the image of her little heart-shaped ass inches from his groin, he moved to where he could watch her work over him. Sweat drenched the white uniform shirt she wore, making it cling to her skin. The nametag over the breast pocket read Amy. She wiped her palms against her thighs and took the paddles from her partner, rubbing them together to spread the gel. Watching her work the gel made his hard-on throb. Was it possible to have an orgasm as a ghost?

Concentration darkened her chocolate brown eyes in contrast to the gel glistening in the bright afternoon sun. "Charge to three hundred!" Her voice shouted over the din of curious onlookers as she moved to his side. "Clear!"

The first jolt of electricity surged through his lifeless body, causing it to buck in an awkward imitation of sex.

Amy waited a second, then checked his pulse. "Again. Charge to three fifty." Once more, she moved away from him. "Clear!"

Darkness fringed his peripheral vision, closing in, and pushing him toward his body.

"Again! Five Hundred! Clear!" Amy's voice sounded distant.

Disoriented, he spiraled toward his body and entered it with enough force to make it buck wildly on the pavement. His sudden movement knocked Amy off balance, and he grabbed her left arm to keep her from falling. The paddle in her right hand went to his chest, and the force of his motion pushed the paddle in her left hand against her chest.

Electricity discharged through their bodies. The sharp pain traveled across his nervous system, and even though he tried to let go of Amy's wrist, he couldn't. She collapsed on top of him, trapping the paddles between them. One of the handles jabbed into his chest; it was the last thing he remembered before losing consciousness.