Thursday, April 10, 2008

I Heart You by Aurora Black

He knew her. Perhaps more than anyone had ever dared. He knew what she wanted. From the depth of depravity in her novels, he knew the darker side of the shining public image.

The man sat before the large television, staring straight ahead. Other than the harsh glare of the screen, there was no light in the room. He didn't care, and focused all his concentration on the image that danced across the screen.

Rachel Malone.

In silence, he observed the woman, the television muted. He didn't need sound; it ruined his enjoyment of the show. He didn't need to hear the multitude of inane questions the journalist asked her. He already knew which ones they were and how she would react to them, even which facial expressions she would use while responding.

She was an open book. He wanted to read her from cover to cover before ripping out its pages and scattering them upon the floor. He wanted to tear her apart like paper, make her scream. He wanted to possess her, body and soul. He wanted her to beg for mercy for the pain she caused him.

His cock gave a little twitch inside his jeans at the thought, and he lightly traced his fingers over the growing bulge. She'll be ours soon enough.