Saturday, April 12, 2008

Glamour by Stella and Audra Price

Marsh sat on the veranda outside of the new place in Rome, watching his lovely consort as she spoke animatedly to one of her associates on her cell phone. The morning sunlight played in her hair and reflected off her sunglasses, creating a light halo around her body. He smirked at the effect. She was a lot of things, but an angel wasn't one of them.

"And I don't care, Ko, you tell Miranda that if she doesn't finish this contract she's finished herself. I don't care if the guy is the Pope. She accepted a two million dollar contract to have the hit done by Sunday. It's Friday. She should be finished by now and on to something else. It's hardly cost effective, I'm losing money. I swear..."

Her voice had an edge of steel to it that had never been directed at him, and for that he was grateful. Just watching her amused him greatly. In the past month since she had become his consort and he had bought the bigger place just outside of Rome proper, he had enjoyed mornings like these, along with the fantastic, strong coffee Kolo had sent from Argentina as a housewarming gift.

He had let her continue to work as it pleased her, and if she was yelling at others she wasn't plotting against him and his highhandedness. Still, for a woman of her age and experience, the fact that she was running the largest assassin syndicate in the world was a feat, and he was proud of her.

He listened to her rant into the sliver of a cell phone then sign off, She took off her sunglasses off and looked at him. He smiled and sipped his coffee, watching her bend over to shake out her hair. Her perfect breasts peeked out of her tight V-neck blouse.

She was delicious looking, even more so now that she was healthy, not slowly dying of the cancer she was riddled with when he first found her. Her body was perfection and she used it to her advantage, though Marsh usually had the upper hand. Their relationship was explosive; the magic they shared bound them together both physically and spiritually, and it worked to his advantage, which he loved.