Saturday, April 12, 2008

Eyes of Desire by Portia Da Costa

"Good afternoon," said the tall, blurred shape. "It's a lovely day, isn't it?"

"Er, yes ... yes, it is," replied Megan, squinting and peering in its general direction. The surgeon had said her eyes would take their time to recover from the operation, but she was already having some good days with sharp vision.

Today, alas, wasn't one of those days. Today was a blob day, and the figure in front of her remained stubbornly hazy and blurred, no matter how hard she tried to bring it into focus.

It was bloody annoying because the blob's voice was gorgeous. Why couldn't her vision clear up for just a second or two? All she needed was enough time to determine whether he looked as amazing as he sounded. Just a flash would do, really. With a voice that deep and resonant, which was playing havoc with all the bits of her that hadn't had a good workout in ages, the law of averages said he had to be a hunk.

"Could I possibly trouble you for a glass of water?" the velvet voice went on, and in spite of her natural caution, Megan felt a distinct desire to swoon. Since her cornea op, she'd been feeling horny for no sane reason she could understand, and even though she could see nothing more than vague shapes, all her hormones were silently screaming "Phwoargh!" at her.

"Yes, of course. I'll get you one."

Cautiously, she got to her feet, feeling for the edge of the big parasol. By rights she should be alarmed; she knew that. This guy had obviously just wandered into the garden uninvited, and she didn't know him from Adam. He could be a serial murderer or a rapist or a crack addict intent on harming a woman who was clearly half blind, completely vulnerable, and easy pickings.

"Oh, please don't worry," said the delicious voice, "I know this house. I can get a glass myself. I won't be a moment."

"Er ... It's okay, I'll get it," Megan insisted, thinking, Why ask me if you know your way around, you perverse bugger!

Now this was a worry, actually. She couldn't have him meandering around the house, unsupervised. There were all sorts of easily pickup-able treasures, and this guy could be robber, never mind a murderer or rapist. She decided to go with him, even though there was probably nothing on earth she could possibly do to stop him just taking what he wanted. Especially as it dawned on her now, peering in his general direction, just how big and lofty a blob he actually was.

For an instant, her focus sharpened, and she got a flash of a tall, tall man, with a massive frame. His face was broad, and his hair, what she could make of it, was short and dark. His big body was clad all in khaki, probably a shirt and combats, and just before the brief instant of clarity was gone again, she got the impression of a wide, white smile and a pair of dark, compelling eyes.