Saturday, April 12, 2008

enWrappture by Marty Rayne

"Uh, what is it that you do for a living?" Christopher asked, moving on to another grouping of frames.

"I'm a writer."

Christopher took a look at the desk holding a computer and clutter of papers then back at all the frames on the wall. There were fifteen in all.

"You don't write as Mason Romero, do you?" He asked, but already he knew the answer.

"No, I don't use my real name." Mason spoke softly, his breath fell on Christopher's neck. When had he moved so close?

Christopher reached out and touched one particular frame. Under the glass was the cover for Darrien's Temptation. Beneath the lettering was a picture of a man's back, his arms pulled behind his back and secured together with rope. Only it wasn't just around the wrists, but it wound up until it almost reached the model's elbows. His fingers trembled slightly as it ran over the smooth glass and imagined the feel of the course rope beneath his fingers.

It wasn't a flashy cover, but it had gotten Christopher's attention the year before, enough to buy the book. It had taken him only a day to read it, which was unusually fast for Christopher, who normally disliked reading unless he was absolutely bored or was forced to. That one book had opened a small fascination with the author's other books. In fact, the latest one, Hunger's Kiss, sat next to his bed waiting to be read.

"You're Master Stafon?" It was a realization more than a question.

"You know my books?" Mason's voice dipped an octave lower.

Shivers slipped down his spine. Christopher nodded, unable to get his voice to work past the lump suddenly stuck in his throat. He couldn't believe he was standing in the same room as Master Stafon. Or rather, the mind behind those erotically charged books.

Mason chuckled and backed away from Christopher. Though he wasn't looking behind him, he felt the shift in temperature at his back.

"Are you in shock or debating on running out of here screaming?" There was no humor in his question. It was almost more of an accusation, as if both of what he suggested had actually happened.

"Surprised, really." Christopher finally found his voice again.

Master Stafon's books were surrounded with controversy. Many of the religious groups protested of the supposed pornography that was being printed and sold in bookstores around the country. Others, including the BDSM and gay communities, actively supported the works of fiction that Master Stafon crafted. The plots were original, all based on male gay relationships with strong BDSM themes. Yes, the scenes were graphic and very explicit, but they also drew out the emotions of the characters. He'd never read anything constructed that was both erotic and romantic, despite the often thought of as taboo theme.

Christopher turned around to see Mason sitting on the edge of his bed, watching him. "Since this is Florida, can't really expect a dungeon below the house." He smiled. Not only was this man a piece of hotness, but he was also the creator of the stories that had fed Christopher's dark fantasies.

Mason didn't reply right away, his eyes studying him, as if he were sizing Christopher up. Christopher's stomach clenched with nervousness. Had he said something wrong? He hoped not. The allure of the attraction he felt toward Mason increased now knowing along what lines some of the man's imagination ran.

"Perhaps another time I will show you my dungeon." Mason sipped at his wine before standing. "But I believe Devyn and Emily are waiting with dessert."

"Wait," Christopher stopped him from passing, his hand on Mason's shoulder. "You really have one?"

Mason smiled, the dimple deepening. "Of course I do. But I only let those willing to play see it."