Saturday, April 12, 2008

Enchantments by Mae Powers

The gilded cuffs were tight upon Kaelyn's wrists, but did not cut into her flesh. Still, the link of chain from the bracelets to the stakes held her hands high over her head, and the manacles around her ankles kept her legs spread far apart, almost to an ache. It was necessary for her to be spread-eagled over the grassy, sandy flooring of the large cavern, with her mons exposed to the cold night. The firmness and reality of the chains would keep her focused on the sex ritual that would soon send powers into her body.

Light flickered here and there from the glowing moss hanging along sporadic sections of the stone and rock walls. Only a faint, unearthly, silvery-yellow light from the night moon crept into the opening of the cave. Kaelyn bit her bottom lip, closed her eyes and took a deep breath of the cool, musty air.

She knew she was capable of following his directive of sending him into a blissful oblivion. Her worry was that this ritual would take away his physical life. She resolved her emotions, knowing she had to watch as his body dwindled into nothingness. It was the only way her own body could receive the powers he would send into her form.

"Can you accept my last desires, Kaelyn, and the sex rituals that must come about before the powers shall fully be yours?"

Kaelyn looked up at the older man whom she'd known so well for over a decade. Zator had been her tutor, her mentor, and her friend for many years, even after his wife passed into the other realm.

She took a deep breath and again bit her bottom lip. It was now or never. Either Zator sent the magic into her or they would be forever lost. Kaelyn vowed to use them for the benefit of other Krithnarans. She was ready to accept what needed to be done in order to become the great sorceress-healer he and Thaala believed that she would one day become.

"I am ready, my mentor, my friend."

"Then so be it, my dear Kaelyn."

Zator, she knew, would be as gentle as he could, but the transference of sexually-induced earth-magic, or magic of any kind really, were dangerous and highly emotionally involving for the participant. She had to keep her wits about her, but also let the flow of the devolution take over naturally. Otherwise, they both might die.

Then Zator would be denied his natural last-rite to cross over into the realm of Second-Life to be with his beloved life-mate, Thaala. They had been good to her, and Kaelyn could not allow him to lose this chance at eternal bliss, so Kaelyn intended that the two lovers should be together forever. She could give them that, and deal with the consequences later.

This ritual now would help him slowly dissolve into that otherworldly plane of existence, and give him the chance to be with his wife forever. She had helped him send Thaala to the echelon of the Second-Life and watched the ritual being done. Now to dissolve into that spectrum of otherworldliness, she had to sexually drain the life essence from her long-time friend, as he had once done to his beloved wife Thaala.

"You have sucked slowly on the Chacao chips?" he asked.

"Yes, Zator, I have."

She knew what the dark brown colored chips could do to her should she swallow them too fast or take too many at once.

They could drive her to an insane death by sexual frenzy should she eat too many, or even a small amount too quickly. However, they were necessary to soothe her body into taking in the sex magic, and to heal her inwardly should the ritual harm her in any form. She licked her lips and tasted the chocolaty flavoring of the aromatic, teardrop-shaped herbal chip that grew on the rare Chacao bushes. She'd learned over a decade ago what herbs and plants were used in sex magic rituals and healings, as well as their other functions and uses. Now, she was glad that she had prepared for the ordeal to come.

For over a fortnight they planned this coming together. They kept their place for the transference a secret from other magical beings, lest the word leaked out and the despicable wizard Vyldor discover them. He would stop at nothing to obtain Zator's powers, Kaelyn's own natural magics, and her body. She took every precaution to make sure that their whereabouts tonight of all nights were not known. Vyldor would not win.