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Taming Marie Antoinette - Tilly Greene

Taming Marie Antoinette - Tilly Greene
October, 2007 - ISBN 978-1-59426-784-0
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Standing in the doorway to debauchery, actually a ballroom full of costumed revelers, his gaze slowly slid over the room, looking for a ripe piece of flesh to play with. James Michaud and his twin Thornton refused to dress up, it wasn't their thing, but sex was and tonight they were after some prime pussy. Instead of costumes, they chose to wear black suits with dress shirts and silk ties. When they'd arrived at the entrance, required silk half masks in black were offered.

Putting a hand in his pocket, James checked over this year's offerings.

In many circles they had wicked reputations. They didn't mind, as long as everyone involved played an informed, safe, sane, and consensual game, they felt free to indulge themselves.

Since their first sexual experience, they'd shared their women. Separately or together, it didn't matter to either of them. Simply put, the Michaud brothers got off on sex and saw nothing wrong with offering a good fuck to the other to enjoy. Neither one of them has been in a steady relationship where the other hasn't, in some way, been sexually involved. They were always upfront about what they wanted and if the woman balked, she was politely shown the door.

With a small frown creasing his face, James thought about how some of their bedmates had enjoyed the experience but over time, most had wanted more from them than they could offer. It wasn't because they were anti-commitment, because they weren't. The problem was neither one of them has met a woman they cared enough about to even think about making it a permanent relationship.

Tonight they were here to fuck. Nothing else.

Shaking his head pushed away all the nonsense and he refocused on the possibility of superior pussy mingling below them.

Paris was their second home and they loved it. In their opinion, it seemed as if the people were not as sexually repressed as they had been back in the states. As far as he and his brother were concerned, there was no shame attached to enjoying the carnal arts--especially when done without barriers. Although, one thing the French didn't do was celebrate the American holiday, Halloween. Years ago, someone from the Liberté Sexuelle group adapted the fancy dress aspect for their annual fall bash in an effort to bring the new and older members together. Now the Depravity Dance was as famous for its costumes, as they were for drawing people who listened to their body's darkest hedonistic desires.

Leaning on the railing running across the arrivals balcony, they stood there and took in the party.

Located out in the eighteenth district was the warehouse where the party took place. A few groups who played less conventional sexual games owned and operated the building as a consortium and maintained it for various functions. In direct contrast to its exterior and location, the interior had been entirely reworked to present an opulent, comfortable, and sensual space.

James looked around and didn't see anything had changed from the last time they'd been here. The lower ground floor was constructed of large rooms for mingling, dancing, and partaking of refreshments. The upper levels held rooms for more intimate encounters the partygoers enjoyed throughout the evening. Room sizes varied, as did the privacy level. Some people wanted to have sex behind closed doors, others liked to be watched, and the more deviant of party goers liked to encourage anyone to join in. There was space for vanilla sex up the scale to the sweetest love found only through pain.

"Well, shall--" Thorn was as eager as he to start searching the various rooms.

"Wait, look over there to the left, I believe it's a very sexy Marie Antoinette."

Two sets of eyes looked across the room at a vivacious figure wearing a wig twisted high, powdery white and decorated with a crown set at a jaunty angle. Even with the white satin half mask, both men immediately felt this was the woman to take on their needs tonight. She looked capable of accepting them both and enjoying it.

As one, and with their attention set on the beauty, they started making their way down the stairs. While he was walking, James took in as many details of their target as he could glimpse through the throng of roving characters.

She wore a soft, gold satin corset. The cups lifted, but failed to cover all of her high, round breasts or hide the big red nipples peeking over the top edge. The garment flared out over her lush hips, and arrowed down in front until it ended by pointing straight at her mound. He felt a moment of disappointment to find her cunt covered by a small triangle of matching satin.

He needed to know if her pussy was smooth or had a dusting of curls decorating it. It didn't matter either way, but he didn't like being denied any part of her lush form.

When they drew closer, he was able to see her smooth white thighs were bare until just above her knee. This was where solid white stockings started and were held in place with golden satin ribbons tied in a bow. The skyscraper-high, simple white leather lace-up boots were the final straw.

Oh yes, this was a sexy bit of feminine flesh they had to have. There was no need to look to his side to see if Thorn was in agreement. It was more than a twin thing, after almost thirty years they knew each other as well as they knew themselves, and this included their taste in women. And this woman was it.

Within a few steps of their goal, she turned around but didn't walk away. This view had him reaching down to grab hold of his hardened cock, readjusting it for comfort as they continued making their way to her side. Starting at her waist a swath of gold satin, gathered like a bustle and elegantly trailed down and across the floor behind her. The brothers didn't rush but neither did they stop to talk with anyone, nothing would deter them from their objective.

They stepped up beside her, one on each side, and simultaneously used a hand to cup an ass cheek. The twins manipulated the globes, savoring the soft flesh as well as its resiliency.

"My, my, what a lovely ass you have here, my Queen. Silky and malleable, perfect."

Without jumping or moving away, she stood between the two men and let them fondle the body part in question. Before answering their compliment, she looked both right and left. Sharp and intense bright blue eyes focused on each of them, assuredly taking their measure. James felt his cock jump in his pants.

"Thank you, it's mine, and I'm quite attached to it." James was surprised. In their haste, they'd made a mistake and spoke in English, but it seemed that was okay because she sounded American.

"Hmmm, do you ever share it with others?" While neither had released their hold on her delectable ass, Thorn continued to make their play to claim her for the evening.

For a long moment she was quiet, checking them both out again. They didn't make even the smallest of moves, letting her make up her own mind to their request.

"Yes, with the right person ... or persons."