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OohRah! by Tilly Greene

OohRah! by Tilly Greene
December, 2007 - ISBN 978-1-59426-800-7
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Out of the corner of her eye, she could see him looking at her, or more precisely her large bouncing breasts. No matter how good the sports bra, they were big enough to shift about at will. If she looked down, Tash had no doubt she'd find her nipples were hard as a rock and poking through both the bra and her t-shirt, maybe tempting him to have a play. She didn't mind, in fact, the image added a little something extra to her engine. Straightening her posture so they thrust out a little further, she put an extra shake in her step as she kept moving toward the finish line.

Why not? She could feel attractive and sexy while sweating.

As they came around the last bend, she tried to catch a more detailed look-see, only he'd slowed his pace to match hers. With each step, she tried to catch a glimpse of more and caught peeks here and there. What she could see best was one strong arm, tanned, with soft looking hair on his forearm and ending in a pumping fist. From her limited position, his shoulders looked broad and she could imagine his chest tapering down to a slim waist. Unfortunately, that was all she could catch a glimpse of and she wanted to see much more.

However, despite the fact that she couldn't check him out further without having to stop, she knew he must be perfectly buff all over. A naughty idea raced through her mind, she could slow down a bit, try to fall behind him. This would help her finish her perusal of this spectacular specimen of manhood, but little else.

Tempting but she wanted to finish this race first. Tash decided her reward for running over the line would be to check out the rest of him from a standing still position. She'll have earned it.

She didn't pick up speed when she passed the fair grounds or the bus station, but when she turned onto Coast Highway and saw the banner denoting the end of the race set up two blocks away, she knew she'd made it and picked up a little more momentum. Crossing that line brought a big smile to her face; she'd done it!

Moving off to the side, she bent over and tried to catch her breath when she felt him put his hand on her back.

"You did really great."

She was left panting and couldn't talk yet, but still offered her appreciation for his compliment.


He stood there beside her until she'd composed herself enough to stand up straight and look at him. Immediately she was lost in his light blue eyes, surrounded by thick black eyelashes. They were pretty, but set against his tanned chiseled face, they ended up being simply stunning. Giving herself a mental shake, she introduced herself to him before she started to drool.

"I'm Tasha Ruskya, well Tash."

"Hello Tash, I'm Dale, Dale Smythe. You did a fabulous job today." He stood tall and powerful in front her, hands on his hips, looking as if he'd just walked around the block. As far as she could see, the man hadn't even broken a sweat and here she was looking really rough.

"Well, I have you to thank for keeping me on pace."

"It was my pleasure. Do you run often?"

"Ha! No, I'd have thought that was obvious."

"I don't know, it looked like you were holding steady to me." Oh man, his smile made her feel like a giddy teenager in the midst of her first crush. This guy definitely had her undivided attention.

"It was kind of a last minute decision to run so I'm quite pleased to have finished." There was something about him that made it easy for her to speak with him. She liked that.

"I wondered if you'd like to go get something to drink? A coffee or something?"

"Ummm, sure."

Tash felt a blush flash up and fill her face but figured he wouldn't notice because of the flush she still wore from the race.

They walked down one of the less busy roads and luckily found a table outside at a café. She was starting to chill down and could do with a sweatshirt or something, but didn't want to walk away from him. After he asked what she'd like, he went inside and ordered for them both, coming out with two bowls of porridge, a coffee for him and a hot chocolate for her. Almost two hours later, she was starting to shiver, but still didn't want to leave. They were talking on an easy superficial level and she was interested in learning more about him. While he was talking about how hair bands of the 80's did some of the best ballads, she searched for a way to ask him if he'd like to go out sometime. Fortunately, he beat her to it.

"Would you like to meet up for dinner this evening?"

"Oh yes, I'd love to."

"Great. How about here in town at Fresh Forest?"

"Sounds perfect." Of course, she didn't turn him down, who in their right mind could say no to anything this man asked? Her smile grew even bigger. Tash liked how he took control of it all. It seemed like the last couple of guys she'd been out with deferred to her in everything. Wanting a strong confident man, she'd never bothered with a second date. This was a nice change, a man who knew what he wanted and went after it. She bet he was a real beast in bed. Oh my, just the thought had her heart beating faster. She could definitely see herself having some wild sex with this hunk, and enjoying every moment.

"Good, I'm looking forward to getting to know more about you this evening. Shall I pick you up or would you prefer to meet at the restaurant?"

Okay, she needed to be careful here. Just because he was sexy and made her heart go pitter-pat didn't mean she should give her address out. It may be too good to be true and Dale may yet turn out to be a nutcase. She hoped not, but better safe than sorry.

"How about if I meet you there, say at six?"

"I'll be there."

"I'm looking forward to it." As she went to stand up, she held her squeal of delight when he came around and pulled her chair back. The man just kept getting better and better, there must be something wrong with him. They made their way back toward the ocean, laughing about how many times she saw Flashdance and he saw Scarface. When it was time for her to turn to the right to make her way home, Tash stopped and faced him.

"Well, I need to go this way, but I'll see you at six tonight, right?"

"Yes, and Tash, really, you did a great job today." He leaned over, placed his big hands gently around her upper arms, and kissed her on the check.

How she held in her love struck sigh she'll never know, but she did. Nobody, especially not her, could've guessed she'd find such a cutie after having sweated profusely and wearing smelly running gear. But, she had and they were going out tonight.

"Thank you again and I'll see you in a couple of hours." Smiling at him, she tried to keep her cool and give him her honest appreciation for what he did this afternoon for her.

"See you tonight then."

She waited for him to turn around and leave first but he didn't move so she did. Waving, Tash started to walk away, only and after maybe five steps, she looked over her shoulder and he was still there watching her. After another smile and wave, she kept going. After walking down to the next shop, she turned again and her mouth dropped open. He was walking away and she finally had her reward for finishing, and quite a prize it was.

As he headed in the opposite direction, she was finally able to enjoy the sight of his tight backside. Oh yes, she was happily hooked on whatever line he threw her way. Putting a hand to her chest, feeling her heart beat out of control, she had to laugh at her uncontrollable lust. Apparently, she'd been without a man for far too long to be this horny.

The light pink t-shirt, marking him as a volunteer, pulled tight across his shoulders and hung loosely around his hips. What an incredibly gorgeous sight. Her hand moved to wave in front of her face as if cooling it off, the body on this man teased her to distraction. The army fatigue green shorts ended just above his knee and showcased his ass perfectly. It was so fine she'd like to give it a little pat in appreciation. He looked damn sexy and now she was even more eager to meet him later.