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The Leather Bride - Tilly Greene

The Leather Bride - Tilly Green
May, 2007 - ISBN 978-1-59426-913-4
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"Oh, baby girl, you look so sexy. Give me your safe word. Let me hear you say the word so I know you remember it."

"I won't need it."

"Humor me."

"It's frost, but I won't need it."

"Promise me you'll use it if you're scared, hurt by anything we—"

"Stop! Come here and love me."

Rick sat beside her on the bed; his cock pulsed with the need to bury itself inside her tight grasp. Leaning over, he pressed his lips against hers, testing the resiliency of her soft plump folds. Mimi St. John meant the world to him. When he hadn't been looking, he'd found the one woman who completed him. He'd do anything in his power to make sure her life was peaceful and full of love and joy. A year ago, he'd walked into a gallery for an opening and, with one look, his entire being turned upside down and inside out. He was left uncomfortably open before her and oddly didn't question the discovery.

Taking her bottom lip between his teeth, he looked into her green eyes and tugged, before letting the fold go.

"Do you remember the night we met?"

"Of course. I was attending the opening for an up-and-coming artist who, the critics were touting, had unbelievable talent, ability, and finesse. She was everything they said and more. Her carved stone appeared so fluid-like. You were too handsome and so very sure of yourself. Walking up and introducing yourself in your deep sexy voice, then offering me a glass of champagne to draw my attention away from you. No doubt from the minute you saw me, you'd quickly determined I would be an easy catch for a stud like you, and I was. Now will you fuck me?"

"Hmmm, so demanding and eager. You know how much I love that about you. So much so, I'll ignore the flaws bit." He could tell she was anxious; her body fairly vibrated with need. There was no rush this evening; he wanted to enjoy every inch of her body.

"How about if I beg? Will you take me then?"

"Absolutely, just not yet."


Her groan was riddled with sexual frustration and, he was sure, intended to make him aware of her rising needs. Out of the corner of his eye, he watched as she tugged on the leather cuffs holding her hands securely above her head. It was a beautiful movement, or lack of one, which tugged on the lines holding his heart and soul securely to his desire. There was no way he'd ever harm a woman, particularly this one. Pain wasn't something he enjoyed giving during pleasurable activities. He knew he'd not be able to keep either one of them from fulfillment for long, but he did enjoy pushing her passion to the limits. Rick knew if everything went how he expected it to, he'd be greatly rewarded for his steely resolve.

"So smooth, delicate, and yet, a feisty fuck."

Tracing a fingertip over her collarbone and down, down along the soft tempting flesh between her large breasts, he skated over the swell not covered by the small see-through black blouse. The sheer top buttoned up the front, and the pearly disks were popping free of their holes with each breath she took. Looking away from his fingers, he found her large pink nipples as hard as rocks. The pointed tips poked through the thin fabric, far too tempting for him to pass by.

Shifting a little bit, he bent over, rested a hand on her bare belly, placed his open mouth around one covered pink circle and suckled.


Her gasp of unadulterated bliss thrilled him. Rick moved his mouth to the other breast and nibbled on the tender flesh while his fingers traced the gentle swell of her belly and the center indentation. After circling the dimple, his hand moved on to slip beneath the loose waistband of low riding silk shorts.

"Yes, yes, please, lower."

Using his teeth to release the remaining buttons of her top, his fingertips teased the soft hair that covered her mound. He knew the silken strands were blonde, just like the short wavy locks wildly tossed around her flushed face. Tugging gently on her lower curls brought a long and lusty moan from her lips. His free hand moved the two sides of her blouse apart and bared her breasts. They were real, simply stunning, and made his dick harder just to see them being jostled by her panting breath. Without further delay, he latched on to first one, then the other, savoring the flesh with his tongue.

Her breasts were more than a handful, and the tips were a perfect mouthful. Pulling off her nipple with a wet pop, he squeezed one ball until the pink point burst from between his fingers, and then gnawed on the peak as if it was his last meal.

"Oh, Stud! So good…"

Keeping Mimi's sensual focus bouncing between her breasts, pussy, and ass always drove her wild. Her lust skyrocketed to unimaginable heights, taking him along for the ride. He thrived on giving her whatever she craved, whenever she wanted, just in his special way. She'd pleaded and reasoned with him to let the tight grip he held on his lust loose and take her as he secretly wanted. Finally he'd agreed.

Two fingers caught her excited clit between them, tightened, then sawed back and forth around the trapped bundle. Immediately, her breath fixed in her throat. He had her now. He held her there, teetering on the edge of coming, groaning for more. Her siren's call was total temptation to him and screamed for satisfaction. It was impossible to deny the sultry notes. Again, he moved away from her lush breasts and when he took his hand away from her pussy, he watched her face as she backed away from climaxing.

"No! No, don't stop!"

"Be patient."


It was too difficult to hold in his bark of laughter. Mimi made it perfectly clear she was unhappy with him and looked ready to do him bodily harm. If only she could move in her current restricted position. He changed her focus by moving on to the drawstring ties on her shorts. After he tugged on the ribbons, the knot slipped free, and she sighed with relief.


Rick slid his hand over her mound, down between her thighs and, without pause, slipped two fingers between her full lips, and into her slit. The reward was hot liquid surrounding the friendly digits. He felt her pussy squeeze him, try to hold his fingers still, then her body tightened and strained upwards in an effort to take more.

"Squeeze me hard, baby. Surround my fingers with your lovely cunt."


Movements hampered by leather leg restraints to match those on her wrists detracted from her obvious bid to find whatever fulfillment the buried treasures offered. There were not going to be any easy climaxes tonight, but when they did come, he knew they'd each be welcomed and wanted.

A cool band of heady arousal rushed down his spine, affirming the decision he'd made had been the right one. They were happy healthy adults who, when it came to sex, enjoyed playing around. There were a plethora of toys in the bedside table, and they frequently used them. Nothing was off limits between them. There was no doubt he was the dominant in the relationship. They'd loved the spanking, even fucking before other people–friends and strangers alike. But bondage, while something he'd dabbled in before, was a new venture for them as a couple. This night he was going to loosen the hold he'd had on his more intense dominating needs, and see if she truly wanted to tread along the special path he could offer her.

After months of her throwing hints about wanting him to take what he needed from her, they'd finally talked and settled on how they'd enter this intriguing and sensual forum. Last week, they'd gone shopping together and bought a set of leather padded restraints. The leather was an easy choice. Mimi loved everything about the natural material. Unfortunately, before they could play, his boss had called him in for an emergency meeting, which led into even more late nights.

This was the first opportunity they'd had together to try everything and have some fun. Tonight, before Mimi had come over to his place, he'd arranged the cuffs on adjustable straps at the four corners of the bed. He wanted to visualize how she'd look splayed and bound upon his dark green sheets. With everything laid out, he saw something was missing. He'd looked over one specific item, one he felt would offer her a more complete introduction experience. There'd been enough time before she was to arrive, so he'd returned to the shop and purchased an additional strip with cuffs attached to each end. This last section went beneath the bed, in the middle, stretching from one side to the other, and was a personal favorite of his. The bands came up and embraced her thighs when her legs were bent and laid flat on the bed.

"Do you like my surprise?" He ran a finger along her flesh where the edge of the leather pressed. Looking down where his fingers slowly fucked in and out of her slit, Rick was thrilled with how her legs were restrained, held wide open for their pleasure.

"Hmmm, yes. The constraining feeling is…is… it's amazing."

Moving his head within a breath of her pussy, he inhaled, taking in her special scent, and his cock leaped in response. The movement between his legs went directly to his brain, trying to shut down everything but the need to fuck. Flicking the tip of his tongue over her covered clit merely encouraged his lust to strain forward for more. Further dampening her shorts, he traced her slit from the hard bundle of nerves until it sunk into her pussy. Pulling back, he held the black silk of one leg opening to the side, uncovering more of her mound to his greedy attentions.

He dipped his tongue in for a real taste, again and again. She had a unique and delicious flavor and after more, he quickly became single-minded in his quest to make her scream with passion. He felt her try to shift her pussy up, so his tongue would slide further inside her, but the leather cuffs kept her body flat.

"Mmmm, you taste so good."

"Please, Stud, please…"

"I will, baby. Just let me feast a little longer."