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Double Dare by Leigh Ellwood

Double Dare by Leigh Ellwood
September, 2006 - ISBN 978-1-59426-619-5
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"We did it, guy."

Cal leaned against the stucco exterior of the chapel, flicking the dead ash from his cigarette. He hadn't seen Brady appear at his side, and turned only when he was addressed. Brady's tie was loosened now, the top buttons of his shirt undone. Relief highlighted his friend's face…or was that the glare cast from the neon flamingo lovers?

"Yep." Cal drew out the one word for a few seconds and patted his jacket pocket for his soft pack. He offered a cigarette and light, both of which Brady took. He was taken aback by the enthusiasm with which his friend thanked him. "What? It's a cigarette. You don't even smoke regularly anymore."

"I know that," Brady said. "I meant thank you for letting me witness something I thought I'd never see: your wedding. We should call Hell for the weather report, see if Hitler's ice skating down there."

"Shut up." Cal snickered, yet inside he still felt a bit numb. After decades of confirmed, debauched bachelorhood, he thought he'd never see this day either. He certainly had never planned it, back in the day, anyway. Now that it was here, it felt great indeed, if not a tad surreal. "The girls still inside?"

"Yeah, they'll be out in a bit. Don't see why they need to bother, 'putting on their faces.' The second I get Ellie in that limo I'm only going to mess her up again."

"Can I watch?"

"You're riding with us, like you have a choice." Brady grinned, and Cal laughed along with him. "Watch all you want, unless you plan to be busy with your lovely lady, of course."

"I plan, of course." The prospect of limo sex excited Cal. The thought of Sue spread-eagled on a bench seat as he kneeled before her, eating her pussy, caused his cock to stir in his pants. That Brady and Ellie would be mere inches away engaged in some heavy-duty lovemaking only enhanced his mood. It wouldn't be the first time Cal had an audience or dabbled in group sex, either. At the peak of Brady's career, when the two toured the world as a couple of horny bachelor musicians, both had partaken of a number of interesting sexual activities and combinations, in the most interesting of places. "Gonna be just like the good old days, but much better."

Looking at his friend's smiling face, Cal wondered if Brady was reliving a few of those memories as well. "Hey," he nudged Brady, nearly jostling the cigarette from his friend's mouth, "What's with you, reliving the good old days?"

"Planning good old days to come." Brady exhaled a ribbon of gray smoke and dropped the smoldering butt to the ground, then smashed it with his heel. His face turned suddenly serious, and Cal felt suddenly guilty. Had he said something wrong to upset Brady? Ellie was very much aware of her new husband's checkered past, and had even encouraged reenacting some of his stories with her, so Cal couldn't imagine what was bothering his friend.

He didn't have to ask, however. Brady cleared his throat, and his skin flushed. Highly unusual behavior for his normally bold friend.

"You planning to give Sue a wedding gift?" he asked Cal.

Cal shrugged. "Actually, I hadn't given it much thought. I knew I wanted to marry Sue, and when I proposed I told her we could do it any way she wanted. I figured she'd want a big wedding." He smiled at the memory of that night. He had taken her to the nicest restaurant in Sue's native, small town Dareville—actually, Dareville's only restaurant—and had the waiter smuggle the ring in the crème brulee. He had given Sue the works, got down on one knee and embarrassed them before a dozen diners, all of whom erupted with applause when Sue happily accepted.

That Sue had assured Cal that a quickie Vegas wedding would suit her surprised him as much as his proposal surprised her. And here he was now, smoking a cigarette and clutching a paper-framed Polaroid wedding snapshot, embossed with the chapel's flamingo logo. It was cheesy, yes, especially considering that Sue was a professional photographer. Certainly she could have arranged for a statelier portrait. She loved the snapshot, though. It was what she wanted. This was what she wanted.

And Cal wanted it, too.

Definitely, though, he would have to give Sue something special for their wedding. He wanted to ask Brady for suggestions, but his friend seemed lost in thought.

Brady shifted his weight, and bent one knee. He seemed to be mentally searching for the right words to say, and when the words finally came, Cal tried his best not to laugh out loud.

"Ellie's giving me a three-way…what?"

"Nothing." Cal held his breath for a few seconds and exhaled his laughter. "No offense, but that hardly seems like a unique gift." Like Brady, Ellie had an incredible sexual appetite, and Cal was especially aware of it, having joined the couple in threesomes before he met Sue. He wondered which of their hotel's hunky stewards managed to hit the jackpot tonight, so to speak.

"Yeah, well, this is different. Another woman this time," Brady said, and Cal nodded. Far as he knew, that had been the one border the couple had yet to cross. As for this event happening on their wedding night…most people might find the notion odd, but Cal understood. His friends were highly sexual. What would seem like an unnatural act to some was quite commonplace for the Garristons. As for the choice of date, it did make some sense. Brady could only take so much time off his current tour, and more than likely Brady had taken his time in finding the right woman, rather than pick up some groupie in a strange town.

"You know I've told you that Ellie had once expressed interest in it, being with another woman, but the one time we were about to do it she called it off. I guess she wasn't ready to be with a woman yet, and that's why I'm conceding now." Brady sighed and shifted his hips. Cal could see his friend's loose slacks tenting, and he turned away with a chuckle.

"Conceding? Guy, I'd hardly call two women at once conceding."

Brady shook his head. "That's not what I meant. Ellie is conceding to this, for me. Nothing would turn me on more than watching Ellie going at it with another woman. Just the thought of watching her kiss another woman, eating her pussy…"

Cal groaned. Yeah, that would be a nice sight. Beautiful, blond Ellie, naked and curved in all the right places, crouched over a faceless woman and tapping at a swollen, pink clit with her tongue. Maybe Ellie would be reaching underneath to stroke her own slick labial folds while she was doing this…

Great, now he held the image in his head of Ellie going at it with another woman. Cal felt his cock twinge when the other woman in his fantasy took on a face, Sue's.

"God, I'm getting hard right now just thinking about it," Brady continued. "I need another cigarette."

Cal stiffened. He really needed a joint to calm himself after this vision, but he didn't partake anymore. Used to be a few hits helped him get in the mood, but he didn't need any extra stimulation with Sue. This new development, however...he surmised he needed the hit to calm down.

"Shouldn't you wait until after the sex for the smoke?" Cal joked. He was close to melting in the dry, desert heat. "Anyway, she's conceding to your desires. What's your big sacrifice?" Cal hoped for something to supplant the erotic image in his head, but knew if what his friend said next made him even hornier, Sue wasn't going to have a chance to breathe once he got her in the limo.

"Ellie wants…" Brady paused with a sigh, smiling foolishly, " to do me."

"Well, there's a news flash." Cal brought his cigarette to his lips for one last drag.

"With a strap-on."

Cal paused. The cigarette smoldered in his hand, a line of ash growing as he lowered his hand. "So she wants to…ah."

"Ah," Brady echoed. He looked like a little boy next to Cal now, having committed a grave sin and awaiting his turn in the confessional.